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Dating Min Yoongi
  • him requesting you to cook 24/7, preferring your home cooked meals than going out to restaurants
  • watching different films every weekend when you’re together
  • cuddling him and lightly playing with his hair when you notice he fell asleep
  • him having a really secretive playful side around you
  • he’ll tickle you when he wants something out of you
  • until you beg him to stop and submit to his wishes
  • to which he’ll smirk in triumph like the little shit he is

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Dating Yoongi;

other members; hoseok | namjoon | park jimin | taehyung | seokjin | jungkook

Originally posted by taesscripts

- him being a complete smol bean, and completely different to how he is on screen and stage
- when he’s stressed out, him asking you to cuddle him
“babe, please come and cuddle with me. i’m lonely.”
- and you obviously obliging.
because who would miss out on a suga hug?
- having cute little movie nights every single Saturday, if he’s not on tour
- cute little snores
- GuMmY sMiLeS
- wearing his shirts
“y/n, have you seen my grey shirt, i can’t find it anywh- oh.”
“sorry, yoongi, you can have it back.”
“no, keep it. you look adorable.”
- no pda when the other members are around
- but he can’t stop hugging and kissing you when you’re alone together
- him letting you have little previews of his new songs
- song written about you
- silly and weird snapchats/texts
- lots and lots of swearing
- literally, the guys would think you’re trying to have a competition to see who can swear the most within one conversation
- being with you whenever he can
- “yoongi, go hang with the guys. i can last here on my own for a couple hours.”
- “no, i don’t wanna leave you.”
- “god, you’re such a pain in the ass.”
- “but you love me.”
- “don’t flatter yourself.”
- him taking a while to say “i love you”, but after saying it the first time he’d never stop
- “text me when you get home.”
- s o f t a s f u c k
- he would literally worship you, you were his religion and he’d happily follow you until death
- having really heated and aggressive arguments with him, but after about 10 minutes him kissing you and apologising for what he did wrong.
- “babe, just shut up and kiss me.”
- you gotta have a lot of tolerance
- going on little adventures in the middle of the night. if he wasn’t busy sleeping
- taking long naps with each other
- massive fits of laughter that lasts about 20 minutes at a time
- “what colour are you dying your hair next?”
- being really good friends with the rest of the guys, especially hoseok
- him getting jealous of your and hoseoks relationship
- “min yoongi, i love you, and no one else. okay, hoseok is just a friend.”
- sarcasm
- when he can’t sleep, you’d sit up with him and have deep meaningful conversations about how much you love each other
- “y/n, you know i love you more then anything in this world. i would do anything for you, i honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.”
- hIm LeTtInG yOu WeAr HiS lEaThEr JaCkEt
- lazy morning snuggles
- his being the little spoon whilst sleeping
- cute facetimes whilst he’s on tour
- him getting stressed easily and flipping out a lot
- your arguments would be the worst
- lots of shouting and screaming, sometimes things will be thrown around
- him yelling “i fucking hate you, i wish we never met.” before storming out the door
- you probably breaking down into tears
- him coming back several hours later, wit sore eyes
- “I’m so so sorry, you know i didn’t mean it. don’t you? i love you, and without you I’d be nothing.”
- going out on random dates
- yoongi calling you up at stupid times in the morning just so you can cuddle
- cute little suga
- him getting jealous of other boys staring at you
- “hey, prick, get your own girl.”
- grabbing your hand randomly and squeezing it tight whilst saying “i love you.”
- out of the blew hugs from behind
- his deep and husky voice in the morning
- “morning babe. did you sleep well?”
- going crazy over his raps in all the cyphers
- “so, I’m guessing you like my tongue technology.” *winky face*
- so basically you just having the cutest of cute relationships, yeah, you might have a few problems but no relationship is perfect. but yours would obviously be pretty close.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, heya, i hope you enjoyed this. i will be doing the same for all the rest of the boys, just later on- like next week.
anyway, thanks for reading. and guess what; i have a masterlist! go check that out!
- love ya!
- kala <3
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Dating BTS - Suga

