dats my bby

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(visiting sire) He lit up, the kiss making him giggle happily. A large beaming grin spread on his face as he nodded happily. "Okay! I'll behave promise!"

“Good, I am glad.” A small pat is given to the mechling’s back as she beams down at him. Elita was so incredibly proud of her little sparkling, he would turn out to be a great mech one day; just like his sire.

[ meme reference ]

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Also btw ty for putting the good 💯💯👌👌🔥🔥 Taron Egerton posts on my dash, can't wait for kingsmen 2 and more of his gorgeous face 😍 like I'll probably just watch it for him, I'm not expecting much from the sequel (except pls pls pls more shirtless Taron)

tbh when i watched the first one i was like ‘yooooooo who IS THAT’ and fell in love and now whenever it’s on i watch it just for him and the whole “it’s a pug innit?” part cause i die every time like i know that was the line in the script but i die when i watch it. but yeah, you’re welcome for the fire 🔥 gifs cause dats my bby