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Dating Harry Would Include -29

The ways he likes to bother you:

- When pretends to sleep, his body blocking yours to not let you go out from bed and leave him alone
- Pinching your buttcheek when you can’t stop him and give you a wink when you tell him to stop
- Catching your ankle when you try to leave the couch and not let you go as long as you don’t kiss him
- Kissing your cheeks from behind to distract you when you’re on phone
- Stealing food in the pan while you’re cooking even if you slap his hand each time
- Calling you embarrassing cute names to make you smile when you give him the silent treatment
- Kissing your whole face but not on your lips when you ask him to kiss you
- Mocking your way of dancing while cooking breakfast but join you and dance with you when you become grumpy
- Covering your eyes when you two watching TV
- Stealing your hair products even if he has his own ones using “ I like when my hair smells like you!” as excuse
- Calling you his grumpy sleepy baby when you refuse to wake up and groan
- Poking your cheek with his index finger when you’re grumpy and ignore him
- Giving your butt  a slap when you pass by his side and don’t answer him to tease him
- Taking your face in his hands and trying to bite your nose and cheek when you refuse him a kiss because you’re late
- Overreacting when he’s “sick” to make you stay at home and take care of him instead of going out
- Trying your beauty products by curiosity at first but end using them everyday
- Stealing food in your plate when you don’t pay attention
- Asking you to play with his hair when you’re seriously occupied just because he’s bored
- Mimicking your voice and pout when you call him using your baby voice
- Teasing you when he sees you taking selfies and come to disturb you
- Playing with your lips when you’re reading
- Complaint about how mean you are when you bite his finger to make him stop
- Calling you again and again until you look at him and giving you a smile  without saying a word when you ask him what he wants
- Whispering naughty things he knows turn you on while you two are in public to make you blush
- Asking you what’s the matter when he sees you all blushing faking not knowing what made you like this

Which way you would like Harry to bother you?

Dating Harry would include - 34

Day off:

- His snores tickling the back of your neck and waking you up
- His hand slided underneath your pajamas top, his palm over your breast
- The slight groans he makes when you move and your back doesn’t cling to his chest
- Kissing your shoulder blade with closed eyes when he tightens your waist to make you come back against him
- His morning voice grunting “Good Morning” while he lays his cheek on your shoulder blade
- His plaints when you leave the bed, catching your wrist to keep you with him a bit more
- His sleepy smile in letting his body fall back on bed in watching you leave the bedroom
- Hearing him humming in shower, changing the lyrics to include your name
- Kissing your cheek when he goes out of the shower and pass by you while you brush your teeth
- Coming in the kitchen to find him preparing the breakfast , still humming in
dancing around  the table
- Reaching him and pressing your hand on his back , giving you a bright smile when he sees you
- Kissing your forehead when you sit down, handing you a hot cup filled up with your favorite tea
- Thanking you in kissing the back of your fingers when you give him the toasts
- Enjoying having nothing to do except scrolling on your phones, your legs resting over his
- His long fingers playing absentmindedly with your tiptoes, laying his palm on your feet when you move them
- Him cooking the lunch, making you taste the food while you sit on the kitchen counter
- Playing with your hair when you rest your head on his lap while he talks on phone
- Catching your hand and keeping it on his chest when you try to distract him
- Waking up with his hand resting over your ribs, smiling in asking how your nap was
- Caressing your back up and down when you sit up on couch and stretch your back
- Letting you snuggling against his chest, his lips pressing soft kisses on your forehead
- Long conversations, sharing with him your thoughts about random topics
- Looking at you with a tender smile when you talk about something you really like
- Ordering in your favorite restaurant to keep enjoying this moment with you
- A movie chosen randomly on TV while you two play scrabble
- His frown trying to understand how you managed to beat him when he never losses
- Coming to sit on his lap and kissing all his face with noisy kisses, teasing his grumpy pout
- Him trying to not smile and hiding his face in you neck before giving your sides tickles in giving you a pouty kiss

What would be your perfect day off with Harry?

