datsun 1500

Datsun. A Datsun “1500”, i.e. a first-generation Datsun 620 pickup truck (1972-1979), featuring the characteristic “bullet side”. Exarcheia, Athens, Greece, 2013.

Japanese pickup trucks were imported in large numbers in Greece in the 1970s enabling those still driving three-wheeled light trucks to replace them with a modern vehicle. The Datsun, in particular, seems to have met a particular success with the Roma in Greece (Romani people, aka Gypsies), selling watermelons, melons or other fruits and vegetables in the streets… virtually becoming their “trademark” vehicle. In 1986 Nissan stopped using the “Datsun” brand for its exported vehicles. In Greece, however, the name “Datsun” will bring forever in mind those sellers in the streets…

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1962 Datsun Fairlady 1500 SP310

The history of Japan’s modern motor sports began with the 1st Japan GP Race (1963, Suzuka) and this machine was the winner of the B-II race. The driver was G. Tahara, who later became Sports Car Club of Nissan Chairman. Although the car was based on the Datsun 310 chassis (first-generation Bluebird) with the Cedric’s engine, its fame spread as an authentic sports car.