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Dating Harry Would Include - 43

Summer time: 

- Him waking up before you because he doesn’t like to stay too late in bed
- Trying your best to not wake up yet even if he opens the curtains and call your name
- But being finally woken when he sings loudly in the shower
- Teasing you about your sleepy head while sitting next to you in bed with just a towel wrapped around his hips
- Playing with your hair to tickle your nose when you try to ignore him and get back to sleep
- Pulling on the sheets to uncovering your body, giving your bum gentle pats before leaving the bedroom
- Coming in the kitchen to find him shirtless, preparing your breakfast “Here comes my sleeping beauty …”
- Answering your “ I hate you …” by a smiling “I love you too!”
- Him teasing you because you don’t dare to use your swimsuit as day outfit
- But taking advantages when you wear it to kiss your exposed skin
- Scolding you when you don’t put sun protector because your skin burns easily
- Rolling his eyes with a half smile when you answer him “ Sorry Daddy …”
- Him insisting to apply with dedication sun protector on your body, smirking when he sees goosebumps on your skin
- Kissing you just behind your ear when he finished
- Long lazy naps in the afternoon because of the heat where he asks you to play with his hair
- Playing with drops of cold water on your face when you try to tan
- Drawing with his wet fingers on your back
- Raising his eyebrows when you ask him to carry you to the pool because it’s too hot to walk
- Putting you on his shoulder to carry you to the pool and throw you in the water
- His giggling when he hear you menacing him with your wet hair all over your face  
- Joining you into the water and blocking you in his arms when you try to beat him
- Staying in the water for long moments, his arms around your waist, kissing each other slowly
- Brushing your nose with his and mocking you about the sunburn you got on your nose
- Kissing carefully your nose tip telling you that it makes you look even more cuter
- Enjoying the freshness of the end of the day while he plays guitar
- Looking at the sky turning dark while snuggling in his arms
- Long night conversations about random topics, listening to you while he plays with your fingers
- Kissing your hair and forehead after you have fallen asleep on his chest and carrying you to bed
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The WWA and OTRA tours as well as many of the promotional One Direction dates have been a very colourful success for Rainbow Direction and we could fill several books with the memories all of you made during your shows and beyond. Therefore, we felt it would be a great idea to keep the rainbows and pride colours coming while One Direction as a band is enjoying a well deserved hiatus. And after bringing the rainbows to Niall’s Jingle Ball shows last December, what would be more fitting than filling the venues of Harry’s Live On Tour shows with colours, pride and visibility?

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We hope to see many of you joining in and can’t wait to see the rainbows return to the venues along with your joyful faces and happy hearts!

Dating Harry Styles (post 1d) Would Include

*Him never calling you by your real name, it’s always pet names (love, babe, sweetheart, etc.) 

 *You constantly watching the Dunkirk trailers, and saying “OMG that’s you” whenever you see his face 

 *Him being nervous to let you hear his new music because you are the last person he wants to disappoint 

 *You constantly reassuring him that his new music is amazing and you could never be more proud of how far he has come 

 *“Harry, what should I get as a tattoo?" 

"Doesn’t matter love, but whatever you decide I’m getting it too." 

 *Him telling you that you are going to make a guest appearance on James Corden’s late late show during the week Harry hosts. 

- you instantly being online shopping for an outfit to wear

 *Him constantly telling you how beautiful he thinks you are -Literally like 25/8 *being sad that he isn’t in 1D anymore, but also loving the amount of time you get with him now 

 *competing over who will say I love you first in the morning (and last at night before you go to bed)

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Dating Harry Would Include - 36

After a fight:

- Checking his phone every 10 seconds to see if you answered his numerous messages asking where you’re gone
- Walking through the whole house nervous, remembering and regretting all the things he told you
- Leaving lot of vocal messages asking you to come back home because he doesn’t want you to stay outside alone
- His body tensing when he hears the front door slamming, letting him know that you are back
- Walking quickly through the house to reach the living room and finding you
- His smile turning into a sad frown when you turn your head and ignore him
- A touch of sadness in his voice when he calls your name to make you look at him
- Coming site next to you, taking care not to touch you for the moment to not rush you
- Playing with his rings in looking at you time to time, waiting for a sign from you
- Touching your thigh with the back of his hand to tests your mood, your name escaping his lips in a whisper
- His deep sigh when you still refusing to look at him and turn your head  to the opposite side
- Resting his head on the back of the couch in looking at your back “The silent treatment?”
- Coming closer and caressing the back of your arm with his fingers in kissing your shoulder blade
- “Please, talk to me! You know how much I hate when you ignore me … My Love?”
- Resting his forehead on your back  begging you to answer him, even just a word
- Coming crouching in front of you, his hands holding your thighs, pulling on them to make you facing him
- His arms wrapped around your calves, leaving kisses on your knees and thighs
- The shy smile he can’t hide when you finally turn toward  him
- Looking at you during long minutes, his hands caressing your calves while waiting for you to talk
- Pressing his chest against your knees trying to catch your eyes when you look down
- The softness in his voice when you two finally made eye contact “Hi…”
- Taking your hand in his to kiss your knuckles one by one before pressing a kiss into your palm a frown in his forehead
- His voice cracking when he apologizes for making you cry during the fight
- Making him looking up to you in taking his face in your hands while leaning toward him
- Getting on his knees, his hands holding your hips to come closer to you
- Closing his eyes with a sigh of relief when you lay your forehead on his
- His long fingers sliding on your neck while he rubs your cheek with his thumb, a smile appearing on his lips
- Kissing you softly, letting his lips on the corner of your mouth while apologizing once again for what happened …

