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I keep seeing these posts about how sad or upsetting it is to see CHILDREN who identify as ace. So this is a friendly reminder to all my ace minors who may need to hear it today.

1. You are NOT sad, and no one has a right to be upset by your identity.
2. You do not need to explain, to an adult person or anyone else, what you consider sexual attraction, or why you think you are not experiencing it. No one has the right to ask you to question your own identity.
3. You do not need to listen to anyone trying to convince you you are probably more gay or more straight, or anyone trying to change the way you identify in any other way.
4. Asexuality is not about whether you have had or are having sex. If you self-identify as asexual, that is not you sexualizing yourself, and you are not harming yourself by taking on a label that MIGHT change in the future. and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. 
5. You are not required to keep an open mind that your orientation may change. It MIGHT change, and if it does, i hope you can welcome and enjoy whatever you are feeling when it arrives. But you aren’t required to participate in the rituals of dating, crushes, or experimenting just to prove that it’s really NOT what you want. 

I am a firm believer in self-exploration, and obtaining self-knowledge through questioning what we know about ourselves, and the world. But the way ace kids are constantly expected to provide answers for how we are the way we are, and what it means, and how we’re really really open to being something else, is just disgusting. It does more to turn kids AWAY from relabeling or reexamining themselves.

If you’re a minor, and you ID as ace, then you’re ace. You’re not broken, or alone, you’re not wrong, and you don’t need to answer for it.

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What are the old Norse/Germanic holidays and when do they fall???Btw beautiful blog.

Here is a simplified wheel of the year.

And here is some more in-depth information from The Asatru Alliance


  • Snowmoon 3,

Charming of the Plow: This is the date of an agricultural ritual performed in Northern Europe from ancient times. Grains and cakes were offered for the soil’s fertility, and the Sky Father and Earth Mother were invoked to that end. Meditate upon your dependence on the soil, and crumble upon the earth a piece of bread as you call upon Odin, Frigga and the Land Spirits to heal the Earth and keep it from harm.

  • Snowmoon 9,

Day of Remembrance for Raud the Strong: Raud was a landowner in Norway who was put to death by (St.) Olaf Tryggvason for his loyalty to Asatru by having a snake forced down his throat. Rauds lands were then confiscated in the name of the king and his monks. Raise a horn in honor of Raud and all of his kinsmen who gave their lives, rather then submit to the enforced love of the kristjan empire.

  • Snowmoon 14,

Thorrablot: This holiday began the Old Norse month of Snorri. It is still observed in Iceland with parties and a mid-winter feast. It is of course sacred to Thorr and the ancient Icelandic Winter Spirit of Thorri. On this day we should perform blot to Thorr and invite the mighty Asaman to the feast.

Horning / February

  • Horning 2,

Barri: This is the day we celebrate the wooing by Ingvi Freyr of the maiden Gerd, a symbolic marriage of the Vanir God of Fertility with the Mother Earth. It is a festival of fertility, the planted seed and the plowed furrow. For those of you who garden, this is the time to plant seeds indoors, to later be transplanted in the summer garden.

  • Horning 9,

Day of Remembrance for Eyvind Kinnrifi: Olaf tortured him to death by placing a bowl of red-hot embers on his stomach until his body burst open. Eyvind’s crime was a steadfast loyalty to the Old Gods. A good day to reflect on kristjan kindness.

  • Horning 14,

Feast of Vali: This feast originally celebrated the death of Hothr at the hands of Vali. This late winter festival relates to the triumphant return of the light of the sun over the dark days of winter. Today it is traditional celebration of the family. A time for the customary exchange of cards and gifts with loved ones. It is also a time for the renewal of marriage vows and an occasion for marriages.

Lenting / March

  • Lenting 9,

Day of Remembrance for Oliver the Martyr: He was an adherent of Asatru who persisted in organizing underground sacrifices to the Gods and Goddesses despite decrees by St Olaf the Lawbreaker forbidding such activities. Betrayed by an informer, he was killed by Olaf’s men while preparing for the Spring sacrifice in the village of Maerin Norway. Many other men whose names are lost to us were also killed, mutilated, or exiled for taking part in such sacrifices.

