dating secrets of the highly sarcastic

An Oliver Queen Smut

Summary: You’re Oliver’s date to a party after reluctantly giving in to his pleading- when the celebrations dissipate upon the arrival of some highly trained assassins Oliver is forced to choose between revealing his secret to the world or saving you. What will he do?

Warnings: angst, action, smut, sarcastic fluff 

A/N: This is the Oliver Queen from Smallville, but there’s no one stopping you from viewing it as Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen from Arrow. It’s your life, I’m just writing me a fantasy ;) Also I finished writing this at 5:30 in the morning and I edited it right after so I apologize if anything is incoherent. (it’s 5:47 in the morning…why do I do this to myself…) 

Enjoy the fic!

“No.” You bustled around the Dailey Planet building, curious where Clark and Lois were while on their honeymoon.

“Please.” Oliver followed you.

“Damn it, Ollie.” You cursed as he cut you off.

C’mon, (Y/N).” He pouted his lips and raised his eyebrows, flashing you his best puppy dog eyes.

“What’s in it for me?” You crossed your arms. “And don’t say-”

“A night out with me,” Oliver smirked and winked before you rolled your eyes and pushed passed him. He followed. “Okay, okay, okay! I just want to treat my best friend to a night out and it’s a “save the environment” themed party.”

“Ah, so you want me for the small talk, hmm?” You raised an eyebrow at him as you sat a stack of papers down on your editor’s desk. “Fine, I’ll help you. But-”

“I already have a dress picked out for you.” An eye crinkling grin grew on his lips and he nearly jumped with joy. “Thank you, (Y/N)!”

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