For The Last Time - Coming Sometime

The story of a boy who loved his mum, a girl who hated her ex, and how practice makes perfect.

A Fake Dating, Uni AU.

Dating Harry Would Include - 41

Grocery shopping:  

-  Looking at the grocery list he did and finding little notes he wrote for his lyrics because he was inspired
- Him asking you with a serious face if you want him to carry you in the trolley
- Him greeting by their names all the employees of the store
- Keeping an eye on you even if he knows he gonna lose you at least 3 times before leaving the store
- Buying the treats that you like the most without you need to ask him to
- Proposing him the weirdest things you can find just to see his reactions
- Replacing all the candies you took back in the shelves “ We won’t have candies as dinner!”
- Rolling his eyes with a half smile when you make a disgusted face when he proposes you Brussels sprouts
- Losing a bit of your patience when he needs 20 minutes to be sure to choose the  best organic olive oil
- Frowning when you leave without him to another aisle and he has to rush to choose the thing he was looking at
- Arguing on new things he want to taste even if you warn him that he won’t like it
- Searching for him in all the aisles of the store to find him carrying the shopping basket of an old lady
- Him singing nonchalantly along to the music while walking through the aisles
- Him always buying you a little something to surprise you  without you noticing it
- Him looking with a dubitative face the different packages of sanitary pads not  remembering the one you usually take
- Him insisting to go into every single aisle even if you need nothing from there
- Helping you to reach things too high for you by lifting you by your waist
- Scolding you when you don’t wait after him to help you to lift the heaviest things
- Teasing you when he sees you can’t help of dancing when a music that you like is heard in the store
- Gently pushing on your buttocks with the trolley when you walk towards  the waiting line
- Interlacing his hand with yours while you two are waiting, his thumb stroking slowly your skin
- Insisting on carrying the heaviest bags and giving you the surprise he bought you when you try to protest … 

(With the gif you can have a little idea of how he could look like while trying to figure out the brand of hygienic pads you prefer… )

What the fans think of you...#7


Saying the fans were happy was an understatement. They could not be happier that their Niall has finally found his princess after so many heartbreaks. Many pictures of Y/N and Niall have surfaced and it has been nothing but positive feedback. You can see the way Niall’s eyes sparkled when he looked at her and the way her smile lit up her face just by looking at him. The fans caught her and Niall shopping one day and found out that she was super sweet even when the cameras weren’t around, which made them even more happy if possible knowing that she wasn’t there for the fame. The first picture together is what got the fans started and now they can’t get enough.


Harry’s announcement of his relationship on social media nearly broke the internet for good. Anyone who is a fan of one direction is secretly in a relationship with one of the boys in their head or just super protective, but for some reason Harry’s fans were incredibly protective and aggressive when it comes to him dating. Some were balling their eyes out and some were hateful at first. Some had speculated he might’ve been taken though, due to him being photographed with a dozen roses or random gifts or just this smile that no one has ever seen. Harry had asked y/n- nearly begged her to join him on the red carpet event he was to attend. Y/n didn’t want the fans to think that she was in any way using him for fame or attention. Harry assured her that even if they did think like that, he and she know that that’s not true in the least bit. Eventually she agreed. As they made their first appearance as a couple, paparazzi were going crazy and so were fans and interviewers, they were dying to see who would get to interview them first. Everyone seen and even heard how supportive and how caring she was of him and the way he held her, and whispered in her ear making her blush and or giggle. The way she’d look at him and how they kissed. The sparkle in his eyes that haven’t been seen in a long time, and his smile was true and not the least bit forced, he was so protective over her all through the night people seen that as he showed the world his precious baby. Everyone knew how real and serious this was for him as he’s never done this with anyone ever before. He’s never been public with his relationship. He even said himself that night that she was the one that stole his heart and stopped his world. Ever since that night he and y/n were one of the most influential couples and role models for all. When Harry and y/n were spotted sometimes the fans just wanted to have pictures with y/n and that made Harry smile. Not only did he have his personal friends and family’s approval but his fans as well. Not that he needed it but it still felt great.


