Koei Tecmo has officially announced the content coming in Hyrule Warriors Legends’ last batch of DLC: Including the new fighters Ravio and Yuga from A Link Between Worlds! Ravio’s weapon is listed as a hammer, but the description tells us that he’ll be using a wide variety of weapons from the game. Yuga will use frames and his magic paintbrush to attack.

The DLC also comes with the standard assortment of adventure map, costumes, and My Fairy gear. We don’t know an exact release date right now, but we’ll update as soon as we know for sure.

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[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #277]
Gedonelune Academy’s Journal Event announcement by Klaus Goldstein, Randy March, and Azusa Kuze

Klaus “New event has just been released.”

Randy “Different entertainment every day for 4 days! How exciting!”

Azusa “A series of magic duels, Duelam will be take place.”

Klaus “I’m looking forward to joining the dance party.”

Randy “Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned! This year I could win and become the King. Klaus, you better watch out!”

Azusa “Oh come on, I’ll be the King and take the hand of my queen…!”

Klaus “WHAT?! No one can beat me and dance with her!!”

+ + + + + +
Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+

So Far Perfect (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request: How about a oneshot where Barry comes back from flashpoint and one of the things that changed is that the reader and him are dating, and he’s just hyped about it because he’s been smitten with her for a while?

Prompt: Barry finds out that one of the changes to the timeline is that he is now dating his high school crush.

Words: 790

Warnings: none

A/n: Seriously hope you guys like it. I tried my best but I’m not sure if it turned out okay or not, it also 3am so my judgement is a little off lol. Anyways, Happy Reading!

Barry’s POV

“Things are back to how they should be. Well, for me anyways for you well…I guess you’ll have to wait and find out.” Eobard says with a smirk.

“What does that mean?”

“See you sometime soon, Flash.”

I shift and turn in my bed, Eobard words still in my mind. After he left me at Joe’s I decided to just call it a night, but now all I can think about is all the possible changes. Why would it change? Shouldn’t everything just go back to the way it was? If there was a change could it please be something good?

I walked into STAR laboratories eyeing everything carefully looking for some small changes to the place. As I near the doors to the cortex I hear laughter from inside.

I look inside and see Joe and Cisco talking while looking at some new gadget. Iris and Caitlin sat in some chairs while Iris showed Caitlin something on her phone. Everyone was here except…oh no.

“Hey guys I have a question.” I enter the room and suddenly all conversation stops.

“You feeling okay, dude? I thought you were going to take some time off.” Cisco speaks up after a short moment of silent stares in the room.

“What? I mean, yeah, I am fine. Where is y/n?” I asked, trying to cover up the clear panic in my voice.

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As The Script Says

The Reader and Spencer are dating and the Reader is a famous actress on one of Spencer’s favorite T.V. shows and her character gets killed off while Spencer is watching them film.



Warnings:Most likely none

You had wanted to be an actress for as long as you could remember so when you had auditioned for a role on a T.V. show and had got it you were elated. Your character was only scheduled to be in a few episodes but people loved you so much you had now been on for five seasons. You had met the love of your life, Spencer Reid, at a convention three years ago.

He said you were his favorite character and you thought he was cute. When you ran into him again, literally, at a coffee shop you gave him your phone number. You started hanging out more, which was possible because your show filmed in Virginia, then eventually started dating. Now three years later you lived together you were still on the show and he still watched every episode and every once in a would go on set and watch you film.

That was all going to change soon though. The producers told you that your character had run their course and would soon be killed off. You had told Spencer this and while both of you had been disappointed you decided it was for the best and hopefully you could move on to bigger projects. You were concerned how you would manage your relationship if you did get cast in something bigger with both of you being gone so much but were that to happen you were sure you could figure it out.

“Spencer, get up.” You said quite loudly in his ear. He was holding you so tightly in his sleep you couldn’t move.”Five more minuets Y/N.” He mumbled not loosening his grip on you. “No Spencer you need to get up now if you want to come to the set with me. Its my last day of filming and I am not going to be late waiting for you to get up.” You were finally able to get out of his arms.