Dating Harry Styles would include...
  • constant text messages when he is on tour
  • selfies all through your camera roll when you leave it alone with him
  • him crediting you as his muse for his music
  • getting to sit with him on lazy days as he writes songs
  • going shopping with him
  • feeling like a princess by the way he treats you 
  • him sharing silly stories about you in interviews
  • one minute the two of you are rocking the red carpet the next he is spinning you around and trying to do the lift from dirty dancing
  • his temper flaring when the paps get too close to you 
  • snapchat stories together that are hilarious
  • recording each other singing in the shower 
  • being each other’s #mcm and #wcw every week
  • large bouquets of flowers being sent to while he is on tour
  • cooking dinner together while dancing to silly playlists
  • texting each other puns and corny jokes 
  • cuddling as long as possible in the morning
  • arguing over who gets to be the little spoon
  • him being the little spoon 90 percent of the time
  • him calling you his “princess” and calling you a goddess on earth
  • his arm constantly around you in crowded places
  • he isn’t hesitant to spend money on you even when you oppose
  • Anne calling you her other daughter
  • Gemma taking selfies with you #inlaw
  • luxurious vacations together 
  • whenever you’re mentioned in an interview he either says “isn’t she lovely” or “Oh I know her” with a cheeky grin
  • being complete goofballs at events
  • always smiling around each other
  • wearing his button up shirts every chance that you get
  • teasing each other and arguing like an old married couple
  • never ever feeling like you are unloved or unwanted
  • never in the whole relationship does he put you second to anything
Dating Harry Would Include - 35

Long day:

- Coming home after and long and tiring day, craving for one of harry’s comforting hugs
- Hearing him welcoming you before you can call him, the sound of his voice making you smile
- Walking slowly to the living room to find him sitting on couch reading a book, a wide smile appearing on his lips
- The immediate frown when he sees your tired face, asking you with a soft voice “ Hard day my Little Queen?”
- Moving slowly toward him in noding, A tender smile on his lips while he opens his arms for you
- Catching your body in his arms when you sit on his laps, pressing your body on his chest
- Hugging you tightly against him in kissing your hair “ Very bad day indeed! … Let’s see if I can make it better for you! ”
- His palm rubbing gently your back, following the line of your spine to rest on the small of your back rubbing slow circles upon your hip
- Taking delicately your chin in his fingers to make you look at him “ Want to talk it out?”
- The smile on his lips when you kiss him out of guard instead of answering, wrapping your arms around his neck
- Looking at you in biting his lips when you break the kiss, his large hands resting on your thighs
- His long fingers stroking your legs up and down before sliding along your leg to reach your knee when he bends toward you
- His lips begging for more contact, making your lips brushes on each other nibbling playfully the corner of your mouth
- His hands leaving your legs to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you toward him
- Whispering almost intelligible above your mouth “Lips please…” when he can’t make you kiss him
- A smile on his face when he sees you reacting with a smile, happy to cheer up your mood
- Bending toward him to kiss him, a light moan vibrating down his throat when your lips catch his upper lip
- The light bite on your lower lip to keep you close when you try to pull back
- His hands moving to the side of your neck, his thumbs rubbing on the edge of your jaw
- His stare focused on your lips when you break the kiss, his tongue passing over his hungry lips
- Pulling on your neck to make you lean toward him and make the tip of his tongue following the edge of your upper lip
- Pressing a warm kiss on your lower lip, his hand on your shoulder blade to keep you as close as possible
- Your hands gripping his shirt when he pulls back, a smirk on his lips to see you this needy for his kisses
- His worked breath coming out as a light laugh, his lips now red because of  the intensity of your kisses
- Trying to catch his breath in laying his forehead on your cheek when you hug him
- Taking your hand and resting it above his chest while pressing your forehead on his, smiling to see you feeling better
- The seconds becoming long minutes without a word, delicate pecks being spread all over your face
- Laying your head on his shoulder, one of his arms holding around your waist while  rubbing gently your cheek with the back of his fingers
- Pressing his lips in a soft kiss over your forehead “ What about a hot bath for my Little Queen and I?”

