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So I was taking a test in my old lecture today and my teacher now knows about my tumblr but I’m not allowed to talk because I’m taking my test. She says, “A student came up to me saying they met someone they want to date on tumblr, is this a thing?” Everyone in this class said, “No! Tumblr is for memes and other funny pictures and sometimes to rant.” I’m just confused because like are they unaware that they’re literally on the biggest lesbian dating site of the world? Like let’s be real, half of y'all are talking to or dating someone from here, half of you have met someone from here, my God. It’s like they’re only accessible to .01% of tumblr and it’s not even the good side.

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I'm a gay girl who lives in a homophobic place. I really want to meet someone to start a proper relationship with. But I'm bad at identifying other queer women. I'm scared to openly come out. The homophobia is not life threatening but people where I live have misconceptions about homosexuality and openly mock gay peopl. How do I find someone? Do you have tips on accurate Gaydar? I'm an enfj.

Gaydar is a murky concept. Some people look for physical clues and mannerisms, some look for a person’s “aura”. I understand the problem though, gay women can seem like a minority within a minority and it’s hard to find a partner in an already very limited pool. Historically, gay women have found each other through putting out subtle hints, for example, by: maintaining longer eye contact or physical proximity with women than men, dressing/looking a certain way, talking about queer entertainment (since media representation is limited, if someone knows all the gay characters on tv or lots of gay movies, it’s a good sign), going to local gay bars/clubs, joining political action groups, etc. Nowadays many people meet on the internet. Tumblr has more than one corner of gay girls and you can find them quite easily by going to the tags of movies or tv shows that have significant gay content. Follow people, strike up conversations. Submit asks to people who have lots of gay followers about where you’re from and what you’re looking for and see if anyone bites. You can also try gay dating sites or chat rooms. There are lots of lonely gay girls out there just like you, make friends and see where it leads you. Even if you don’t meet someone right away, you can still improve your life by building a good social support network.

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Im so happy I've gained 5 friends in 2 hours because of this tour. I can't believe I'm talking to people. Dan and phil bringing people together since 2009

dan and phil should open a dating site most of us are gay anyways its gonna be great