You walked into the kitchen deciding to make a pot of coffee since if there is one thing Spencer would get out of bed for it’s coffee. You knew your assumptions were correct when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist. “Hey” he said spinning you around to try and give you a kiss that you dodged.

“Not until you brush your teeth Mr.” You said laughing at his pout. He walked back to your room and you heard the faucet running. You were making a cup of coffee when all of the sudden you felt a sloppy kiss be put on your cheek that smelled strongly of mint. “Spencer!” You shrieked as you wiped off your cheek.

You got to work right on time, thank goodness. Usually when Spencer came on set you were at least ten minuets late. You greeted your co-workers who were just as sad that it was your last day shooting as you were. You sat in makeup for about 45 minuets with Spencer and then said good-by to your make up artist.

“You ready?” Spencer said. “Your last scene to ever shoot and they choose your death scene. Little bit ironic don’t you think.”

“I guess. I think they are waiting for me.” You said linking your hand with his. While you walked to where they were shooting you swung your and Spencer’s arms like little children. “This is it.” You said letting out a sigh. You let go of Spencer’s hand and he went and sat in a chair.

You took your place on set which in this case was in a hospital bed. On the previous episode you had been a victim of being in the wrong place in the wrong time and was shot in the stomach. Your character had lost a lot of blood before someone found you.

Now your character was laying in a hospital bed with her boyfriend next to her pleading for her to survive with the heart monitor in the background. “Please Stacy. Please live. I need you now more than ever. I love you so much Stacy. You can’t leave me now. Please.” He was saying as the heart monitor let out one long beep signaling that Stacy was dead. Stacy’s boyfriend let out a sob holding her hand and pleading for her to come back. Then the director called cut and it was over. The last five years of your life was over. You got out of the bed and gave your coworker a hug before walking over to where Spencer was sitting. As you walked closer you noticed tears running down his cheeks.

“Spencer, whats wrong.” You asked laughing a little.

“It’s just that i live everyday worried that something is going to happen to you and I won’t be able to do anything and that was what just happened. Also you weer like my favorite character and I have no reason to watch it now.” He said laughing a little at the end as well.

“Well on the other hand now you don’t have to worry about the fact that i am kissing another man.” You say trying to boost his spirit. “Yes that’s true.” He said kissing you just to prove that point.

so like, I’ve thought about this a lot, and I havent seen anyone say anything about this

i want Lori and Bobby to have a nice and happy relationship, but i also want Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to have a happy relationship

and for those of you who are against incest ships im sorry but technically you shouldnt ship both Babe and Bobby BooBoo Bear and Roncoln

because say Lori and Bobby get married, okay? that would technically make Lincoln and Ronnie Anne siblings through marriage, and therefore be unable to date. now, I know, none of these characters relationship futures are set in stone, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne might end up as best friends starting in middle school

but hey, maybe, Lori and Bobby dont work out in the end, and Lincoln and Ronnie manage to hold a relationship through both middle and high school. if they get married in the future, I just end up feeling bad about how awkward things would be between Bobby and Lori

all im saying, canonically, they both cant happen. and the fact nobody else has mentioned this is rather surprising. i know what you people do (sorry to say this and be creepy but i sort of loom over this fandom like a fucking reaper im sorry)

but yeah, im just putting that out there. i adore both ships but i know they both cant survive

Stage presence

Y/n joins her boyfriend Justin on tour and it’s anything from ordinary.