Dating Yoongi:

• completely different person than you see on screen

• cute fluffy baby

• loves cuddles (giving) and forehead kisses (receiving)

• will make you come to his studio cause you’re his muse

• if you can’t come then he’ll call you

• sometimes has bad days where he needs all the love he can get

• you’ll have to remind him to eat or else he’ll forget

• cuddles you while he sleeps

• snores a bit (but they’re cute snores)

• will talk about you a lot to the other members

• probably wears big sweaters and basketball shorts a lot

s o f t

• will ask you to sing to him when he’s upset cause your voice calms him

• will sing you to sleep if you’re upset

• won’t tell the public about you guys because he’s afraid people will send you hate

• no skinship (cuddling/kissing/etc) when the other members are around

• cause he doesn’t want them to know that he’s soft

• but you’ve sent them pics of him laying on your lap and cuddling so they already know

• dates like stargazing or taking a walk in the forest

• his one rule is that you can’t listen to his music unless it’s polished and perfect

• days off = lazy day + movie night

- liv

Dating Yoongi would include…..

Originally posted by jimiyoong

•silent I love you gestures in public like hand holding, long glances, rubbing his thumb in circles on your hand

•nights of just keeping him company in the genius lab

• “can I listen yoongi?”

•”no no no , it’s not ready yet”

• whispering “I love you” into your ear in public

• getting to see pouty yoongi all the time

• laying together at night talking and him falling asleep mid conversation

• not big on pda but would love to be close and all over you in private

• lots of neck kisses!!!

• nights in with takeout and a movie

• trying to take care of him when he’s sick but him not letting you

• “yoongi you need to rest!”

• “im fine y/n, leave me to work on my music!”

• only you getting to see his sweet vulnerable side

• he won’t always tell you what’s wrong when he’s upset but with a little bit of time to think he’ll eventually tell you

• again, sleeping on you all.the.time

•arguing over who gets the aux cord

•”you’ve plays that song a billion times y/n, can we listen to anything else?”

•*sticks your tongue out at him*

• calling and texting you anytime he can while on tour because he misses you so much

• long passionate sex when he returns from tours

• grumpy morning yoongi

• lazy Sunday mornings in bed

• wearing his hoodies all the time

• singing horribly at the top of his lungs to cheer you up

•tickle fights


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BTS Reaction to You SC’ing Them in Their Shirt While They’re at Work

Request:  Hi! Could I please get a bts reaction to you Snapchating them at work wearing only their shirt?? ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Unable to hide his growing smirk as soon as he opened your message, he responded back with a photo of him biting his lip, captioned: “So you’re being naughty today huh? You better still be wearing just that by the time I get home.


Once he tapped the square by your snapchat name, his eyebrows raised in surprise before a grin spread throughout his face. He excused himself from the other boys and headed straight to the bathroom, proceeding to show you just how badly your picture effected him.

I think I’d like it if you wore just my shirts more often.”

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Masterlist | ♛ Kings ♛ |

For some of these I haven’t posted yet but they will be fully posted soon. Also all my mtl have explanations and Requests are open for all~

✐ Drabbles ✐



| ✔ = smut | ✿ = fluff | ❖ = angst | ♛ = all |


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Teammates | Friends!AU ✿

I’m All Yours | Soulmate!AU ✔ ✿

Life’s Too Short | Dead!AU ❖

Focus | Bestfriend!AU ✔ ✿

Try Me | Nightmare!AU ✿

How Much Do You Love Me? | Soulmate!AU ✔ ✿

Fantasies | Imagine!AU ✔ ✿

Catch Me | Skator!AU ✿

Trouble Maker | Police Officer!AU ♛


Such A Baby | Bestfriend!AU ✿

Photogenic | Photographer!AU ♛

Anything For You | Soulmate!AU ✿

Comfy Isn’t It? | First Time!AU ✔ ✿

Open My Eyes | Rapper!AU ♛

The Bracelet | Boxer!AU  ✿ ❖

Magical | Witch!AU ✿

Royalty? | Alien!AU 

Mischief | Badboy!AU 

Switched | Genderbend!AU 


Disobedient | Angel!AU 


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Min Yoongi | Part 2 |

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BTS most likely would prefer a tomboy over a girly girl

