dating the long way around

All Tied Up

In which Harry has his girlfriend in a very vulnerable position. 

A/N: Ahhhh it’s finally here! I present to you the smuttiest smut you’ll probably ever read from me.  I’ve been working on this one forever, so I really hope it’s worth it.  Enjoy, loves! xx

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anonymous asked:

It´s nice to have a new BSD imagines blog! *is excited*. How about headcanons for Atsushi, Dazai, Akutagawa and Chuuya, what activities would they plan for a date with their s/o and where would they take them? Thanks! I hope this blog grows a lot!!

Atsushi Nakajima:
~He would be extremely nervous and worried something would go wrong.
~It would be a really casual date, nothing too much and nothing too less.
~He would take his S/o somewhere quiet with a nice atmosphere where the two can talk casually, like in a cafe.
~It would be really traditional and what most people would do for a first date.
~After the cafe, he would take them on a walk through the park where they could talk, once again, quite relaxing and quiet.
~If it were to rain, he would give his S/o his jacket/umbrella or anything that he was carrying around to stop them from getting soaked by the rain. If they asked about it, he would smile and say “I don’t mind the rain”
~If his S/o refuses, they will probably end up splashing each other with the water and both get soaked and maybe both end up getting a cold.
~If that happens, expect a day spent on the sofa filled with movies, blankets and hot drinks
I want to write this now, dammit! I’m going to write it and no one can stop me

Dazai Osamu:
~He wouldn’t tell his S/o anything about where he is going to take them.This may worry them but he’ll reassure them that it’s fine and isn’t extreme at all.
~He would walk with them around a nice area and talk to them to distract them but little would his S/o know that he’s taking them the long way around to where the REAL date is set.
~He would be really romantic and the date will depend on what his S/o likes. He would actually think about it and look into the things they like so the date would be nice for both of them. So the date itself revolves around what his S/o likes.
~I can imagine he would take them somewhere like an aquarium so he can watch as his S/o if fascinated by their surroundings.
~He would make sure his S/o gets to see everything they want to see. He’ll find a way, even if they can’t get in to see a show of the fish, he’ll find a way to get in if his S/o wants to see it.
~After, they would go to a small restaurant to eat, then after that, a hillside where they will lie down together and looks at the fading blue orange evening sky.
~It will most likely end in his S/o falling asleep next to him. He wouldn’t move if they were lying on him, he would stroke their hair wait for them to wake up. If it got too late though, he would carry them home.

Akutagawa Ryunnosuke:
~Evening dates are his thing.
~He would probably take his S/o out to a nice restaurant but quite late at night.
~Or take them to the top of a building that overlooks the illuminated city.
~Romantic rooftop candle lit dinner
~He would most likely stand up after him and his S/o have finished eating and talking for a bit then wait until everything is silent. He will look into his S/o’s eyes then bring out his hand towards them and ask them to dance.
~If his S/o didn’t know how to dance, he would take the lead and teach them how.
~The two would dance the night away.until they get tired. Then they would sit and watch the city lights together.
~It would most likely end in his S/o falling asleep next to him.
I want to write this too, Anon-San, you have gave me great ideas!

Chuuya Nakahara:
~He’d use his muns and take his S/o somewhere expensive like to a romantic restaurant then after, surprise them by taking them on a romantic boat ride in the evening where they can look at the night sky together.
~Hitting dem bottles of fine wine
~He would buy only the finest things for his S/o and surprise them throughout the entire evening.
~Imagine a something like a cruise ship kind of setting with a fairly large ballroom. Imagine Chuuya and his S/o dancing together around that said ballroom. That’s where most of the date takes place.
~After they’re done dancing, Chuuya would take his S/o to one final surprise. At the top of the ship would be a balcony like area where he would watch fireworks with his S/o; the big finale.
~They would then go back to the city and go to any last minute places.
~It will probably end in a stroll through the park. Half way through, the two would sit down on a bench. Chuuya’s S/o would end up falling asleep on his shoulder. He would then carry them home.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy these because this was the funnest things to write even if it actually took a day to do! This has to be one of the best requests yet! Expect oneshots because of this.

Avengers Fic: Fashion Forward, pt 1

((Following the discussion of the same at the end of “Dating the Long Way Around, Spidey delivers on his promise.  Steve regrets it.))


Clint didn’t even look up. “Kid. What have we told you about scampering around on our ceiling?”

There was a beat of silence. “It’s adorable and I should do it more?”

Clint popped the top off of a bottle and held it up over his head. “Try again.”

“I should stop doing it before someone shoots my ass?” Spidey asked, taking the bottle. “Are you giving me beer?”

“Of the root variety.” Clint flicked the bottlecap towards the trash can. It hit perfectly. “What do you want, Itsy-Bitsy?”

“Okay, how am I supposed to drink this?”

“You’re really trying to drink from a bottle while hanging upside down?” Clint asked. He didn’t bother to look up.

“It smells good,” Spidey said, sounding sad.

“If you’re trying to stick your tongue into the neck of the bottle right now-” Clint started.

“Mah, mime mah.”