You and Justin have been dating for 3 years now and still going strong. So when he asked you to join him on tour there was no doubt that the answer was yes. Of course you needed to sort some stuff out like school, you currently were in law school so you would be only able to join him on your summer. But you would find out that summer that it was possible to fall even more in love with your boyfriend. You currently were watching your boyfriend rehearsing for his home show later on that day. You always loved watching his rehearsals, even though it was usually just you and scooter watching he still put so much effort into every note and every dance move. They had just finished doing show me and then next was children one of your personal favourite songs. But right before Justin usually had the children dancers come out everyone stopped and so did the music. “Y/N! Come here!” he screamed with a smirk on his lips and he’s dancers just laughed. “Umm Jay you going to finish that song? I’m hurt that you didn’t finish my favourite song” I put on my best mad face but it never seems to work on Justin. “Babe come here your going to help us finish the song”. All their faces were pure amusement they all knew what I was in for. Once I got up to the stage I looked to my best friend Nick Demoura who happened to be Justin’s choreographer and a dancer. He just laughed at me. “Ok Y/n so when the music starts again your going to follow me, do everything I do ok?” I gave him a puzzled look. “Am I being blessed by seeing how it is to be THE Justin Bieber world phenomenon?!” He laughed pulling me in for a kiss. “Exactly”. The music started and I found myself self running after Justin like a chicken with my head cut off. Jumping around the stage,even doing the children dance. In between lyrics Justin would glance over at my trying to attempt to dance"that’s it babe just like that. A natural". “Fuck off. Ill walk off this stage” when the song was done I was tackled into a big dog pile. “Hey Y/n you ain’t as bad as I thought” “Demoura if i wasn’t being squished and I could reach you I’d give you a proper whack.” “Babe Nick is right proud of you” I rolled my eyes these doofuses.

Fast forward to tonight.

I usually watch Justin’s shows from the wings. I don’t know why it’s just something about the backstage buzz I love. But since it was Justin’s hometown I was in the crowd with his family. “Babe?” “Hmm” Justin and I were just cuddling in his dressing room before the concert. “You know my mum loves you so much. Like a daughter, she’d be more upset if we broke up” I laughed. “I can totally see Pattie kicking your as-”. The door suddenly bursted open and in ran Jazzy and Jaxon. “Y/N,JUSTIN,Y/N!!” they tackled us both. It’s been too long since I’ve seen them. “Hey guys I’ve missed you so much, come give me a giant hug!” “Y/n! Guess what guess what?!” “What?!” “I have a crush on a girl in grade 4” “wow Jaxon your turning into your brother more and more” Jazzy’s voice piped up"Y/n when can we go shopping again?“ Since Jazzy was the only girl she thought of me as her sister and loved it when I would take her out for Y/n and Jazzy time. “Well we are here for a few days so whenever you want.” Just by hearing that her whole face lit up and she squealed a little. “Hey guys I know that Y/n’s beautiful but why does she get all the attention” we all laughed and Jaxon ran over and gave his bug brother a hug. That night we all jumped around dancing and singing while watching Justin have the time of his life. Some fans recognised us and came up for pictures and hugs. Before we knew it the concert was ending. Jaxon,Jazzy, Pattie and I were watching Justin splash water around stage when Scooter approached us. “Hey guys Justin wanted you all to join him on stage especially you Y/n” “well I guess what Bieber says goes” as I grabbed Jaxon and Jazzy’s hand as we waved to Pattie. “Guys I want you all to welcome three very important people on stage, JAXON,JAZZY AND MY GIRLFRIEND Y/N!” The roar of the crowd was ear blasting as we all ran onto stage getting splashed by Justin and his crew before a huge wet group hug. “Y/n your going to dance with me” before I could respond Justin was already screaming to his fans “who wants to see Y/n and I dance together the children dance?” “YESSSSS!!!” I quickly tried to sleep away but Jaxon and Jazzy stopped me and I couldn’t say no to them. To say the least I made a fool of myself dance but the cried still cheered me on. And they even chanted “Y/N AND JUSTIN KISS,KISS,KISS,KISS”

