Throughout the 1970′s, Rodney Alcala brutally raped and murdered at least eight women in New York and California. It is believed that he may have killed as many as 130 women due to the thousands of photographs of unidentified women found inside his home. He would post as a Playboy photographer and would take photographs of his victims before and after killing them.

In 1978, Alcala appeared on the TV show, The Dating Game. The purpose of the game was that a contestant could interview three eligible bachelors who were hidden behind a screen and then she had to choose a winner. Alcala won, but fortunately Cheryl Bradshaw, the contestant,  refused a date with him because she found him “creepy” after meeting him backstage.


The Bren

This brilliant British Pathe Newsreel dating from 1940 shows the British Army’s Bren gun in action. The Newsreel begins with a brief overview of earlier machine guns including the Colt-Browning M1895, the Hotchkiss, Chauchat, the BAR and the Lewis Gun. The Newsreel them briefly shows the Bren being assembled before it explains how the Bren’s gas piston system cycles the light machine gun. 

MkI Bren Gun (source)

The Bren was adopted by the British Army in 1938, developed from the Czech vz.26 light machine gun, by the time this film was filmed by British Pathe Czechoslovakia had been consumed by the Third Reich and the British Expeditionary Force was in France fighting what became known as the Phony War, awaiting Germany’s next move - the Battle of France in May 1940. 

Video Source

#153 Your daughter gets stood up

Dan: “Ok it’s been an hour and he’s still not here what should I do?” He texted you.

“Oh man I think she’s crying help.” He immediately texted again.

You were gone for the weekend, leaving Dan alone with your fourteen year old daughter. She was supposed to be going on her first date tonight, but her date had yet to show up.

“Talk to her!!” You replied.

Dan sighed and sat there for a minute, looking out the window where your daughter sat on the front porch. After debating for a while, he quietly opened the door.

“Hey,” he sat down next to her.

No reply. All he heard was a small sniff. He didn’t say anything- he just wrapped his arm around her and she leaned into him.

“Boys are pretty stupid.” Dan said before kissing the top of her head. “But you know what isn’t stupid?”

“What?” Your daughter mumbled.

“Going to get some ice cream.” He stood up and held out his hand with a smile.

Phil: You and Phil were sitting at home while your daughter was put on a date when you received a text.

“He’s not here and it’s been an hour and a half.” It read.

“Phil,” you nudged his shoulder and showed him the text from your daughter.

“What?! That little-” he stood up and grabbed his jacket and headed to the restaurant where your daughter sat alone.

He quickly arrived and looked around for your 16 year old. After spotting her, he took a deep breath and made his way over to her table.

“This seat taken?” He sat down across from her.

“Nope, don’t think it’s gonna be anytime soon.” She stared at the table.

“Hey, don’t let this upset you too much. He’s an idiot,” he pushed her hair out of her face. “How about we get some food and have our own date?”

Your daughter smiled weakly. “I’d like that.” She sat up.


imagine; You had accompanied Ashton as his date to an awards show, but headed inside early to see your friends. While Ashton was being interviewed with the boys, the interviewer, asks Calum who the prettiest girl he’s seen tonight. Calum is quick to answer ‘’Y/N of course, how could you not look at a girl that beautiful?’’ and as quickly as it’s said, Ashton’s jealousy and anger arise. The look he gives Calum causes him to stifen, and afterwards as you all sit awaiting announcements and chatting Calum won’t even look at you, as Ashton’s protective arm stays on you at all times.

anonymous asked:

Do u have any videos that u know of when the other 3 guys mess up/fall/slip/ etc?

Oh boy… I’m sure there are, I just don’t have the links handy on me. (If anyone has links, feel free to add them via reblog!)