BTS most likely to cheat

BTS most likely to date a foreigner

BTS most likely to like playful girls

BTS most likely to date a non-famous person

BTS most likely to date a tall girl

BTS most likely to chose confident & witty over shy & innocent

BTS most likely to date a girl into edm music 

BTS most likely to date/ be best friends with a Jungkook or Taehyung doppelganger

BTS most likely to become best friends with a 05 liner

BTS most likely to get married first

BTS most likely to prefer long hair

BTS most likely to have a long distance relationship

BTS most likely to help you prepare for finals

BTS most likely to watch horrors with you

BTS most likely to go inside a haunted house with you

BTS most likely to hide easter eggs for you (hunt)

BTS most likely to want to carve scary pumpkins

BTS most likely to go bungee jumping with you

BTS most likely to live in a foreign country with their s/o

BTS most likely to prefer tattoos on their s/o

BTS most likely to want a small family

BTS most likely to accidentally fart in front of you

BTS most likely to fall in love with their best friend

BTS most likely to stay inside and cuddle for a date

BTS most likely to play their own song at their wedding

BTS most likely to have prank wars with their s/o

BTS most likely to annoy their s/o because their bored

BTS most likely to like curly hair

BTS most likely to be submissive or dominant

BTS most likely to be big spoon or little spoon

BTS most likely to do netflix and chill with you

BTS most likely to do to disney for a first date

Texts ✾ 

Members Together

When you ask them to wash the dishes (Dating)

When you ask them to come over at 2am (Best Friends)

Members Separate 

You having a problem and he helps you (Best Friends)

| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Everyday texts from him (Dating)

| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |

(requests are open! finally)


You snapping almost every moment when you’re with him

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |

Member Scenarios

BTS as Spies (Coming soon!)

BTS as Vampires (Coming soon!)

BTS as Lost Boys (Coming soon!)


BTS reaction to their girlfriend being BigHit’s translator 

BTS reaction to them stealing your hoodies 

Dating yoongi would include:

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

.. the first and most important thing you need to date min yoongi is tolerance.

.. like stop being so indifferent it’s driving me crazy.

.. the studio will basically become your second home. If min suga ever gets lost, he is probably just at the studio.

.. but you are not complaining because you feel like a proud bear with tears in your eyes when you listen to him spitting fire like yeah baby roast ‘em haters.

.. Whenever he has free time, he is never leaving you.

.. “You smell amazing baby doll” “Stop sniffing me you weirdo.”

.. you love it when he comes home like I got you something and it’s a pack of peppermint like that’s why I have been avoiding kissing you lately.

.. so you throw it at him yelling for no more kisses, and his jokes are too pathetic.

.. and he is sure you are joking back so he hold your hips and shoves his tongue in your mouth like are you sure no more kisses?

.. he isn’t the type to verbally express him emotions. So when you are having your doubts you catch him staring at you like you are a perfect fallen angel.

.. but don’t stare too long because he will notice and tell you he already knows how good looking he is stop gawking geez.

.. “anything” “For the sake of the all mighty lord, yoongi do you want bacon or cheese I am starting to lose my temper.”

.. no matter how busy he is he never forgets you.

.. Like you have been dating for a good year now and you think he forgot your anniversary but no he picks you up at 12 like don’t ask just come. And he would take you to the trash bin in the park like this is where we first swore at each other am so emotional.

.. but in all seriousness he would buy you that hella expensive short dress you were drooling about and a pair of lacy underwear telling you he will be in the car, you have 30 mins to get ready.

..the boys will always be wondering if you two truly love each other i mean he just called you his animal and asked you to massage his feet and you threw whatever you were holding in your hand at the moment.

