do not date guys that can’t compliment your lifestyle. 

If your like me prefer the finer things in life, vacations, splurging whenever I feel and anything fabulous. Why date a guy who is the complete opposite? Someone who would make you feel guilty about the way you live or even try to change you completely? Don’t get me wrong opposites do attract but does it last? How much are you willing to put up with, is something you should ask yourself. Are you wiling to give up and change what makes you happy to make someone else happy….

Dating Sites

I think people’s dating profiles should have a link to their tumblr page. You’d discover so much more about them that way, alleviating a lot of that first date awkwardness. “Oh, I see you’re into being tied up, spanked and bitten? What a coincidence. Me too! Let’s do it together!”


don’t pay for shit (dates,vacation,gifts etc) unless you want to, & even if you do.. don’t. 

unless you plan on making him your boyfriend and i don’t mean he’s your boyfriend and he’s single, then there is no reason why you should be paying for anything. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it doesn’t take away from you independence and it doesn’t make you a bum bitch neither. 

Okay, happy rant-y screaming time

So for Pride Month I decided to join a couple dating sites??? I got on OkCupid, HER, and Tinder (I know, I know, but I wanted a ~diverse group~ and I live in suburbia, how many girls who like girls can I really find there?) and I chatted with various people

But this one girl, peeps. THIS ONE GIRL.

I met her on HER. She’s a history major (like me!) and she loves cats (like me!) and Harry Potter (LIKE ME!) and we’ve been texting and Snapchatting pretty much non-stop for about 3 weeks

And tonight she asked me out on a date





And I’m kinda screaming bc I really like her???? Like, I just kinda clicked with her????????? And it sounds really cheesy but I’ve never felt this towards anyone before and OH MY GOD IM GOING ON A DATE WITH HER ON SATURDAY


UPDATES (haha that’s funny)




He lulled me in to a false sense of security by not immediately acting like a dickhead and then ruined it almost immediately by acting like a dickhead
‘I don’t understand why you won’t accept my shit attempt at flirting when you said you just want friends’
Cool m8 you don’t need to. I don’t need your shit attempt at flirting to get by in life.

anonymous asked:

any advice on ace/aro "dating" apps? or other ways to connect with people in the community?

Hello anon!

Well, I personally have no experience with any dating apps or websites, but www.asexuality.org has a list of pages they recommend. You can find it here: http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/32900-dating-sites/

I haven’t tried any of those myself (yet), so unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about them, but as they are recommended by asexuality.org, I assume they’re trustworthy sites.

There’s also ACEapp, which you can download from Google Play for android phones. It seems to be a social network dedicated to connecting ace-spec people. I haven’t tried it either, but it looks very interesting. It also seems to be pretty new, so maybe that’s why it’s not on the list by asexuality.org.

Unfortunately I can’t find any dating apps specifically for aromantic people. There’s an aromantic group chat, though; you can find more about it here: https://tasteoface.tumblr.com/post/164562288108/aromantic-group-chat

And in real life; maybe there are LGBTQ+ bars in your town, or societies at your uni/college/school?

I’m not really the best person to ask, though, because I’m not out to anyone and there isn’t really any LGBTQ+ awareness in the small city where I live. Therefore I don’t have any sort of contact with anyone in the community, unfortunately- apart from tumblr.

Hope that helps!


Gross gross gross gross grooooosssss. The part where when tries to explain femininity to me from the point of view of a man got me 😂

Tldr; fat women aren’t feminine.
What male bullshit is this 😂 I’m here for u gurls, I don’t let this slide 😘

anonymous asked:

If the la squadra-members had online dating profiles, how would they look, on where would they be and what would be something they would do a lot? Would anyone of them be one of those awkward beings who send nudes without any warning?

Okay, I tried my best. But this was a fun prompt! Very creative ask, anon.

Risotto has a fourteen-year-old Vampire Freaks profile. His profile picture is a ¾ shot of him looking down, light shining down on him so you can’t tell what his eyes look like. He still goes on it to check on old friends, and see the new kids. The kids disappoint him with their likes and looks more and more as the years go by. He can’t really bring himself to make a new dating profile. He would be current on his kinky dating sites; he does enjoy one night stands with someone that can handle the rough type of sex he delivers. He tends to frequent certain bars to meet dates.

Formaggio is on Tinder, sends nudes when prompted or drunk. And he’s drunk every night. His profile is a casual looking happy picture that he looks handsome in. He will frequent the app when he is done early with a hit or just bored. He loves meeting where they are, so he comes off as concerned, and his main goal is a good time. He will eat all your food and split before you wake up. 

Pesci would be on eHarmony, as soon as they lift that religion ban. His profile is a cropped picture of him when he was with Prosciutto. Sometime he does constantly is get too clingy too fast. He doesn’t see it as clingy, he sees it as protective. It doesn’t translate as that. 

Prosciutto will frequent sugar baby sites. He has a lovely profile picture that looks professionally done, but was made with two snap chat filters. He enjoys having a few dates, and no matter if it goes somewhere or not when he gets bored or too busy he pays them to leave him alone afterwards.

Melone updates his profile pictures with every new glamorous shot he takes. Sometimes includes friends in the picture. He had an Ashley Madison account, saying he was liberating all the lonely people in the world. He currently keeps a Tinder and an OK Cupid account. He will send nudes when prompted and try to get nudes from everyone. He loves trying to give dates a really nice time, but when it doesn’t work out or he gets bored he will slip out the back door.

Ghiaccio skips all the dating profiles. He goes to the local dive and complains about how the 2007 Merlot tastes like a 2008 all night. Sometimes this actually attracts women to him. 

Illuso is on multiple sites, but only updates on singlesmeet. He’s on multiple sites so he can find out all about his dates before the meet. His profile is a very sexy face forward shot, and he gets any compliments on his bone structure and eyes. He loves doing “magic” tricks on a first date. If his date doesn’t like it he knows they won’t last, so he fucks and runs.