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i have to politely disagree with you on the show intention with malec. if the show is trying to ground malec in their emotional framework first, they won't have their first time one episode after their first date. the show rushed their sex step bcz the next epi plot requires it. malec can't be a serious couple if they didn't have sex right? 🙄 i'm offended on behalf of real couples who chose to wait. i'd personally be happy to see them go to dates and have their sex step well into s2, even s3!

I get where you’re coming from, but I don’t believe the showrunners were ever saying they couldn’t be a real couple if they hadn’t had sex. I think it was an issue of where the story allowed for it to happen.

As I said in my long post a couple days ago, they needed to get the sex issue out of the way or it would have hung like an albatross around the neck of the rest of the Malec story arc for season 2b.

2x07-2x10 was entirely about getting the relationship to a point of full, whole-hearted commitment. That was going to be the launching pad for everything that happened in 2b. But having sex is really almost negligible. Instead, three things happened at the end of season 2a that HAD to happen before season 2b:

1) They had deal with the issue of the lack of acceptance from Alec’s parents (and even the skepticism of, for example, Jace) which they did by making a lot of very unambiguous statements. Alec unambiguously declared himself certain of wanting to be with Magnus, both to Magnus and to Maryse. Magnus unambiguously declared himself to Jace. They made a public display that forced Maryse to deal the reality of THEM. 2x08 was about commitment to the relationship.

2) They had to demonstrate that despite the shift in their relationship status since 2x06, they could still have conflict and come back to each other (2x09/2x10.) That would be important because of the conflict they would face in 2b.

3) They had to declare their love for each other (2x10.)

All that had to happen before the body-swap plot at the end of 2x11. They had to be grounded in all those things. or the body-swap plot wouldn’t have had nearly the emotional jeopardy that it did. There wouldn’t have been as much sense of “Alec should know who that person in Valentine’s body is” nor would the fact that Alec was complicit in Magnus’s torture and almost-execution have had as much relationship-breaking potential.

Sex is really incidental to all that. They didn’t need Alec and Magnus to have sex for those things to happen. So why did sex happen in 2x07 instead of waiting for a later point in the season?


Look at all that has happened since 2x08. There has literally been no other place where there was both the TIME for them to have a reprieve, a breathing space, where they could step back from everything else and contemplate that sort of a change in their relationship, when they weren’t ALSO struggling with issues of trust and betrayal in the aftermath of 2x12.

Prior to 2x11 things were too busy. 2x07-2x10 takes place in a matter of a few days. And Magnus’s state of mind and the trust between him and Alec has been too fragile since 2x12; it wouldn’t have been the right time for them to take that step in their relationship if they hadn’t already taken it.

And yet the sex question had to be deal with. It couldn’t be put off until Season 3. Sorry, it just couldn’t. You might have been okay with it, but the longer it was delayed, the more it would have become this Major Issue for the fans that no one could move past.

If the sex question hadn’t been settled, the fandom would have been constantly questioning when it was finally going to happen instead of focusing fully on all these other things going on in Malec’s story arc. (I’m sure the showrunners also didn’t want anyone even asking the question of whether or not their first time would happen when Valentine was in Magnus’s body–ew!)

So, yeah, 2x07 was not the optimal place for them to have sex. But it was the only place in the story that it could happen without the question of sex hanging over the rest of the season in a way that would have detracted from the story and/or frustrated fans.

If I have one wish moving forward with this show into Season 3, it’s that they don’t pack the plot in so tightly, one episode after another, that there doesn’t feel like there’s breathing room to allow some of these other developments to happen more organically. But, judging by the showrunner interviews at SDCC, I don’t think I’m gonna get that wish.

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Hi so I've liked this girl forever but I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out wether she's gay or not. I'd ask some of her friends but none of her friends know that I'm a lesbian (could lead to some trouble if they knew) and neither do most of my friends. I've only told a small group of friends so far. She's really beautiful both inside and out and I just really want to treat her right. Do you have any advice?

