dating ritual

The (m) INTP and INTJ Realtionship

-Instead of having arguments, we have discussions where both sides are willing to hear and listen the others argument, sometimes we are even willing to change our opinion. 

-Dates include ritual habits like going to the same place, ordering the same thing. 

-Watching the same netflix show over and over are staples to filling comfortable silences. 

-Completely comfortable being our weird selves–including making weird sounds and all.

-Conversations about warcraft, politics, pokemon, dogs, which actor is on tv, physics, chemistry, math, philosophy can happen all in 15 min.

-Wake each other up when there is a rare pokemon spawning by the house. 

-Issues with emotional and physical contact are not an issue for either. 

-Both have a high interest in learning new things, when ever one brings it up, the other agrees and it happens.

-Laying in bed all day is always going to outweigh any romantic thing either one could do for the other. 

-Sassy, punny, and sarcastic comments are a million times more interesting than with any other type. 

-All things romantic are unconventional.
Give Me A Signal - redeyedwrath
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/2
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, dating app, Witches, Additional Warnings Apply

“The profile is succinct - Derek, Age: 23, Pronouns: he/him, Sexuality: bisexual - and he starts to go back when he realizes what he read. Sexuality: bisexual. Derek Hale is bi. Derek is into men.”

In which there are dating apps, witches, attempted ritual sacrifices, and a whole lot of protectiveness

“Dear Unicorn Diary,

Miss Grant’s visit to my office today resulted in one urgent, pressing question.


Cat is known for being decisive, clear, driven and articulate.  I fancy myself fluent in her… nuances.  But “vague Cat” escapes me.  We are to attend an event, presumably art related at something called “the BFA”

Note:  Research possible meanings of said acronym.  

As we are taking her car and she has made all the arrangements, this is a date, right?


However, we are leaving directly from work, negating any opportunity to indulge in all typical pre-date rituals.  Therefore… not a date.  


She was so firm.  And so unclear.  Will dinner be involved?  If yes… date… if no… Not a date.  Dinner was not mentioned.  So, not a date.


Not all dates include dinner.  She is taking me to an art show.  Something geared to my particular interests, not hers.  Ergo… date.


Is this a cleavage event?  Or a non-cleavage event?  The date, or non-date-ness of the evening is vital in this decision.

Note:  Borrow garment with modest cleavage from Alex.

Should I buy her flowers?

I shall assume this is not a date until solid evidence proves it otherwise.

Further panic is required.


Richonne Translations: “Internment”

This one is pretty one-sided, though, as Michonne is oblivious.

Rick [takes a quick rinse as a dating ritual before approaching Michonne]: Need any help with that?             

Translation: I’m glad you’re sticking around for a bit, cause I missed you and I want to spend some time with you. Can’t exactly ask you out for a drink or a movie or take a walk in a park, such as things are, so the only quality time we can really have is work.  So can I work with you?

Michonne [ridiculously unaware, but gives a winning smile]: Nah, do your thing.

Edit: I think it’s also possible Michonne thought that since she had been so incredibly MIA, that she wanted to prove pulling her own weight (by literally dragging walker bodies).  Still, she was unaware he was trying to hit her up, though.

Rick:  :-(                                                                                             

Translation: My pride isn’t hurt, but my feelings are.  I thought she was into me…

I think this is why there was such a delay on Richonne.  Rick had put out feelers, feelers that Michonne wasn’t aware of (it does happen), and he took that as disinterest.  It’s clear she cares about him and his kids, but he wanted her to care about him in that way, and assumed she didn’t.  Oh, sweet, miscommunication…you devil, you.


Joan Rivers, comedienne, actress, jewelry monger, and an award-winning international star (she can sneer in eight different languages) lives by the golden rule: Do unto others before they do unto you—and for God’s sakes, do it funny! Her career in comedy may have begun with self-loathing, but, after looking at the decrepitude around her, she figured, “Why stop here when there are so many other things to hate?” With all of her experiences, Joan has looked down at, turned away from, and thrown up over a lot of hateful things, deplorable places, and despicable people. Thank God she took notes.

Here—uncensored and uninhibited—Joan says exactly what’s on her mind…And HER mind is a terrible thing to waste. She proudly kicks the crap out of ugly children, dating rituals, funerals, and lousy restaurants. She nails First Ladies, closet cases, and hypocrites to the wall. She shows no mercy towards doctors and feminists, and even goes after Anne Frank and Stephen Hawking. Joan lets everyone—including herself—have it in this one hundred percent honest and unabashedly hilarious love letter to the hater in all of us.

This is absolute Joan Rivers. You gotta love her. Even if she hates you.


Xochitecatl, Tlaxcala

Xochitecatl [ʃot͡ʃiˈtekat͡ɬ] is a pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the Mexican State of Tlaxcala, 18 km southwest of Tlaxcala city. The major architecture dates to the Middle Preclassic Period(1000–400 BC) but occupation continued, with one major interruption, until the Late Classic, when the site was abandoned, although there is evidence of ritual activity dating to the Postclassic and Colonial Periods. The ruins cover an area of 12 hectares on top of a volcanic dome.

Xochitecatl, unlike other contemporary sites, appears to have been a purely ceremonial centre for a population dispersed through the surrounding countryside rather than the centre of an urban area.