He Tweets a Picture Announcing Your Relationship...#5


He Tweets: NiallOfficial: I think someone is finally getting the hang of this! @YourTwitterName #guitarlessons #myprincess

What Trends later: #Niall’sPrincess #GuitarCouple #HappyforNiall


He Tweets: HarryStyles: The things I do for my kitten. #mybabygirl #makesmyworldstop #love

What Trends Later: #LiloandStitch #Lovebirds


He Tweets: LiamPayne: Silly Faces with my Silly sweetheart! @YourTwiterName #Soprecious #SillySweetheart

What Trends Later: #Liamandhissillysweetheart #kissyfaces #PicturesareaPayne


He Tweets: LouisTomlinson: #couplesgoals #mylove #myweirdo

What Trends later: #WeirdoforLouis #LotsofLove


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Tumblr Girlfriend

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Dating Harry Would Iinclude - 30

- Little spoon

- His slight groan of protest when he doesn’t feel the warmth of your body against his back anymore
- Looking over his shoulder his sleepy voice complaining “ Why you let me? Come back…”
- His fingers taking lazily your wrist to wrap your arm around his chest
- Pulling gently on your arm to make you hug him properly, laying his forearm over yours
- His contented sigh when you make  your body glued on his back again
- Wrapping your arm as tight as possible around him, your fingertips sliding slowly over his warm chest
- A sleepy moan escaping his barely open lips when his tummy tenses under the touches of your fingertips
- His hand moving slowly from your hip to your thigh to take your knee
- Pulling on it to make you lay your leg over his hip, groaning because of your cold foot but against his thigh
- His long fingers rubbing slowly  your foot and toes to warm it up
- Rubbing the tip of your nose on the back of his arm, smiling when he tries to move to escape the tickling feeling
- A shiver running along his spine when you make your breath slide into the crook of his neck
- A sleepy smile on his lips when you tell him to stop moving tightening your arm around his waist to keep him in place
- Laying his big hand over yours when you start to caress absently his abs
- His raspy voice whispering your name while he catches your hand to make you stop running your fingers down his happy trail
- Taking your hand to block it over his pectoral “ Don’t start to play like that, I know you Little Queen…”
- Interlacing your fingers together, rubbing his chin over them slowly
- His thumb caressing slowly the top of your hand while he kisses your knuckles
- Feeling his back pressing a bit more against your chest when he takes a deep breath
- Kissing his naked shoulder, making a trail of slow kisses over his upper back
- Reaching the base of his neck to press a last kiss, feeling him shivering under your lips
- Falling asleep your arm and leg tight wrapped around his body , your cheek against his shoulder blade

Meeting the guys...#4


Your hand is in Niall’s, sweating like crazy. Today is the day that you are meeting the rest of the band; which means you have to control your fangirling. If you blew this meeting, that would be the end of you and Niall for sure. Last night you had an awful dream about messing this meeting up and this being the end of you and Niall. He senses your nervous and pulls you close as he kisses the back of your hand, “Princess, don’t sweat it. They will love ya. It’s hard not to like you love. Trust me. And if they don’t then I’ll knock some sense into them”, he laughs and his accent is strong. You both walk backstage as it’s time for them to start getting ready for the show and Niall thought it would be a good time for you to meet the guys. You were shaking and sweating like there’s no tomorrow. “B-But what if they don’t like me or what if th-they think I’m weird?” He turns to you and backs you up until you hit the wall, putting his hands on either side of your head, leaning in close so that you are only paying attention to him.

“Princess, listen to me. Anyone would be crazy not to like you. You’re funny, outgoing, beautiful, smart, and so much more.” He presses his lips softly yet firmly against yours, proving his point and filling both of your stomachs with butterflies. Once he pulls away he smiles, pecking them once more, letting his lips linger on yours a bit, before leading you into the room with the guys. “Just make sure to breathe love. It is going to be just fine, I promise you.” He says as you two walk in the room. Niall chuckles as he sees the position of the boys, acting like they owned the world…well they do…but still.

You giggle squeezing Niall’s hands as they “stare you down.” Harry, Liam, and Louis walk up to you and Niall says, “Boys this is my girlfriend Y/N, and Y/N you of course know the boys.” They all bring you into a hug and then steal you away from niall getting to know you a bit. You look at Niall and he gives you a reassuring nod. Liam says, “So we just wanted to thank you for bringing the smile back to Niall’s face. He has not been this happy in a long time.” Harry agrees and Louis says, “We look forward to seeing you more Y/N. So don’t be a stranger”, he chuckles at the end of his sentence as well as the other boys. At the end of the night, all the guys take turns giving you hugs. Harry says jokingly, “You better not keep our Nialler from us Y/N, and don’t be a stranger.” He says repeating Louis’s words from earlier. You giggle and nod holding Niall’s hand again that was already finding its way to yours, “deal.” As you leave, Niall peck’s your cheek and wraps his arm securely around your waist, leading you to the car, “see love, nothing to worry about.”