Although, Andy’s too pro to mess up. He treats shows like dates. He’s flawless.

i still havent gone to sleep yet i just stayed up watching dating shows and now i know almost exactly what im looking for in a partner and im ready to fall in l*ve


New intro video of Happy Home Designer! Date: 28 July 2015
Shows how to customize your character and more :)

5sos Preference: The Romper You Wear On A Date (Cal)

An Award Show

When Cal asked you to be his date for the Brits, you were a little hesitant. You two had only recently gone public with your relationship and you were still getting used to being in the public eye. But Cal insisted and promised he would stay by you all night. 

You were just finishing your makeup when the doorbell rang. Taking one last took in the mirror, you headed downstairs and opened the door to meet your boyfriend. “Y-you look beautiful.” He said almost speechless. 

“Thanks, you clean up well yourself.” You replied blushing, not used to seeing him dressed up. 

“Ready? The boys are all waiting in the limo.” He asked. 


Calum noticed a little hesitation in your voice but decided not to say anything. 

Getting into the limo you were greeted by the rest of the boys and a conversation was quickly started about who they were most excited to see perform tonight. However, you were too lost in your thoughts to really pay attention…and Calum noticed. He intertwined his fingers with yours and started rubbing your hand with his thumb. “You alright?” He asked 

“Just a little nervous is all.” You replied, looking down, a little embarrassed. 

“Don’t be. I’m not letting you leave my side.” He said giving you a reassuring smile. 

Once you guys got to the award show, the boys were being pulled away to be photographed and you could tell Calum wasn’t sure what to do. This is his job and he can’t not be in the photos with his band, but he didn’t want to leave you alone either. “Go. I’ll be fine.” You told him. 

“Are you sure?” He questioned. 

“Yes, now go be a rockstar!” You insisted laughing. You didn’t want to stop him from being with the rest of the band. 

After a few minutes of being photographed, the boys started to leave the red carpet to get inside the building and Calum instantly went back to you, wrapping his arm around your waist and kissing the side of your head. “You still doing okay?” He asked, concerned. 

“I’m great. Lets go find our seats before I’m blinded by all the lights.” You laughed, half seriously. 

Calum kept his promise and didn’t leave your side all night. The next day the picture of you and Calum was all over twitter and tumblr and the responses had been mostly supportive. Although you were a little out of your element being photographed on a red carpet, you were glad you got to spend the night Calum and couldn’t wait to go to another award show with him. 

denver date at larimer lounge

hey all, heads up: larimer lounge in denver has the date wrong for my show. it is on oct. 22nd, not the 21st. it’s getting remedied ASAP.

i sorta feel like rucas might fit better in the show opposed to lucaya because in the Girl Meets First Date, it shows they’re both dreamers. you can see it in the way lucas looks at riley- when he sees her in her dress and after she kisses him. also, did any of you notice how when maya pushes lucas to ask out riley, she said that the guys dont have to come after you, that you can go after them? riley uses this advice for when she kisses lucas. im sorry i just love this show and it’s characters and its plot and it’s story line… i cri

This is the shitty part about Tumblr. There’s no watermark, no proof besides the date of publication that shows it’s YOUR work.
I’ve had instagrams steal my work, wattpads, and now even TUMBLRS taking what i write and claiming them as theirs?
I’m extremely insulted and i’m extremely angry.


Weekend All Things Considered had so much fun interviewing Bachelor/Bachelorette host  Chris Harrison that they decided to post a transcript of the full, uncut interview. And because I had so much fun reading it, here are three quotes from their conversation. (Though I totally could have done more.) Do yourself a favor and read it for yourself

Harrison’s new novel is called The Perfect Letter.


Call It A Prose Ceremony: ‘Bachelor’ Host Writes A Novel

Photo credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Taiwanese Dating Shows

So in Taiwan there is a really famous dating show where a male prospect will come on, and 30 Taiwanese women have to decide whether or not they would date the guy after he introduces himself and answers a few questions.

The last 2 episodes have been quite interesting, as last week a white guy who has been in Taiwan for 4 years but speaks almost no Chinese came on, and just this past weekend a black African guy from the Congo came on, who has been here only 2 years but speaks immaculate, almost fluent Chinese.