I think you need to try flirting with he and calling her on the dates, although showing that you’re interested. Maybe try to come out to her? Ask what does she think about gay people and then come out to make it more clearer that you can like her


Please let me know your findings. I’ve played a lot of dating sims and a flag should not be this complicated so I feel like it’s a relatively simple trigger but the fandom has struggled with Joseph to get the “Cult ending” which is not actually part of the game but a joke  Halloween DLC, and also his good ending. So it’s hard to tell who was aiming for that cult ending and who was trying to get his good ending or if people thought his good ending was the cult ending.

So good luck to you. I really feel as though the flag is related to Mary but from my memory she only shows up on Robert’s first and third dates and Damien’s third date outside of the Joseph route. And you can’t go third date without committing so it just leaves Robert’s first date. Though Joseph shows up on Craig’s second date so maybe a hint there? Did they pop up anywhere else for you for some reason?

I hate it when...

You want to message a guy telling him how much of an asshole he is for not replying to messages, but you realise the irony of messaging again, & that you’d just get no reply, & no satisfaction.

Fuck you Adam & your “I’m very interested” text 6 days ago, then nothing even though we were supposed to have a 2nd date tonight.

Showing respect & courtesy for others isn’t hard.

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Hi I just read through your imagines and I really love your soulmate ones! Could I request a Michael x reader where the reader is on a blind date but their date never shows up so Michael sits down with them to save them from embarrassment and they really hit it off? Thanks so much, looking forward to it! :)

Okay so I changed it a little bit?

Pairing: Michael x Reader

WARNING!! The guy in this fic is a dickwad so if crappy boys make you mad or upset be warned

You checked your phone for the millionth time before setting it face down on the table and placing your face in you hands. You fought back tears as the waitress came back with your refilled drink. “Still nothing?” You nod not able to look her in the eyes. “You want to order your food? I can make some good recommendations.” You smile softly and shake your head.

“I can wait a little longer. I’ll try to stay optimistic.” She smiles again and goes to check on other tables. You remind yourself to give her a huge tip when you do leave this place. You go back to checking your phone when you hear a loud group enter. You glance over at the door to see three people laughing about what seems to be nothing.

It’s a small girl with a beautiful body and a lanky man with huge body language. Then the third one. He had floppy hair that fell into his eyes under his black beanie. His dimples showed when he laughed and you could never stop looking. His eyes crinkle when he laughs and you could have sworn he was an angel.

They sit at a table relatively close to yours and you soon figure out the girl and lanky man were a couple. They soon have their appetizer and you’re still sitting by yourself. You check your phone one more time and your waitress comes over. She goes to say something and you just grab your purse. “Let me get my wallet and i’ll get out of your hair. I’m sorry about this.” She goes to tell you to not apologize and it wasn’t your fault when a voice speak first.

“Are you here alone?” You look up ready to fight someone when you see the floppy haired boy from earlier. You nod and continue to head out. “Well, wait. Can I… “ He looks confused how to word this and you just stare at him, ready to head out at any second. You hear a chair scrape and soon the girl is next to him.

“What Michael is trying to say is, would you like to join us? You looked lonely so we’d figure we’d invite you over.” Your face must go into shock because the girl is laughing and puts a comforting hand on your shoulder. “We’re not going to murder you. Promise.” You nod again and follow her to the table. You sit next to her and your waitress comes back over with a refill of your drink.

Over an hour later you’re clutching your stomach at something the lanky man you now knew as Gavin had offered. “Wot? It’s a million dollars.” Michaels face is red from laughing and Meg is just rolling her eyes. Throughout the dinner you and Michael had been finding things in common at every point possible. Eventually the waitress comes over and lets you know the restaurant will be closing soon. You all nod and go to pay your respective checks when michael reaches over to grab yours. You go to stop but a sound stops you from doing so.

“(Y/N)?” You freeze and look up to see your tinder date standing at your table. You immediately stand up to greet him.