  • Lenting 20,

High Feast of Ostara: This is the Spring Equinox. The end of Winter and the beginning of the season of rebirth. Today we honor Frigga, Freya and Nerthus with blot and feast. Pour a libation of mead onto the Earth; celebrate the rebirth of nature, Asatru, and the new hopes of our Folk.

  • Lenting 28,

Ragnar Lodbrok Day: Ragnar was one of the legends most famous Vikings. On this day in Runic Year 1145 he raided Paris. It just happened to be Easter Sunday. Today toast Ragnar and read from his Saga.

Ostara / April

  • Ostara 9,

Day of Remembrance for Jarl Hakon of Norway: As ruler of the western part of the realm, Hakon restored the worship of the Old Gods and cast out the alien religion. In the process, the common folk regained political liberties which were erased under the kristjan yoke, and the flame of our Troth burned brighter in an era of gathering gloom. It may be that Hakon’s defense of our ancestral ways helped encourage the survival of our traditions in Iceland, where they eventually became the seeds of modern day Asatru. On this day reflect on how the actions of the individual can impact world events and the future of Odinn’s Nation.

  • Ostara 15,

Sigrblot/Sumarsdag: Today we celebrate the first day of Summer in the Old Icelandic calendar. In Iceland it had strong agricultural overtones, but elsewhere in the Nordic world, it was a time to sacrifice to Odinn for victory in the summer voyages and battles.

  • Ostara 22,

Yggdrasil Day: On this day we realize the great significance that the World Tree plays in our culture, heritage, and native spirituality. It is from the World Tree that we came, and it shelters and nurtures the Asatru today, and will offer refuge to the Folk come Ragnarok. Trees are the lungs as well as the soul of Midgard. Plant a tree today, nurture it, and protect it. In this act the Folk must abide.

  • Ostara 30,

Walburg: this is better known as Walpurgisnacht or May Eve. Walberg is a goddess of our folk combining some of the traits of Her better-known peers. Reflect on this day on Freya, Hel, and Frigga as the repository of the glorious dead, and you will have an idea of Wulburg’s nature. On this day pour a horn of mead upon the earth in memory of our heroes.

Merrymoon / May

  • Merrymoon 1,

May Day: The first of May is a time of great celebration all across Europe, as the fields get greener and the flowers decorate the landscape with colorful confusion. Freya turns her kindly face to us after the night of Walburg. Celebrate the birth of Spring and the gifts of Freya on this day.

  • Merrymoon 9,

Day of Remembrance for Guthroth: One of the upland minor kings. Guthroth had to the audacity to make a speech opposing the policies of Olaf Tryggvason, who at the time was busy killing people who did not want to become kristjans. For exercising his Gods given rights to worship his tribal Gods, Guthroth was captured and his tongue was cut out. Use your tongue for the Gods today! Sing their praises and recite some heroic poetry, tell someone of the Gods glory, and call a kinsman to keep in touch.

  • Merrymoon 20,

Frigga Blot: Today we rejoice in the warmth and splendor of Spring. A traditional time for a Kindred campout, perform blot to honor the AllMother and thank Her for the health and vitality of the Family, Kindred and Tribe.

Midyear / June

  • Midyear 8,

Lindisfarne Day: On this day in the year 1043 Runic Era (793 CE) three Viking ships raided the Isle of Lindisfarne, officially opening what is the Viking Age. Toast these brave warriors who began the noble resistance of the alien invasion of the Northlands and sought rightful revenge for the slaughter of the Saxons by Charlamange.

  • Midyear 9,

Day of Remembrance for Sigurd the Volsung: He is the model Germanic hero. His wooing of the Valkyrie Brynhild, the winning of the treasure of the Nibelungs, and the constant theme of Odinic initiation that weaves itself throughout his story are priceless parts of our Asatru heritage, that provide endless material for contemplation and inspiration for action.

  • Midyear 21,

Midsummer: This is the longest day and the shortest night of the year: Now Sunna begins its ling decline, sliding into the darkness which will culminate six months from now at Yule. Identifying the sun with the brightness of Baldur, we celebrate in honor of both. Hold blot to Baldur and High Feast. This was the traditional time for holding the AlThing in ancient times.