At first, when Liam showed the world his sweetheart, the fandom was not too happy together. They wanted to protect their puppy dog eyed, toy story loving man. After everything he has been through, the fans just want what’s best for him. But the more pictures and videos of the two that got released, the more the fans started warming up to Y/N. what really sealed the deal was when Liam broke his wrist again, and Y/N was there with him, by his side every step of the way until he was fully recovered, showing that she truly does care about him.


The fans love y/n and Louis together. Out of all the girlfriends Louis ever had, y/n was the one that had the fans most approval. Y/n nurtured Louis back to life and they saw that. She had helped him so much and got him through that horrible patch of life. He looked more lively, healthy and truly happy. He stopped the drugs, and drinking, he stopped partying so much. Every time they were spotted and how they’d look at each other they seen how much they truly cared about one another. When fans catch them some times, y/n would always offer to take pics for them with Louis by their side or sometimes even make friends with them which Louis found incredibly amazing.

 **Credit to @bbygprincessblog for harry and Louis’s parts


Dating Harry Would Include - 42

Work out:

- Being distracted on your own exercise because you can’t stop watching him when he workout with weights
- Catching your glare on him and taking off his t-shirt on purpose to see your reaction
- Winking to you with a smirk when he catches you looking at him for few seconds without a blink
- Teasing you about your insistent gaze “Please Babe, try to be a bit more discreet when you look at me !”
- Smiling embarrassed when you realize how obvious you were looking at him
- But rolling your eyes with an amused sigh when you can see him looking at you in the same exact way through the mirror when you workout
- Helping you to try the new machines, telling you where to pose your hands and how to do the movements properly
- Him using on purpose the machines next to the one you use to stay near to you if you need his help
- Helping you to lift weight when he sees you in need “ Be careful with that, it’s too heavy for you!”
- Slapping on your buttocks with the back of his fingers when he catches that you stopped your workout to be on your phone
- Pushing on his face when he tries to kiss you because he’s all sweaty and he just wants to annoy you
- Running after you to catches you and pressed his wet chest against you
- Raising his eyebrows with smirk when you complain about his sweat 
- Blocking you with his arms around your shoulders “You usually don’t complain that much when you have my sweat on you …”
- Giving you wet and noisy kisses when you can’t escape his grip
- His loud laughs when you make disgusted sounds when he presses his cheek on yours
- Sitting on the floor next to the treadmill to talk with him while he use it
- Him asking you to come dry his face with his towel while he runs
- Teasing him about how good his “boobs” jiggle  
- His grin when he teases you back “ Not as good as yours love! Nothing compares whith yours, trust me!”
- Him trying to catch your hands when you play  with the buttons of the treadmill to speed up the pace
- Sticking his tongue out each time you try to take a pic of him …

Dating Harry Styles would include...
  • constant text messages when he is on tour
  • selfies all through your camera roll when you leave it alone with him
  • him crediting you as his muse for his music
  • getting to sit with him on lazy days as he writes songs
  • going shopping with him
  • feeling like a princess by the way he treats you 
  • him sharing silly stories about you in interviews
  • one minute the two of you are rocking the red carpet the next he is spinning you around and trying to do the lift from dirty dancing
  • his temper flaring when the paps get too close to you 
  • snapchat stories together that are hilarious
  • recording each other singing in the shower 
  • being each other’s #mcm and #wcw every week
  • large bouquets of flowers being sent to while he is on tour
  • cooking dinner together while dancing to silly playlists
  • texting each other puns and corny jokes 
  • cuddling as long as possible in the morning
  • arguing over who gets to be the little spoon
  • him being the little spoon 90 percent of the time
  • him calling you his “princess” and calling you a goddess on earth
  • his arm constantly around you in crowded places
  • he isn’t hesitant to spend money on you even when you oppose
  • Anne calling you her other daughter
  • Gemma taking selfies with you #inlaw
  • luxurious vacations together 
  • whenever you’re mentioned in an interview he either says “isn’t she lovely” or “Oh I know her” with a cheeky grin
  • being complete goofballs at events
  • always smiling around each other
  • wearing his button up shirts every chance that you get
  • teasing each other and arguing like an old married couple
  • never ever feeling like you are unloved or unwanted
  • never in the whole relationship does he put you second to anything