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demerite-deactivated20151204  asked:

Hey! I was wondering about the order of the rest of the fics in the Toasterverse? I just finished Best of Life and Asgard (loved it omg I started laughing in the middle of a crowded train carriage), and I was wondering where to go from there, since there are more fics on AO3 than in the list. Also, your cats are adorable.


SHIELD Has Paperwork for Everything (Casefile 5)
Hollow Your Bones Like a Bird’s (Casefile 6)
Some Things Shouldn’t Be a Chore (Toasterverse 1)
Ordinary Workplace Hazards (Toasterverse 2)
Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers PR Manager (Casefile 1)
Phil Coulson Does Not Bake (Casefile 2)
Phil Coulson Wasn’t Grown In a Lab (He Has a Mom) (Casefile 13)
Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers’ Matchmaker (Casefile 7)
Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark (Toasterverse 3)
Phil Coulson is Not a SHIELD Recruiter (Casefile 3)
Phil Coulson Doesn’t Take Attendance (Casefile 6)
Discussions in Dynamic Relationships (Casefile 11)
Dating the Long Way Around (Toasterverse 4)
Things Unseen (That Are Captured on Film) (Toasterverse 5)
Hunting the Hero (Toasterverse 6)
Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark’s Super Villain Name (Casefile 15)
Phil Coulson Can’t Keep the Avengers Out of Medical (Casefile 4)
Over the River and Through the Woods (Casefile 17)
Extracurricular Activities (Casefile 12)
Phil Coulson Doesn’t Work for StarkIndustries (Casefile 9)
Best of Life and Asgard (Casefile 10)
Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures (Casefile 16)

Casefiles 8 (Ghosts of Christmas Memory) and 14 (Avengers Calendar) fall in multiple places in the timeline.

And the botverse, because ugh, yeah.

Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation (Botverse 1)
Curiosity Changes Everything (Botverse 2)
Bedtime Stories and Nightmares (Botverse 3)
Stories Told With Silence (Botverse 4)
Monster in the Closet (Botverse 6)
Rescue Missions and Mistaken Identities (Botverse 5)
Weekend at Bartons
DJ’s Bad Day (Is Worse for Everyone Else)
You or Someone Like You
Fairy Tales and Clockwork Hearts (Botverse 6)

So Many Avengers (but mostly Stony) Fics!!!

Here is my collection of links for amazing avengers fics in alphabetical order because I am weird like that. Feel free to add any you want and yeah here you go lovelies! Oh and all work credit goes to the appropriate authors go love them because they are great!


1796 Broadway


Artificial Intelligence 

Avengers’ Tower: Another Project for Tony

Avengers’ Tower: Mini Avengers

Avengers’ Tower: Reconstructing the Avengers 

Avengers’ Tower: Steve’s Gamble

Avengers’ Tower: The Merchandise Fiasco

Avengers’ Tower: Tony Makes Some Changes


Bedtime Stories and Nightmares


Curiosity Changes Everything


Dating the Long Way Around

Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures

Discussions in Dynamic Relationships


Extracurricular Activities


Fairy Tales and Clockwork Hearts

(First Impressions Are) A Work in Progress

Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark


Ghosts of Christmas Memory


Hollow Your Bones Like a Bird’s








Ordinary Workplace Hazards, Or SHIELD and OSHA Aren’t On Speaking Terms


Peter’s Accidental Revelation

Phil Coulson Can’t Keep the Avengers Out of Medical

Phil Coulson Does Not Bake (and The Avengers Do Not Shop At IKEA Anymore)

Phil Coulson Does Not Take Attendance

Phil Coulson Doesn’t Work for StarkIndustries

Phil Coulson Is Not a SHIELD Recruiter (Except for Special Cases)

Phil Coulson Is Not the Avengers’ Matchmaker (Or Their Style Consultant)

Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers’ Public Relations Manager

Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark’s Super Villain Name

Phil Coulson Wasn’t Grown in a Lab (He Has a Mom)



Rescue Missions and Mistaken Identities

Rom-Commed By Fate (Or JARVIS)


Secrets of the Toasterverse

SHIELD Has Paperwork for Everything

Some Things Shouldn’t Be a Chore

So No One Told You

Stories Told With Silence


The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation

The Avengers’ Calendar

The Best of Life and Asgard

The Monster In the Closet

The Twice-Told Tale

Things Unseen (That Are Captured on Film)








bettyboxblog  asked:

In the Toasterverse Clint wasn't affected by the sleeping spell in 'Dating the Long Way Around' is it just dark magic that can't effect him or is it all magic?

Frigga’s spell is specific, and yet flexible at the same time.

What she gifted him with is a protection from anything that would ‘take his heart from him against his will’ the way that Loki did.  In other words, nothing can be acted on him against his will, or without his acceptance.  It’s not perfect, like all magic (at least in my writing) there’s loopholes and weak spots, but Frigga’s very good at what she does.

Harmful magic can still be worked on him, if the one wielding it tricks him, or if he accepts it, potentially under duress or under false pretenses, but if his immediate mental response is “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE” then it’s going to have a hard time getting a foothold.

This does mean, however, that potentially beneficial magic can also be ineffective, if Clint doesn’t accept it.  All coins have two sides, sometimes, he’s going to call it in the air and lose.

Magic’s like that, sometimes.