.. but when you two are alone you are his goddess whom he worships every curve and skin of her body.

.. sleep. Now we all know how much yoongi loves his nap time so you never object when he drags you into his holy bed to preform a holy ceremony even though he literally suffocated you with his arms.

.. yet you love it so much because his gentle breathe in your neck and the way his small legs seek warmth between yours make you reconsider the need for other people in your life.

.. because even if he was always busy, even if he always teased you, no one can ever love you more than min yoongi, no one can make you feel more wanted and appreciated than min yoongi and no one can ever take this much space of your heart like min yoongi.


Words: 12k
Genre: Extreme fluff for all you bitter people out there (me being included)
Read the sequel drabble: here
Read more at Service Series 


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Dating Taehyung would include:

(idk if this is okay)

  • - Random ‘’animals on the street’ snaps
  • - “Babe look at that cat”
  • - “Baby did you see that puppy?”
  • - Waking up to a snoring drooling mess
  • - Deeper than the sea morning voice Tae
  • - Sings you to sleep once in a while
  • - He brings you tea/coffee all the time
  • - Or flowers. But like in pots
  • - “I saw this and and i thought you’d like it”
  • - Always cooking the same 5 recipes because you know them and that way you can fool around w/o fucking up dinner
  • BTS members randomly appearing in your home 
  • - If he’s sad he’ll want you to leave him alone during the day but at night when he climbs into bed he’ll just drop his walls completely
  • - Rapping
  • - Like he be rapping about folding the laundry and shit
  • - Or about dogs
  • - You have a pile of clothes that is the ‘sharing’ pile 
  • - Most socks are sharing socks
  • - Video games 
  • - Cursing each other out like crazy people
  • - You have matching camouflage PJ's 
  • - “Babe where are you??????”
  • - “Where’s that voice coming from????” “OW”
  • - Asks you how you are aaaaall the time
  • - “You sure you’re okay?”
  • - You lose each other when shopping. Every time without fail
  • - “DID YOU SEE THIS?” You echo each other as you show each other the exact same thing
  • - “We’re so cool” 
  • - Doesn’t get angry very often.
  • - Is hot af when he does
  • - Family oriented af
  • - All family events are important events
  • - His cousins hang out w you two a lot
  • - It’s super nice cause Tae plays w them all day and you can make snacks and watch movies w them when they’re all tired out 
  • - Your heart explodes a little the first time they call you auntie 
  • - So does Tae's 

Dating Namjoon would Include…..

Originally posted by ksjknj

• there would be lots of exploring whether it be a new restaurants, museums, or stores.

• walks at night during the summer while talking about life and it’s metaphors

• forehead kisses…lots of them!

•him showing you new songs he’s working on and asking your opinion of them

• he would LOVE you calling him joon/joonie

• silent “I love you” type glances all the time

• book stores to find new books to read together

•calling you princess/babygirl/darling

• tired joon coming home from the studio only wanting to cuddle up with you and sleep

• deep questions while laying in bed

• “do you think there’s some bigger plan for us? Like something beyond us and what we understand?”

• he will completely spoil you rotten with gifts as well as attention


•but only shows it in bed

•the type to show physical love through small jestures like his hand on your thigh, putting his hand on the small of your back in public

• lots of pictures together!

• would try to cook for you

• values handmade things like cards and letters from you

• sleeping on his chest all the time

• remembers even the small things about you

•”y/n I brought you back some socks, I remember you were saying how cold your feet get so I thought you could use them”


• whispering dirty things into your ear in public about what he’s gonna do when you all get home

• buying you pretty lingerie just to take it off of you

•bringing you things back from the places he goes on tour

• you teasing him about Expensive Girl

• “You didn’t know this y/n, but i wrote that about you!”

•”I’m sure you did, joon”

• coffee dates

• sleeping in late together on the weekends


Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed this as it’s my first one, the rest of the members should be up sometime throughout the weekend! My requests are open for everything, feel free to send me requests for reactions, scenarios, and imagines!

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