So today is a bit of a hectic day. I will be meeting the rest of the band today as you all will be performing at the AMA’s. Yeah that’s right the AMA’s. Where not only will I be meeting the boys but also making my first ever red carpet appearance with Harry. Oh my goodness. I’m rushing home right now as I have to get showered, you said you are going to bring your hair stylist and are to help me get ready for the night which I was beyond thankful for. I can’t wait to meet Lou, Lottie, and Lux! Once I get home, I run straight up to my room and get some panties and bra then quickly jumping in the shower. Once I’m all finished I make sure I’m lathered all up with lotion and put a face mask on and put my hair in a bun. I hear the doorbell ring and I throw on my bath robe and answer the door seeing you, the boys, and your crew. “Uh hi” I laugh nervously “please come in! Make yourselves at home.” I stand to the side and let everyone in then close the door.  “Hi everyone it’s so lovely to meet you!” They smile and greet me back. “Harry if you would, can you please get them whatever they want to drink of snack on while I go wash this mask off! Thank you” I smile and make my way upstairs. 

His POV 

I completely forgot to call (y/n) today and ask her if it’d be okay to just all get ready here. Poor baby I caught her while she was trying to get prepped for tonight. I nod “yeah yeah of course darling!” I go into the kitchen and make us all some hard lemonade to get us a bit loosened up for tonight. “Right got some hard lemonade and mini sandwiches for you all and some crisps.“ 
(Y/n) then comes down showing off her beautiful natural face and her perfect smile and introduces herself to the boys before going over to me and wrapping her arms around me and greeting me "hi babygirl” I smile and kiss her “I’m sorry for my fail to mention about them coming along. We just figured it’d be a lot easier for us all to get ready here instead of over there” she smiles “it’s okay I understand babe!” She says sweetly. “So (y/n) up for a few games while they set up?” Louis asks and her face illuminates with a smile “yeah! What do you want to play? I have tons of games! We can play whatever you all want!” I smile loving how shy yet open hearted and so sweet you are with them. “I think we should play Mario karts! Lottie, Liam, and Niall on mine and you, harry, mark, and Jeff! On your team!” Louis says and Niall speaks “No I want to be on harry and (y/n) team! Jeff can be on yours!” And (y/n) grins “yeah I want nialler on our team for sure!” Liam grins “it’s only fair! Poor girl didn’t know we were all comin” he laughs and so does everyone else. We end up playing quite a few rounds. I’ve come to learn that my babygirl is quite the competitive little one when it comes to games. Which was quite hilarious to see. While we got ready though she made a quick dinner for us to eat whilst she got ready. “Mate you got a good girl in your hands never let her go! Otherwise I’m going to snatch her up” Niall says and I squint my eyes “over my dead fucking body you would” they all laugh at my protectiveness I have over her. “Can’t wait for the wedding!” Liam says and grins “yeah…me either. Someday soon!” I say with a half-smile. Right when the words left my mouth (y/n) comes in looking gorgeous as ever and my mouth falls open. “Welp looks like we all will be having to keep our eyes out for anyone pigs that try to touch her. Don’t worry we got you bro” Niall whispers in my ear and I chuckle “thanks mate” true to their word they would keep an eye on her whilst some of us had to do interviews. They really truly love her and I couldn’t be happier about that.


Today is the day of Liam’s surprise birthday bash at the arena. There was a massive twitter message that was sent out to me and all of Liam’s friends. I arrive at the Arena a few minutes early and I hear loud music coming from inside. I open the doors and there are lights and loads of people. Oh my goodness. How am I going to find the boys, let alone you? Just I think that, I jump feeling arms wrap around my waist from behind. I hear Liam’s sweet voice say, “Ah there is my sweetheart.” He leaves a soft, wet kiss on my shoulder and I turn giggling, hugging him. He smiles and rubs my sides, “you look absolutely gorgeous my love. C’mon, I want you to meet some of my friends.” His grin is so wide as he pulls me through the crowd. He leads me over to where Niall and Harry is. He keeps a protective grip on my waist and says, “boys, this is Y/N, my beautiful girlfriend.” My cheeks burn bright pink as he says that. I hold his hand and niall raises his glass, “cheers mate, you got yourself a good one, and Y/N so do you, so don’t let each other go.” I giggle and I rub his back under his shirt a bit as he says, “I will not be letting this one go anytime soon. She is my sweetheart.” Louis over hears than and laughs a bit, “wow Liam, since when have you become so mushy gushy?” Everyone laughs and Liam smiles loving how great we are all getting along. At the end of the night, Liam pulls me to the side and has the dj play some slow music. He holds me kind of protectively and starts swaying gently, “I am so glad the boys like you. They can’t stop gushing and being little girls about how much I like you,” he admits with red tinted cheeks.


