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You're working on a bill dating sim?????? :)))))

haah yeah •ω•  it’s one of the many things i have in the works atm but i actually do have a small demo for it!! warning though it is VERY rough and there’s gonna be MAJOR changes to it, but this basically gives you the solid idea of what’s gonna happen in the story  (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Here’s the link to the description of the demo and the demo itself!

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Hiiiii I love your art it is beautiful! Could you take a request of teacher!kuailiang or teacher!kenshi?

EDIT: lol i forgot to add his scar c’: …shame on me


have you ever spoken to someone so good you wanted to cry

[Outgoing call: Day 5, Yoosung route, after 21:45 chat, “The people who make games.”]


I’ve been thinking about a dating sim game that I’ve been wanting to make!

Ciel is a princess, and she decides to go out on an adventure to see the world after having to stay in her kingdom for her entire life.

Florien has been Ciel’s bodyguard ever since they were both little (tradition has the royalty grow up with their bodyguard so they’re assuredly loyal), and although worried about her decision, supports the princess.

Anton is Florien’s older brother and captain of the royal knights. He is ordered to keep Ciel safe on her journey, but takes this as a personal quest to persuade Ciel to go back to living in the castle in safety.

Who are you interested in? (*´▽`*)

–> “ Yes, you have something on your face…. it’s pretty gross.”
–> “ Nope!! I’m just admiring the view! ” 
–> You say nothing and look to the artist for answers, but she has none to give. All you can do now is keep scrolling and pretend this never happened. 

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Dating sim ask: you are the cute, shy bookworm that turns out to be a freak in the sheets.

o_o’ Is this an ero game?

But okay. I mean, half of it is canon to me, and you have to write the shy ones as secretly having a freaky side, right?

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If AtLA had been a visual novel game with multiple endings (like the Fate series), and each story path got its own animated adaption, I think that would have been wonderful because both Bryke and Ehasz could have gotten what they wanted. And the fans would have gotten what they wanted, too. It would have been a win for everybody. *Sighs* Too bad this is never gonna happen. :(

I wanna play an Avatar visual novel dating sim with anime scenes, LOL! It would be a win for everybody! Y’know that kind of reminds me…

Aang has his fans.

Sokka is popular with the ladies.

Katara has her reverse-harem.

Zuko has his fangirls.

But Toph gets no love. She is forever alone. :-(

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*pulls out camera* I stalk you guys

((OOC: Relooking at my answer I realized how bad it is… The art progressively gets lazier, but I did a long time on it. Why not you know? I really should try to draw different poses and perspective instead of the head up shot. Hopefully one person will like it.))))

So how about that dating sim trailer

-Mod Choro

i should retire from tumblr dude. like, i made a text post about a song i thought would be neat and a musician actually made it and its great. I made a joke about being a captain of a ship and am now in charge of a giant roleplay. i made a passing comment about a neat game and now it actually happening with composers, programmers, writers, and artists. We already have the title screen, sketches for several of the portraits, the entire script for day one (which is 11 pages of dialogue) and artists working on every needed picture.



I’m taking part in the fan made game “Undertale Dating Sim”, and I’m so excited at how everything is coming together! We’re planning on having a demo out by may 1st, so get ready to loose your hearts to this sweetpea bros.