In both episodes, none of the women in the group could speak much English. Despite this fact, the white guy with almost no Chinese language skills was chosen by 3 of the 30 girls, while the black guy (an engineering student, fluent in 3 languages, including Chinese and proficient in 2 others) was chosen by none. Literally 0 out of the 30 Taiwanese women on the show.

So by that calculus:

White man with almost NO Chinese >>>>> Black guy basically fluent in Chinese

Isn’t white supremacy awesome?


Disclaimer: I haven’t written a lab report in years, so make sure that you check formatting, etc. with the relevant course leader or professor.

Title page:

  • Not all lab reports will require a page, but some professors like them. The page should:
    • State the title of the experiment.
    • State your name, and that of any lab partners.
    • State your instructor’s name.
    • Show the date that the lab was performed, and the date of submission.

The title:

  • Your title should be brief, and it should describe the main aim of the experiment.
  • The introduction.
  • Use this to explain the objectives of the experiment. State the hypothesis. If you need to, you can include some background information. Summarise how the lab was performed, sate the findings and then list your conclusions. You don’t always need to include all of this, but you do need to include the purpose of the experiment. Try to answer these questions:
    • Why was this study performed?
    • What knowledge already exists about this subject?
    • What is the specific purpose of the study?


  • List everything that you used in your experiment. You can also describe how you used it.


  • Describe the steps you took. It might be easier to note these down as you perform the lab so that you don’t forget anything when it comes to the write up. 
  • You need to provide sufficient detail for the reader to be able to replicate your experiment; think of it as directions. 
  • Including where you performed the study might also be relevant.


  • If you have numerical data, present it as a table or graph.
  • Some professors have their own preferences about this section, so you might want to discuss it with them.


  • Describe what the data means.

Discussion & Analysis:

  • Include any calculations you performed on the data. 
  • Interpret your data, and determine whether your hypothesis was accepted or rejected. 
  • You can also discuss any mistakes or limitations of the lab.


  • This should be a single paragraph that sums up what happened in the lab, including how the results related to your hypothesis.


  • Some professors will have word limits; these might be for the whole report, or they might set a limit for each section. Find out if you have a limit and what it is.
  • Give your graphs and figures titles. Label the axes, and be sure to include the measuremeny units.
  • Make sure that you reference, and that you reference in the correct style; your professor should be able to tell you what style to use. If you’re unsure, there are lots of websites that ask you to input information and will then generate a reference for you to copy and paste.
  • Referencing is much easier if you do it as you work, rather than struggling to find all of your resources at the end (when you risk missing something out)
  • Be consistent in your use of tense.
  • Don’t use contractions, or slang.

OMG why did Next ever get cancelled? Best MTV show in history.

“Hey, I’m Nick, I’m 21, and I’m a future chiropractor, so you know I like things KINK-AYYYY." 

"Hey, I’m Emir and I’m Turkish, so this girl can’t wait to taste my TURKEY LEGS.”

I got an email from someone working on a dating show about polyamorous folks. I said I’d share this. There’s no pay at this stage.

“The Poly Dating Show follows a couple’s search for a third and a single’s journey to join a couple. We’re looking for modern, young-ish, attractive couples that are interested in opening up their relationship – either enthusiastically or with trepidation or simple curiosity. If there is interest in the format from the Skype interviews, we would then shoot real footage and discuss casting options. We are in the research and casting phase right now, and would love to interview people on Skype for Proof of Concept.

We’d love to briefly set up a video Skype with interested couples and singles to ask why you are open to the idea and what you hope to find – and anything else you’re comfortable discussing on camera.

About us: Zodiak Media is one of the world’s largest independent production companies with 45 offices in 17 territories. In the U.S. we are know for Wife Swap, Secret Millionaire and the upcoming Beyond Dance on MTV. We also have several reality shows and games shows on TruTV. We try to focus on socially relevant content (and crazy fun in the case of Killer Karaoke).

Any interested parties should contact Ian Roth at or 310-309-3956.”