Haymoon / July

  • Haymoon 4,

Founder’s Day: On this day we honor the unselfish personal sacrifice and unswerving dedication to our Folk exemplified by the founders of modern era Asatru, H. Rud Mills of Australia, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson and Thorsteinn Guthjonson of Iceland. On this day reflect on just what YOU can do to promote the growth of our ancestral religion and protect our sacred heritage and traditions.

  • Haymoon 9,

Day of Remembrance for Unn the Deep Minded: Unn was a powerful figure from the Laxdaela Saga who emigrated to Scotland to avoid the hostility of King Harald Finehair. She established dynasties in the Orkney and Faroe Islands by carefully marrying off her grand daughters. As a settler in Iceland she continued to exhibit all those traits which were her hallmark-strong will, a determination to control, dignity, and a noble character. In the last days of her life, she established a mighty line choosing one of her grandsons as her heir. She died during his wedding celebration, presumable accomplishing her goals and worked out her orlog here in Midgard. She received a typical Nordic ship burial, surrounded by her treasure and her reputation for great deeds.

  • Haymoon 29,

Stikklestad Day: Olaf the Lawbreaker (“St. Olaf”) was killed at the battle of Stikklestad on this date in the year 1280 R.E. Olaf acquired a reputation for killing, maiming, and exiling his fellow Norwegians who would not convert to Christianity, and for carrying an army with him in violation of the law to help him accomplish his oppression. Today honor the Asatru martyrs who died rather then submit to gray slavery. Also honor the warriors who brought justice to the Lawbreaker.

Harvest / August

  • Harvest 9,

Day of Remembrance for Radbod: On this date we honor Radbod a king of Frisia what was an early target kristjan missionaries. Just before his baptism ceremony, he asked the clergy what fate his befallen ancestors who died loyal to Asatru. The missionaries replied that Radbod’s Heathen ancestors were burning in Hell-to which the king replied: “Then I will rather live there with my ancestors than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars.” The baptism was cancelled, the aliens expelled, and Frisia remained free. Drink a horn this day in memory of Radbod.

  • Harvest 19,

Freyfaxi: Freyfaxi marked the time of the harvest in ancient Iceland. Today the Asatru observe this date as a celebration of their harvest with blot to Freyr and a grand Feast from the gardens and the fields.

Shedding / September

  • Shedding 9,

Day of Remembrance for Herman of the Cherusci: Few mortals have privileged to serve our Folk as did Herman, a leader of the tribe called the Cherusci. We he defeated Varus’ three Roman Legions in 9 C.E. he blocked our amalgamation into the Mediterranean morass. Herman was very aware of his duties not only as a member of his tribe but also as an Asaman - indeed the two were probably inseparable with him. Shedding is the ideal time to give him praise, because the crucial battle for which he is remembered was fought during this month.

  • Shedding 23,

Winter Finding: The Fall Equinox; Summer and Winter balance for a moment and the cold, old man wins - for now. Brace yourself for longer nights and the onset, eventually, of the cold and darkness of Winter. Do blot to Odin for inspiration to get through your personal lean times, whenever they may strike. This is the traditional time for Fall Fest and the Second Harvest Feast.

Hunting / October

  • Hunting 8,

Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red: Praise the stalwart founder of Greenland, and father of Leif, the founder of Vinland. Erik remained loyal to Thor even when his wife left the Gods and refused to sleep with her Heathen husband. Pause in memory of Erik today; drink a toast to his honor. No doubt he gets enough warmth in Har’s Hall to make up for his wife’s coldness.

  • Hunting 9,

Day of Remembrance for Leif Erikson: this is a day that even the U.S. Government admits who should dedicate to the man who beat Columbus to the shores of Vinland by over 500 years. Don’t let it slide quietly - write your local newspapers and share the word of the Norse colonies with neighbors and friends.

  • Hunting 14,

Winter Nights/Vetrablot: In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Satyrday between Hunting 11th and 17th. Winter Nights celebrates the bounty of the harvest and honors Freya and the fertility and protective spirits called Disir, that She leads (often the Disir are seen as our female ancestors). Give glory to Freya and pour a libation of ale, milk, or mead into the soil an offering to the Disir and the Earth itself.

