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Sending me a message blatantly asking for sex makes me as dry as I imagine doing the cinnamon challenge with my vagina would. Fuck, I’d rather actually do the cinnamon challenge with my vagina than fuck you. You’re all welcome for that image.

I can already hear someone in the comments going, “Well, at least he’s being honest!” and I think that person is under the impression that women get flowery messages from dudes who are pretending to care about who we are as a person, all with the secret intent of tricking us into fucking them. That has never happened. It’s mostly just all gross.

5 Creepy Dating Site Messages Every Woman Has Received

There’s a special type of troll on dating sites. If you don’t have a disability, you’re unlikely to know they exist. But if you do have a disability, try sifting through the literally hundreds of messages you receive from people who aren’t interested in making a good first impression. They simply want to know how exactly you’re “broken” and whether or not you can still have sex

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This is random but I recently got on tinder and I've matched with MANY asian guys as a black female. Idk, I definitely think the entire idea of asian guys not being "attracted" to black girls (or any race not liking another) is huge B.S. Once again, we are our own problems. We insist that they don't like us and they think we don't like them. I think its just best to be open minded and not let race stop you for going for it.

I could be totally wrong and I don’t mean to offend, but most people say Tinder is just for hooking up.

I’m sure there may be great guys there who have good intentions, but lets be honest….

how many of them just want to fuck a black chick? (pardon my language) 

Be careful on that app just like on all dating sites.

In the words of the wonderful blackgirlcrisis

“Don’t be a bucket list Black girl" 

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How do you feel about sites such as Christian mingle? For some reason it doesn't sit well with me, I feel like it's exploiting the religion for financial gain.

That’s a good question. I’m not sure. I think, as they claim, God can use a tool like that to find you your mate. But I think there are some people that want a spouse so bad that they’ll use internet dating sites to hook up with someone equally as desperate. I think it’s dangerous to move too fast when it comes to finding a husband or wife, and people on the internet are good at showing only their good sides. 

It’s hard to see what someone is like “for real” when from the start they are trying to impress you. That danger fades over time as you get to know someone in a context other than dating. 

I found my wife at 12 years old over a game of connect four. We were friends for years before we started dating. We were 100% sure that we knew each other before we started getting “serious.”

I also know someone who found a great guy on a dating site like that. Her and her son were under threats from their unbelieving family in indonesia, and she had to find a spouse in the States or get sent back to her country and risk losing her son. She quickly found a Christian guy and they are happy together. 

God’s got a different plan for everybody. I think it’s important to be aware of the dangers of making big decisions in a short period of time. Trust that God’s got the best thing in mind for you. Regardless of whether you find your spouse at 12, 32, 52 or not in this lifetime, He’s got good things in store for you.


i know this is kinda old but i thought this video was funny but also incredibly insightful of the type of guys that roam on dating sites.