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Watch: A young Jon Hamm on ‘90s dating show 'The Big Date' 

what happened in The School for Good and Evil
  • Announcer:welcome to Finding your Happy Ending! For today's show we invited the lovely Sophie and her dashing suitors...
  • Sophie:*makes humming sound while tapping her lower lip*
  • Sophie:well...
  • Tedros:*clears throat and halfway between uncomfortable and flattered*
  • Rafal:*flashes sexy smirk and nonchalantly flexes his muscles*
  • Hort:*just so honored to be here that that only thing he can is to prevent himself from hyperventilating*
  • Aric:*overdid the smile and ends up just looking like a serial killer*
  • Sophie:i'm not so sure if-
  • Sophie:*sees Agatha*
  • Agatha:
  • Sophie:
  • Agatha:i honestly have no idea
  • Sophie:
  • Sophie:
  • Sophie:never mind i choose myself
  • Hort:but how can you -
  • Sophie:i'm me

Watch a young Jon Hamm get rejected on a dating show

It may seem that Jon Hamm is ageless, but the man who plays the iconic and hardened Don Draper was, in fact, at one point a young and goofy 25-year-old with floppy hair. Skip to around 3:18 to see Hamm give his pitch.

Their approach could have been more subtle than “I like that shirt! That shirt looks good on you! If a date goes sour, we should hang out, because I like you!”

The 6 Most Pathetic Dating Show Contestants of All Time

#5. Rachel, Brittany, Lindsay – Making Mr. Right

For a dating show, the idea behind Making Mr. Right is needlessly complicated. Typically, all you have to do is stick a person in a room with 25 contestants who all want to bone that person and hope that the contestants end up calling each other “bitches” enough for ratings to stay high. In Making Mr. Right, we have three women who pose as matchmakers in order to evaluate the male contestants’ behavior on dates, only to reveal, eight weeks later, that it was all a lie and that the matchmakers are actually the ones looking to find love. It’s a masterful plan, Goldfinger, one that is completely undone by the beginning of the second fucking episode.

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Jared Cotter - You Rock, Let’s Roll Music Video (by FuseOnDemand

Darren on a Dating Show. Short half a second clip of him at 0:33. For more info click here.