Fogmoon / November

Fogmoon 9,

Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden: When Olaf the Lawbreaker had been king of Norway for three years, he asked Queen Sigrith of Sweden to marry him. She agreed, but when he insisted that she give up her ancestral Gods Sigrith replied, “I do not mean to abandon the faith I have led, and my kinsmen before me. Nor shall I object to your belief in the god you prefer.” As usual Heathen tolerance was met with kristjan imprecations and a blow to the face. The wedding was off - depriving Olaf of political power that could have sped the christianization of Scandinavia. As it were, history tells us that the Heathens held on for over 300 more years in the Northlands. Hail Sigrith, defender of Asatru, and women of stubborn virtue!

  • Fogmoon 11,

Feast of the Einherjar: The chosen heroes who sit in Odin’s Hall are the Einherjar. Today we honor those dead kin who gave their lives for Family and Folk. If you have friends or family who died in battle, visit their graves today, if that is not possible, drink a libation in their memory.

  • Fogmoon 23,

Feast of Ullr: The Feast of Ullr is to celebrate the Hunt and to gain personal luck needed for success. Weapons are dedicated on this day to Ullr, God of the Bow. If your hunting arms were blessed by the luck of the God of the Hunt, your family and tribe shared the bounty with a Blot and Feast to Ullr.

Yule / December

  • Yule 9,

Day of Remembrance for Egil Skallagrimsson: Odin was his God, and the blood of berserks and shape-shifters ran in his family. His lust for gold and for fames was insatiable. Yet the same man was passionately moved by the love of his friends and generously opened handed to those who found his favor. The same brain that seethed with war-fury also composed skaldic poetry capable of calming angry kings. Can it be by accident that Egil worshipped Odin, the great solver of paradoxes and riddles? Indeed all Asafolk - but especially those who follow the one-eyed God of battle and magic - can learn much from the life of this amazing man.

  • Yule 21,

Mother Night: As the night before the Winter Solstice, this is the time when the New Year is born. We honor the beginning of Sunnas return and the breaking of Winter’s spell. This is a time to honor Thor and Freyr, celebrate by Blot, Sumbel, and High Feast. Burn a Yule Log and jump the flames for luck and purification.

  • Yule 22,

High Feast of Yule - Beginning of Runic Year - Sacred to Thorr and Freyr

  • Yule 31,

Twelfth Night: This culminates the traditional twelve days of Yule. Each day of which is a month of the preceding year in miniature. Reflect on the past year. Take stock and lay a course for the future. Make New Years resolutions in the old way by swearing your oath on Freyr’s boar or on your Hammer.

I am here for autistic lesbians.

for the autistic lesbians who constantly feel neglected and invalidated by mental health professionals who dismiss their symptoms because they don’t fit the narrow image of a nonverbal white boy. 

here for nonwhite autistic lesbians, here for the ones who always felt confused by gender stereotypes and had sensory issues with cosmetics and tight clothes. 

for the autistic lesbians who get their sexualities invalidated in a condescending manner, who are constantly infantilized and not seen as being in charge of their life and sexual orientation.

for autistic lesbians who self-diagnose, for those who in addition to homophobia and the journey to recognize one’s identity have a difficult time talking to other women and understand the dating rituals. here for those who never had girlfriends.

for nonverbal lesbians, for those who struggle with speech and use scripting, for autistic lesbians who have trouble with sarcasm and interpret everything literally.

your experiences and sexuality are valid, you look wonderful while stimming and you are worthy of love and respect.

Easter traditions in Germany are similar to those in other Christian countries, from the religious commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Easter bunny. They include: 

Das Osterfeuer. Many Germans, especially in the North, gather around large bonfires on the eve of Easter Sunday. The wood of old Christmas trees and garden debris from the long winter is used for this occasion and collected in one place to be lit. This tradition actually is an old Pagan ritual dating back to before Christ to symbolize the coming of spring, driving out the evil spirits of winter, etc. Back then it was believed that any home or field shone upon by the light of the fire would be protected from sickness and misfortune.

Der Osterhase. The concept of the Easter bunny is believed to have originated in Germany. The first known account of it is found in the 1684 notes of a Heidelberg professor of medicine, where he discusses the ill effects of eating too many Easter eggs. German and Dutch settlers brought the tradition with them to other parts of the world. 

