Dream Guy Gone Bad: The Ugly Day My Idris Elba Turned Mr. Bourgie 

I’m not usually attracted to pretty boys but this time I decided to give it a try. We met at a charity event. I must say he was a pretty handsome man. Tall dark and handsome to be exact. In his 20′s. His attire… Fly. He was wearing a suit and it fit him oh so well. Tailored to a tee. His smile… Niceee. *Fabolous voice* It was kind of like an Idris type of smile. Yeaaa…now you get it! Very debonair, “Well, hello there” type of smile. If this were a scene in a movie you would see a sparkle flicker on the screen every time he showed those pearly whites.

I was smitten, at least for that moment. If you’ve read my blog, 5 Guys You Should Def. Date Before Settling Down, you know that I am a very avid believer that women should try to date different types of men before they take the big step (marriage). I’m far from that stage but in the end I want no regrets. I want to say that I enjoyed my single life and never feel tempted to try something new. It’s like an internship, you try working in different industries until you find the one that best fits you. I’ve also always wanted to date Idris Elba but hey if you can’t date em… find your own! Which is exactly what I did.

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