dats illegal

You wont believe what happened to me today.

I was on the subway this morning, minding my own business, and some mra reddit brony douchebag comes and sits right next to me. I feel uncomfortable and I work up the courage to ask him to leave, which I know was dangerous to my personal safety because of male entitlement. He looks at me and says the most disgusting line of misogyny Ive ever heard: “listen, I just got off work and Im really tired, theres no place else to sit. Can I please just continue sitting here? Im not even that close, theres like 4 seats between us.”.

I was terrified. That is pretty much male code for “shut up so I can prepare to rape you”. Just as I was making a fist with my apartment keys, a lady cop walks up to him and says: “STOP DAT YOU PATRIARCHY, DATS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!” and then shoots him in the face.

The whole subway car applauded.

That lady cop’s name?
Albert Einstein