Der Osterfuchs and others. In some parts of Germany, children wait for the Osterfuchs instead of the bunny. They’ll hunt for his yellow eggs on Easter morning which are dyed with onion skins. Other Easter egg deliverers include roosters (Saxony), storks (Thuringia), and chicks. In the past few decades they have become less popular as the bunny has taken over most of the country. 

Der Osterbaum. Beautifully painted Easter eggs are hung on tree branches in a vase in the house or on a tree in the garden. 

Das Osterlamm. There are cakes in the shape of a lamb. Some families might eat actual lamb as well, even though this is not a popular meat in Germany.

Das Osterrad. This custom is practiced in some regions of Northern Germany. Hay is stuffed into a large wooden wheel, then lighted and rolled down a hill at nighttime. A long wooden pole pulled through the wheel’s axle helps it keep its balance. If the wheel reaches all the way to the bottom intact, a good harvest is predicted. The city of Lügde in the Weserbergland prides itself as being the Osterradstadt, since it has followed this tradition yearly for over a 1000 years.

Die Osterspiele. Rolling eggs down a hill and the traditional egg hunts for kids are German customs.

Der Ostermarkt. Similar to Germany’s Weihnachtsmärkte for Christmas, there also are some Ostermärkte with special foods, artisian eggs, and other decor.

i actually reopened my old ao3 account to post this mcr (actually just frank and gerard) x night vale crossover… if you happen to read my old stuff on there please be aware that i have changed a lot since i wrote that and it doesn’t represent me anymore. if you read this fic you’re more than welcome to hit me up with some #reviews. (and sorry i’m not as good as the original podcast)

Third Date Rituals or A Vague Sense Of Dread

a welcome to night vale episode narrated by gerard talking about the third date with almost-boyfriend frank. a number of strange events happen (of course). italy is not real.

(2.3k words, no warnings i think, hmu if you want me to tag something though)

boyfriend minhyuk

A/N: i honestly am depending on these posts to keep me alive while school destroys me!!! but do not worry life is good!!! i love monsta x!!! masterlist!!!

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  • oh man oh boy i love minhyuk let’s just get started shall we???
  • i keep getting distracted by the gif he is So CuTe is my minhyuk bias showing yet
  • smiles for days
  • honestly he’ll spend most of his time just staring at you and smiling and when you ask hime what he’s so happy about he’ll just answer “you” and scrunch up his face and giggle
  • but if you do the same to him oh man someone send that boy strength his heart will be fluttering so hard 
  • definitely has butterflies in his stomach most of the time from you and tells you about it because who doesn’t love being excited by someone???
  • i can see him applauding whenever you do anything like if you do the dishes well he is standing there applauding what a weirdo it’s not like i do the same thing or anything
  • lots and lots and lots of giggling
  • this boy is such a beam of excitement and he will always share it with you
  • okay but being woken up by minhyuk in the morning is actually heaven
  • please watch the video of him waking up jooheon if you havent seen it before and if you have just watch it again and cry because it is so important to me
  • highkey will play hide and seek with you underneath the blankets he is such a child omo
  • will also play hide and seek with you everywhere
  • he loves chasing you and both of you laughing until he corners you and stretches his long limbs and you’re trapped and he gets this evil grin on his face because he knows you have nowhere to go but that you will attempt some crazy maneuver to escape and when he catches you he’ll just say something cheesy until you fall apart giggling and he kisses you
  • speaking of kisses he’s the type to pucker his lips whenever he wants a kiss 
  • the greasiest boy ever
  • so much grease
  • please save yourself
  • also lots of jokes??? good and bad that boy really wants to see you smile
  • singing under his breath lots
  • please praise his singing always okay like he is so talented and hardworking please make sure he knows this and that you are proud of him
  • whenver you talk to him about serious things or compliment him from your heart he’ll get silent and take in how wonderful it feels
  • squeaks/screams all the time so many high pitched noises he is so cute
  • okay so he is a huge fan of pda
  • anyone else remember that episode of deokspatch when the members complained because he was so touchy feely because i cant forget that episode it changed my life
  • seriously he just loves feeling you with him
  • it brings him so much life and comfort because wow!!! you!!!
  • highkey always smelling you
  • at the most random times
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll sniff you and you’re like ??? and he sighs and says you smell great and like home rip @ me 
  • always down for cuddling
  • especially in blanket forts
  • probably makes a date night ritual of building blanket forts and eating sweets and playing childhood games wow 
  • you two will probably be extra af together
  • even if you’re not extra
  • you’ll be extra with mihyuk
  • making weird faces at each other from across the room to communicate
  • really strange inside jokes ??? you know the kinds i’m talking about ,,, the ones you say with your friend and everyone else around you is staring like wHaT iS hApPeNiNg
  • weird nicknames that ellicit the same reaction 
  • “how’s the weather outside?”"it’s sunNY!!!“ sorry i had to
  • he is super extra but also so so so soft
  • lots of very small but monumental moments with him
  • also very soft when meeting your family or when you talk about something you love or lying in bed and talking for hours about whatever topics come up naturally because he adores the intimacy of getting to know you like that
  • will always be there when you need anything at all do not doubt the dedication this boy has to your happiness okay 
  • probably blurts out “i love you” at the most inopportune time like you trip and fall over nothing and he just laughs and goes “tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!! are you okay? i love you!!”
  • he doesn’t even look embarrassed because he means what he said and you can’t help but laugh and say it back because wow you do really love this child
  • loves sharing things with you 
  • always stealing sips of your drinks and food but he loves to feed you too so it’s okay
  • clothes-sharing is a huge thing he will probably borrow from you too and you’ll soon get to a point where you can’t really tell whose hats are whose or whatever but it’s all chill because you both look adorable and great in everything
  • model af couple pictures
  • meme af couple pictures
  • far too many candids of you two laughing together when you were supposed to be posing nicely 
  • jamming so hard to your favorite songs together and to songs on the radio and to nothing you two are always jamming and going so hard at everything you do because you’re hyped on life together i.e. that right now episode when he is getting pumped about the ocean
  • i should probably stop before i write a novel but get ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling because minhyuk is wonderful and cares so much
  • minhyuk is precious and deserves all the love in the world and that’s exactly how he feels about you and your days together are pure sunshine and you’ll be with each other through thick and thin and have a language of your own and and he will stare at you forever because he can’t wrap his head around how amazing you are and more than that loving him will make you feel like a kid again and if that’s not beautiful i don’t know what is 