“Connor! Hi! Are you okay?” This wasn’t your first date with Connor and he liked things one way, his. He looks pissed.

“What is this? I thought we had a date tonight?” You nod and take your phone out.

“Yeah, we had one. Three hours ago Connor!” His face gets even redder.

“I told you I got off at five and i’d be there when I could. Don’t go and blame this on me.” Within the next few second you were no longer looking at Connor but at your new favorite jersey boys back.

“Okay dipshit. If you think it’s okay to show up to a date with a fan fucking tastic girl twenty minutes before the restaurant closes? What kind of asshole move is that?” Michaels voice is loud but at this point it’s the five of you and the restaurant staff.

“Look kid, do you want to take this outside.” Connor has gotten closer to Michael and you get scared.

“I’d punch you in here but I don’t need that kind of reputation, so yeah. Outside.” Michael shoves past him and Connor is on his ass. Before you can chase after them Gavin is holding you back.

“Let him do it. Trust me. That guy has it coming to him.” You struggle against his arms and Meg is soon in front of you blocking your view before the first punch was thrown. She’s calming you down and soon enough she’s replaced with Michael who has crouched slightly to look you in the eyes.

“Hey, you okay?” You finally break free from Gavin and grab Michaels hands immediately scanning them.

“Michael do you know how stupid that was? He could’ve seriously hurt you. He’s a professional trainer Michael. Even if you punched him it would’ve hurt your,” Your cut off by Michael putting a finger to your lips to shush you.

“No one hit anyone. I just talked some sense into him. He won’t be messaging you anymore.” He takes a deep breathe. “Hopefully no one will.” You freeze with his hand still in your heads.

You quietly let out, “What?” He sighs and moves his hands out of yours. One of his goes to your chin and gently forces you to look at him.

“Go out with me and if i’m more than thirty minutes late Gavin can tell the scary guy at work to murder me.” You let out a soft laugh and move his finger from your lips and place them on his cheek.

“Anywhere but this restaurant. I think the staff is sick of me.” He nods and offers his hand for you to hold. He walks you to your car as Gavin and Meg go to theirs and tell Michael to get home safe.

“Ya know, I’m glad I agreed to third wheel with that idiot today.” You chuckle and look at your interlocked hands. “(Y/N), can I try something?” You laugh.

“Michael Jones, if you kiss me I swea-” You’re cut off by Michael kissing you. The kiss made your heart speed up and your eyes flutter shut. You throw your arms around his neck and pull him closer to you.

“If,” His forehead is pressed against yours. “I kiss you?” Your face is red and facing the ground.

“I’ll kiss back and want to never stop.” It’s his turn to chuckle and his thumb caresses your cheek lightly.

“I know you told them you’d drive me home but,” He sighed and stared at the ground. The next string of words came out to fast for you to understand. You raise his head to look at him and he takes a deep breathe. “Do you want to come over and play video games or make out or bake cookies I don’t really care I just want to spend more time with you.” You laugh and take his hands again.

“Michael, I’d love to do all of those things.” His face lights up and the dimples are back as he runs to the passenger side of your car ready to go. You laugh again.

“I’m so glad I live ten minutes from here.” The car ride is filled with his hand on your leg, him kissing your cheek at red lights, and Michael bouncing up and down like a child on the way to Disney. The time at his house was indeed filled with baking, video games, and lots of kissing.

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Similarity between 2015 & this fall - B is not pushing new album so less need for fall "tour" + Ole Red Tish opening may require his attention. Overall he & G have aligned schedules - do what they love career-wise while still spending time together. But it seems like some ppl think that to show true love, he shouldn't tour at all. That's ridiculous. It doesn't mean I love my hubby less when I travel for work that I also enjoy. 1/2

2/2 Blake loves being a country singer/ entertainer - G would never want him to give it up for her! And vice-versa. It’s part of who they are & what makes them so proud of each other. So while he definitely has made choices to align his schedule with G’s & the family’s, when he is pushing new music, probably next year, he will have more show dates. So ppl who thought he was “slowing down for G” need to not freak out about it when/if he has more!

