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Hi. I was wondering if you can send me the link to yandere blades please. Also if you're not to busy if you can make it a yandere rid bumblebee or yandere tfp optimus prime. Tysm!!!

Sure thing, darling!  Here is the link to the yandere Blades post.  :)

I’m saving yandere OP for another post, but we haven’t mentioned Bumblebee yet, so let me whip up something for him.

Bumblebee may be older and wiser now than when he first arrived on Earth, but that doesn’t stop him from developing a massive crush on you when you’re first introduced to his team.  He sometimes tries way too hard to impress you, and can come off as a bit cringey to the others (i.e telling jokes that would make Ultra Magnus groan).  You just brush off his behavior with a laugh.  (He loves hearing your laugh.  You’re so charming and friendly.  It’s probably what he admires most about you.  He just wishes you weren’t quite so friendly with everyone

As much as he’d love to have you by his side 24/7, he insists on having you stay behind at the scrapyard during missions for your own safety.  (Just don’t think about sneaking off and joining him however, or he just might install a lock on the outer gates.)  He starts getting more snappish at his team mates as well as his obsession for you grows - lashing out at them for the most trivial of things, and sending them on long boring patrols if he sees one of them start getting a bit too friendly with you.

He’s always trying to snag you for himself on his down time, with offers of movie nights or sleepovers.  He especially loves it when you curl up in his alt mode to watch something.  There’s something strangely illicit and erotic about the feeling of you inside him - willing contained, like a canary in a cage.  

When this happens, he subtly begins to turn up the heat on his AC unit until this interior is comfortably warm.  Then his radio will “accidentally” switch over to a station with jazz or classical music.  The combination of the warmth and the soothing sounds always makes you drowsy, and before you know it, you’re drifting off to sleep in his back seat.  He shivers as your limbs shift against his interior and locks the doors with an imperceptible click.  He’’ll open them again once you wake up, but for now, he’ll keep you safely tucked away from the rest of the world.  You can always count on him to keep you safe…