This was after he hung up our last call. The call in which I had to explain to him that I wasn’t happy anymore (with anything, but he had so much going on in his life that he didn’t need to know I was drowning in my depression). The call in which I had to explain how and why I was falling out of love with him. The call in which I tried to explain to him that I did love him and, because he was the first one I ever truly loved, I will always have a small part of my heart that’s reserved for him.
We were together for two years and when we were good, we were good. But when we were bad, it was bad. I had issues, and he swore he would try to help me but he never did. He never took the time to understand what was going on in my mind, and he never took the time to comfort me when I cried.
He’s now dating a girl he promised me he was done with, and I’m up at night crying because I miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss him. I miss our friends. With the breakup, I apparently agreed to leave behind all the friends we made together when we were together. He’s taking them away, and I’m powerless to stop it because I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m making them talk to me.

Just once I don’t want to be an option to the people I care about, but if I continue to be an option to them I wish to be the option they want to choose.

anonymous asked:

With all the speculation over Norman this weekend do you think he's single with the occasional date now and again to satisfy his needs then again we've all heard about what his favourite handy pastime is to satisfy them 😂 As sometimes when Anons ask about Norman and gf you seem to know more than you let on as if you're holding back information that there is someone in his life

I do think he’s single and probably has a few dates or friends that will scratch that Itch when he gets it. I promise you if I knew something about his private life that would end the secret gf madness I’d dedicate an entire day to just reposting that over and over 😀. Maybe me being vague and unwilling to make a statement on certain things makes it seem like I’m holding back, but it’s just me really not having enough info to say anything other than maybe.


feel that? that’s a whole lotta powerful good-guy mojo building up in this holy place. boiling, trying to find a way to nuke you in the face. all it needs is focus.

WOCtober Teen Superhero Parade Presents: Traci Thirteen a.k.a. Girl 13 a.k.a. Traci 13

Traci inherited magical talent from her father, lesser-known superhero Doctor Thirteen. After her mother died because of magic, her father forbade Traci studying it, but upon moving to Metropolis, she started to tap into mystic powers of the City, becoming an urban mage. Since then she was supporting character in Superman books, a member of Teen Titans and was dating Jaime Reyes.

Recommended Readings:

There is actually a quite good list already. I cannot access the blog that posted it, but you can find it here.

Since Flashpoint Traci was absent from comics. Recently she’s been mentioned in Superwoman series from DC Rebirth, but have not yet made an appearance. Phil Jimenez confirmed she’s now dating Natasha Irons.

Draco’s Love Notes

Originally posted by strongerbloger

I turn around angrily from my seat in the back of the Transfiguration room, having just felt something hit me in the back of the head. My eyes land on Draco immediately, his signature smirk drawing my attention.

He nods his head in the direction of the piece of parchment he had sent towards me that had fallen to the floor. I pick it up, rolling my eyes at him. We’ve been dating a few months now and its seems his favorite thing to do is distract me during classes. Annoying, yes, but also quite charming.

Unfolding the small bird-shaped paper, my eyes begin to scan over the dramatic, cheesy proclamations of love he had written. I smirk back at him and he replies with a wink. Who knew he could be such a softy?

youngcomet  asked:

So there is this guy that everyone I know hates but I love him. We have dated before and now We are best friends. He comes around all the time and everyone tells me to quit hanging wit him because they dont like him and I just don't know what to do..

Have you asked why it is they hate him? I mean, if he makes you happy I don’t think it should matter what others think. It is your decision. If he makes you happy then. Not sure what the problem would be.

A new week - new chances ✨

The past isn’t your future. Don’t look back and tear yourself down because of things that weren’t as you wanted them to. You can’t change the past anyway. So you better take the chance a new week, a new day, a new start offers you and learn from your past and get better and better.

And you can change the future only in the present moment. That means that you can influence your future with the things that you are doing now. Therefore you can only change your life in the present moment! Concentrate on the now to make your life better 💕

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anonymous asked:

Wait are you dating Monda now?

YOU GUYS😂😂😂 no lol but Mona (monda??) is amazing and is drinking way too many margaritas w me rn.