You make a good point! He’s not really slowing down to make time for Gwen and the boys, it’s more that he’s reorganizing or shifting his schedule. Blake is still plenty busy, and as you said, he has new music coming fairly soon, I’m sure.

– M

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I can't believe GG seriously told a room full of people he was decided to date L because she showed up on his Instagram. He's pretty much calling L a groupie. He can't even say "oh yeah my bro introduced us." Couple with the fact L was cringing at his answers. What a mess 💀

Ikr? that’s so cringey AF, what are you doing GG? 😷😂😂😂

Young Justice panel @ SDCC

  • Fans brought back young justice with streaming on netflix and starting that campaign
  • Being on the new streaming service gives them room to do more mature themes
  • Most of the voice cast returning; Have 10 episodes already recorded
  • There will be 26 episodes for season 3
  • First look at the team for Season 3
  • First look at 3 new characters that include Arrowette, Spoiler, and a new mystery character (rumored to be Traci 13). 
  • The new arrowette is said to be someone was saved by Artemis and Green Arrow got inspired by them
  • Producers would like to do a season 4 and 5
  • They wanted more obscure villains for the show which is why the used Sportsmaster etc
  • The creative team really wanted Wally & Artemis together
  • Still no official premiere date for the show, but said sometime in 2018
  • Jason Todd is only a hologram and nothing more
  • Diversity is really important goal and big priority to everyone creating the show
  • First look at Artemis, Dick, Kaldur, and Conner

real talk people want so badly to believe that jopseh just has internalized homophobia and that hes only staying with his wife to hide his sexuality when there are multiple people aware that he’s bisexual (robert, mary, and probably more).

joseph lied to you when he got you to sleep with him on his yacht. he told you that he and mary were through which we know wasnt the case because mary was suspicious of you hanging out with her husband when you walk her home from the bar on josephs route. the entire route, he is manipulating your character into believing that he and his wife have issues for just the reason of them not working well together when in reality she’s developed depression and resorted to alcoholism because he is consistently cheating on her with other people. we don’t even know if its exclusively men.

we just know that he’s been doing this for a long time; pampering people and treating them special so he can get into bed with them once and never talk to them again. he tries to make it seem like robert sleeps around like its no big deal all the time and while you do have the option to sleep with robert on the first night, he makes sure you’re okay with it and if you do he doesnt contact you, again. why? because he doesnt like drunken one-night-stands. he was expecting for you to show some kind of interest in sticking around with him when he told you to leave but we didn’t get any dialogue options for it so he just assumes that you were there just for the one-nighter.

and this probably have something to do with joseph cheating on his wife with robert after pampering him and treating him with way too much kindness. hell, he even let robert wear the blue sweater that joseph always has around his neck, that was the sweater referenced in the old picture with all the dads. joseph was manipulating robert, making it seem like it wasnt his fault that his relationship with his wife was bad. and then? he takes him to his yacht and fucks him under the guise that him and his wife are through.

thats why robert, after you do two dates with him, shows up at the beginning of josephs third date to try and warn you. he doesnt want you to get hurt like he has, but robert definitely has some trouble being verbal and explaining what he means and lets his anger get the best of him. they want you to think the marriage troubles are all mary’s fault until you start getting to know mary through the other routes. shes a good woman who has never once outright cheated on joseph. she flirts and drinks to cope with his infidelity.

the way joseph acts from the getgo is some pretty shady behavior so i personally wasnt really surprised to find out how much of a dick he really is. what surprised me is that the writers wrote a very real kind of person into this ‘lighthearted’ dating simulator. josephs abusive and manipulative behavior is an incredibly real thing that happens every day, this game is trying to show you how to identify it before it gets too far or you do something you regret.

theyre not saying ‘gay/bisexual men are unfaithful!’ or ‘christians are going to hurt and abuse you!’ theyre saying ‘some people actually do this and theyre abusive as hell if youre in this situation or feel someone might be trying to do this to you, get out’

mary doesnt leave him for reasons that were never written into the story. probably because she doesnt want to put her kids through a divorce so early in their lives.

basically joseph being an abusive and manipulative partner has nothing to do with his sexuality or religion. he’s just written to be an absolute cock.