Louis and I were currently out getting a few things for the BBQ we are having tonight with the lads as you call them. Niall had called you inviting us over for the evening to have some drinks and eat some good food and play some footie. To be honest I’m not the least bit nervous. I’m so excited to meet them. “Babe we need to get these!” I hold a box of the most delicious chocolate cake I’ve ever seen in my entire life. “Alright only if we can get these” Louis says holding up a box of condoms and my face turns red. We ran last week and since we ran out we haven’t had any. “Louis stop. Fine okay put the cart” I say getting embarrassed and shy. He laughs “I like making you get all shy and flustered” he throws them in the cart and has me stand between him and the cart as we walk through isles. Once we’ve finished we pack everything in the trunk and make our way out to Niall’s house.


We get to Niall’s house right on time. Everyone is all there now and Niall has officially started the grill, has steaks grilling as well with burgers and so much more. (Y/n) wasn’t the least bit shy which I absolutely love about her. She just introduced herself and made herself feel right at a home, helped everyone prep for the BBQ. She even helped make some pretty amazing sangrias and vodka tonics. (Y/n) talks to everyone individually and gives them her full undivided attention. They all just instantly get along so well and even carry some pretty great banter. Niall and her were currently talking about some movies and songs being stupid or as (y/n) says just being silly because let’s be honest it is better than saying stupid. Much later that night we were all gathered by the bonfire we made. Y/n is sitting curled up in my lap and she is now sound asleep curled up in my arms as she has had quite the long day. She is such an energetic little one. I kiss her forehead. The lads smirk “(y/n)…she’s definitely a keeper. Definitely has our approval. Better treat her well Tommo otherwise your life is over” Liam says and I roll my eyes “yeah yeah. Keep talking.” I smirk and chuckle “but being for real now I definitely am going to keep for as long as she lets me which is I hope forever!

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Disneyland with Harry would include
  • Wearing ridiculous disguises so that nobody would recognize you.  (Or at least Ray Bans and a hat)
  • “Are you Harry Styles?!” “No, but my girlfriend’s famous.” (probably takes a photo of you with the stranger)
  • You liTERALLY having to restrain Harry from trying to speak to every single kid that passed you by (”Babe look at that one!”  “Harry you already pointed him out.” “He’s my favorite.”)
  • But then it turns into a game, finding ones that would look like your future children
  • Him calling you princess the enTIRE DAY even when you tell him to stop
  • Trying on those expensive af tiaras and taking selfies just for fun, but he buys you the one you loved cuz you’re his princess ((and buys himself one probably I mean))
  • Walking by those people who sell balloons and you’re like “aww what a cute balloon“ and he’s all “be right back” and let’s go of your hand and you’re sad for a bit but then laugh when he comes back with the entire herd of balloons.  he refuses to return them so you say “alright but I’m not holding them”
  • But then he gets tired of holding them and honestly it just draws way too much attention so y’all give out the balloons to random children as you pass them by
  • INCESSANT Disney puns (”why does Ariel wear sea shells?”…I dunno Harry” “…cuz b shells are too small, and d shells are too big aha” “…wow.”)
  • Him giving you a piggy back ride when your feet are sore
  • Renting out a wheelchair when BOTH your feet are sore and you take turns wheeling each other
  • “How many corn dogs does it take until I’m American?”
  • Eating popcorn but he gets a lil frisky and throws some at you and y’all end up having a popcorn war
  • Waiting in line with his arms wrapped around you, he’s holding you in front of him and pressing small kisses down your neck/cuddling into the nook of it
  • Kissing in front of sleeping beauty’s castle under the fireworks
  • On the shuttle ride back to your car Harry falls asleep to you playing with his hair, his head on your shoulder
  • Buying you Disneyland because that motherfricker’s net worth is through the roof amiright and whoever his girlfriend is one day he will literally give the world to her

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