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What would it take to get you to go on a date with me? :3

Basically nothing. You’d need to intend to meet me in a place close enough to me that I can reach it, I’d need some way to contact you should anything come up, and you’d need to not do any of the gendered dating things that might make me dysphoric. (Feel free to go the opposite way and treat me very female. This is basically always a plus, but isn’t a requirement.) The when may be a bit hard to decide on, because I’m currently in an anxiety bout that makes doing things hard, but scheduling can occur.

I’m not sure what other advice to give, though, due to lack of experience. I think I’ve only gone on one first date before? No one I wasn’t already dating has ever asked me on a date (obviously). I almost never ask other people to go on date-dates, because the dating ritual is very gendered in a way that would make it either gender dysphoria hell or gender euphoria heaven, and being the asker is already a large shove toward it being hell.

(But, for the obvious reciprocal reason, being asked out would be too gender euphoric for me to turn down.)

Experience tells me not to expect anyone to take me up on this (unless you’re not like other anons?), because lesbian sheep syndrome, but just for reference, everyone now knows I’m a sure thing for a first date. Anyone interested can drop their card in this bowl.

Here’s a Thing I Believe. Part 4.

Oh, hi. Me again! So here’s one that’s been on my mind for a little while. Ever notice how the Yu-Gi-Oh! series has, like, almost zero decent parents in it? Never mind just how many of the characters don’t have parents at all, but think about the few that we do see.

Ryou’s dad is an absentee. He’s referenced, but we never see him. Kid spends the entire series ignored by everyone. Joey’s mom threw him to the wolves, and not once acknowledges the hardship he went through to pay for Serenity’s treatment. She acts like it’s expected, like she has no responsibility for taking care of her own daughter. Yugi’s dad doesn’t freaking exist.

Basically, the best parents in the series aren’t even parents to the kids they look after. We’ve got Seto Kaiba and Sugoroku Mutou. A brother and a grandfather. That’s it. And if you look at the manga … Seto’s debatable. Which means we would be left with exactly one fundamentally decent adult role model in the entire freaking series. Considering how many kids are in this show … that’s kind of concerning.