The Reality of Dating

Another AU I will probably never write. If you want it, have at ‘er: 

Griselda and Plum run a match-making dating service that has it’s own Reality TV Show. 

Dawn, eager to get her sister back in the dating game signs up Marianne to be on the show. 

After much swearing and a few broken plates Marianne is interviewed for the show and set up on her first of three blind dates. 

Bog works as the chauffeur and he and Marianne get to know each other pretty well as he drives her to and from her first two dates, both of which are disasters. They bond over wrestling/ fencing/ the idea of how ridiculous it is people go on TV looking for love. 

“I didn’t sign up for this shit”- Marianne at some point, probably… 

*throws hands up in the air*

Griselda and Plum have never failed to make a match yet but Marianne is giving them a run for their money. After reviewing the tapes from the scenes in the car they realize Bog and Marianne might be good matches for each other. 

The day for Marianne’s third date comes around and Griselda tells Bog she needs him to stand in for someone else who backed out last minute. 

He’s not happy about it, especially because he knows today is the last day he’ll get to see/ talk to Marianne but he puts on his best face and slumps off to the restaurant (or wherever) to meet the poor unsuspecting client who will have to endure a date with him. 

Marianne who is eager to talk to Bog becomes quite and moody when she finds out he’s not driving her today. She feels the two of them really connected and would have liked to talk to him once more. 

She’s completely downcast by the time they reach the restaurant but she can’t even fake a smile for the camera’s that she knows are rolling.  

As she’s led through the maze of tables Marianne starts to think the figure waiting at her table looks kind of familiar. She’s really only seen Bog’s face in profile from the back seat, or in glances in the rear-view mirror. Her pulse races as she realizes it’s really him. 

Meanwhile Bog is sure there has been some kind of error on his mother’s part, why would she set up two dates for the same day at the same restaurant. Not only will he have to sit here with another person and mike polite small talk (shudder) he’ll have to do it knowing Marianne is in the same room chatting up some other man.  

That is until Marianne sits down across from him and they have they best (not a date) date ever!

friendly reminder that 2ne1 won MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World award based off of fan votes in 2011 and headlined a concert in New York because of it. Before the majority of people outside Asia knew very little about kpop. Before Gangnam Style was even released. Before social media was as big and powerful as it is now. They would also go on to have a global tour in 2012 and play two nearly sold out shows in New York and LA, with a total attendance close to 14,000. They became the first Korean girl group to rank on the Billboard Current Box Core. And in 2014 2ne1 became the highest charting kpop group on the Billboard 200 with CRUSH until BTS broke the record last year. They appeared on The Bachelor AND America’s Next Top Model, and even had a song on a MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO COMMERCIAL. 

friendly reminder that in 2012 Girls’ Generation performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Kelly and Michael, performing The Boys.  In 2013 Girls’ Generation won the Video of the Year award at the Youtube Music Video Awards, beating nominees like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Psy, One Direction and more. They received a lot of backlash and racist comments for the win at the time. Starkly different from the overwhelming praise BTS got for their win at the BBMAs. 

friendly reminder that in 2009 Wonder Girls opened for the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 World Tour for 45 dates, and they released English singles “Nobody” and “Tell Me”, with the latter being the first song to ever enter the Billboard Hot 100 by a Korean group, and would continue on to tour the US and Canada with multiple show dates on their own World Tour.

Never forget these legendary girl groups’ international achievements as they were pioneers and laid the groundwork for future groups’ successes. They will always be the queens no matter how many come after them.