dats me :b

Birthday Stream Results

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my stream to celebrate my birthday! I got a bunch of requests I got done, & here they are! Welp, I’m tired now so I’m gonna rest for a bit & enjoy the rest of my birfday~ Also here’s a list of the people in the drawings.

i love how predebut minghao had so much swag and was basically too cool for school wearing all those swaggy outfits with those jeans and the beanie and dat hair and those cool v-signs and poses that he does and that one piercing with his dance squad but now he’s all really adorable and delicate and shy and quiet and precious cinnamon roll too good for this world .. too pure i love minghao how much u gonna bet in a few years he’s goin to show his full on swag and just b-boys everywhere like yOOOOO

  • Me: Sebastian, I would like you to read my schedule.
  • Sebastian: well today you a have three meetings. The company's papers need to be filled out and filed. Then later, Elizabeth is coming over to accompany you at the Viscount Druitt's ball.
  • Me: is that all?
  • Sebastian: well, there one more thing.
  • Me: and what might that be?
  • Sebastian: I'm going to rek dat ass tonite b.
  • Me: Dammit Sebastian.