But I have a theory. Or, rather, I made a decision. I decided I would not be held by canon’s apparent need to ignore parents, and shed some light on who is perhaps becoming one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

Yugi’s mom.

So, picture this. You have this lady, living over a small business with her son and her … father-in-law? I think? I’m not sure. And said son has always had trouble making friends. He’s shy, kind of a nerd, can’t stand up for himself. What’s a mom to do? Well, in canon … apparently nothing at all. But that’s no fun.

So here’s what I picture. This woman — I call her Natsumi — may have had some trouble raising Yugi, because there’s only so much you can do to help an awkward teenager, but then something happened. Something changed.

Think about it. Yugi went from a loner with exactly one friend (everyone’s favorite dancing queen) to the center of a circle of about … seven? Eight?

Imagine, as a parent, if you watched your terminally shy kid suddenly break through whatever had been holding him back, and all of a sudden he’s got this army of folks ready to … basically go to war for him.

Personally, I think she’d be thrilled.

But here’s something else to consider. Yugi has this tendency to attract people with home life problems. Joey, Ryou, Mokuba, even Seto. Téa probably lives alone a lot of the time, if her parents travel as much as we’re led to believe while she stays in Domino. Who knows what’s up with Tristan?

Duke? Do not get me started on Duke.

So I think we just have to come to grips with a certain truth, here.

Natsumi Mutou is Team Mom.

Here’s a few thoughts I have:

  • Natsumi Mutou always makes sure that there are leftovers for Ryou to take home, whenever he visits, so that he has enough to eat during those long stretches of time when Dad is M.I.A.
  • If Joey shows up in the middle of the night, trying to escape another hopeless fight with his dad, Natsumi Mutou has a bed made up for him in roughly sixteen seconds.
  • Natsumi Mutou always gets this smug look on her face whenever Yugi and Téa are talking, because she just knows. She’s probably waiting for their first date, just so she can have banners and balloons and confetti guns ready for whenever Yugi gets home. She already has the banner made up, hidden in a closet, and all it says is: IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME.
  • The first time Serenity comes to the shop, looking for her brother, Natsumi Mutou immediately welcomes her as part of the family. 
  • Tristan and Duke both know better than to pull their faux macho dating rituals with Serenity where Natsumi Mutou can see or hear them.
  • Natsumi Mutou is a deft hand at making up the perfect cup of chamomile tea, for those of Yugi’s band that have trouble calming down or dealing with stress — which pretty much covers all of them.
  • The first time Mokuba comes over for a sleepover (because you know that he will), Natsumi Mutou becomes as embarrassingly fussy as Molly Weasley, and absolutely refuses to heed Yugi’s constant reminders that he’s rich, Mom, you don’t have to do this, he’s not being neglected, seriously, his brother’s kind of rude sometimes but he takes good care of hi — oh, for God’s sake, MOM!!
  • Mokuba is embarrassed at the attention, and part of him wants to be angry that this crazy woman apparently thinks his brother isn’t taking care of him, but part of him really does like it … and he wonders if maybe this is how his own mother used to act. Especially once he gets a chance to see her … in action, so to speak. I think Natsumi Mutou is a firestorm, and I think Mokuba would feel right at home with that.
  • The first time Seto is wrangled into visiting the shop for any length of time whatsoever, Natsumi Mutou insists that he join her for tea. She asks a lot of pointed questions about his business and his day-to-day routines, and Seto eventually catches the fact that she’s checking to make sure that Mokuba isn’t being neglected — like all the other people Yugi brings home.
  • Seto, like Mokuba, wants to be offended at the very thought. But some part of him can’t help but be impressed that there’s an adult somewhere in this city who actually cares about Mokuba’s welfare. Somehow, without realizing it and certainly without authorizing it … Seto likes this woman.
  • Sort of.

I hope you get what I’m trying to say, here. Basically, I think Yugi’s mom was criminally under-utilized, and the story would have been a lot more … heartfelt if she’d actually been given a chance to exist.

I have determined, from this day forward, any story that involves Yugi in any fashion whatsoever will also involve his mother. Because this woman is a treasure, damn it, and I love her to pieces.