dating older woman

i feel like a broken record but like … @fellow teen lesbians… dating an older woman isn’t any safer than dating an older man. you deserve healthy boundaries and normalizing that interest (even thru fun memes!) isn’t ever going to get you anywhere

Lesson #106: Dating, Love, Marriage Vocabulary:

사랑 -love
사랑해요 - i love you
나도 사랑해요 - i love you too
사랑에 바찌다 - to fall in love
많이 좋아해요 - i like you a lot
저랑 데이트 하실래요? - would you like to go on a date with me?
나는 너와 시간을 더 보내고 싶어 - i would like to spend more time with you
여자친구/여친 - girlfriend
남자친구/남친 - boyfriend
바람둥이 - cheater
연상남을 만나다 - to date an older man
연하남을 만나다 - to date a younger man
연상여자를 만나다 - to date an older woman
연하여자는 만나다 - to date a younger woman
연애하다 - to date
헤어지다 - to break up
자기야 - honey
여보 - honey (married couples)
금사빠 - someone who falls in love easily
결혼하다 - to marry
프로포즈하다 - fo propose
약혼자 - woman’s fiancé
약혼녀 - man’s fiancée
미혼 - single
기혼 - married
소개팅 - blind date
보고 싶어 - i miss you (cute: 보고파)
뽀뽀 - kiss
키스 - kiss
난 니꺼야 - I’m yours
뽀뽀해줘 - kiss me
너 잘 생겼어 - you’re handsome
아름다워요 - you are beautiful
내 곁에 있어줘 - stay here with me
가만 있어 - stay still
별일 없지? - everything alright?
예쁘네요 - you are pretty
안아 줘 - hug me
안아주고 싶어 - i want a hug
첫눈에 반했어 - it was love at first sight
시간이 지날수록 더 시랑해 - i love you more everyday
관심 없어요 - i’m not interested

As always, i am not a tutor, teacher, fluent or native speaker! I post these lessons to help others learn as well as myself! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks guys!

overrated [m]

» summary: notorious bad boy, dong sicheng, was never one for attachment. well, not until he met you.
surprisingly, there was more that met the eye of the reckless bad boy—something outrageously… pure.

pairing: “bad boy”!sicheng & reader insert || university!AU

includes: light fluff, humour, smut (trivial dom/sub elements, teasing [public & private], oral, sixty-nine, fingering, handjobs, penetration), alcohol mentions, light drug mentions

wc: 41.7k

note: I finally have a fic out for my baby ;; I hope you guys have fun reading this as much as i had fun writing it!!
The word “bad boy” is in quotes because we all know that our baby winwin is a chaste little angel—for now ^~^

I made a few changes to this from the preview, but the most prominent one is the tense change, ahaha. I wanted to try writing in present tense, so this is a little different! And i dont think ill try this again… lmao. I also lost a lot of motivation to finish this along the way, so i apologize if this isnt the best. :( Nonetheless, i hope you enjoy!

Dong Sicheng has a tarnished reputation that is effortless for him to maintain.

Sicheng wreaks havoc day by day, practically stirring an immature calamity on university campus. He carries a storm wherever he goes, his footsteps equivalent to a roll of thunder. From his sour persona to the sharp way he talks; his words are bullets to those he aims them to. Yet, girls flock around him mindlessly and praise him like none other, falling for his recklessness without a care. On campus, students are either irked, find his personality rebarbative, or completely in love with the idea of him.

Sicheng is stellar in his own way, a star in the worst way possible that manages to outshine the rest. Men ache to be him while girls crave to spend a night with him—just one, enough to see what he truly, dutifully packed. But that is where Sicheng expeditiously draws the line, austere and grim, and leaves them. Like rain battering down on a scorching pavement, his trace disappears within seconds.

It is not because the spark of attraction towards the girl is absent, nor is it because he wants to bring each to the edge only to leave them hanging, adding each to the list of rejected individuals. It is due to something else—something borderline shameful to his existence and reputation.

And it is because not a single soul knows that Dong Sicheng, notorious bad boy and ruthless heartbreaker, is a virgin.

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BTS Reacts:

Their girlfriend (you) traveling for work for months on end

They discover they’ve been dating their dead gf’s twin (you)

You telling them you don’t like hiphop

Their GF fainting (bonus I.M.- Monsta X)

Their (S/O) being pregnant

You wanting 10 kids

Their (S/O) being a HUGE fan

Meeting a mute/shy person

Their (S/O) being scared of everything

Their GF getting into a fight

BTS Scenarios/Fluff:

Namjoon Scenario: Him worried about your sleeping habits

You coming home from studying abroad

Jungkook: Dating an older girl

[Jimin Fluff]~ “My Butterfly”

[Yoongi Scenario] First Love

[Jungkook Fluff] Warm Tea and Kisses

BTS Texts:

Random Texts: Yoongi 

Random Texts: Taehyung

Random Texts: Seokjin 

If your admin talked to Jungkook 

Morning Texts: Hoseok

Breaking the exciting news: Hoseok

BTS as_____:

Disney princesses

Dog gifs

Monsta X Scenarios/Fluff:

Jooheon: The older girl

I.M.: Dating an older woman

[Kihyun Fluff]~”Just Give Me A Chance”

Monsta X Texts:

You breaking up with them

Monsta X Reacts:

You waking them up to kill a bug

You getting hurt doing mixed martial arts

You almost getting kidnapped

You playing dead from Jooheon’s aegyo

Being stuck in an elevator with their crush

Being stuck in a crowded train with you

You blowing soap bubbles in your hands

Their GF’s skirt flying up from the wind

You being bored before your show

You experiencing synethesia from their singing

Absentmindedly kissing their crush’s forehead

You cheating on them

You breaking up with them

Playing spin the bottle with You

Their GF kissing icing off their lips

You wanting to get back together

Their (S/O) debuting with a sexy concept

You standing up for yourself after becoming their gf

Their mother saying she loves you

You randomly remembering something funny 

You being late for a date due to something unexpected

EXO Reacts: 

You being sick

You playfully licking/biting them

Seeing their girlfriend’s birthmark

Their wife being pregnant after coming home from tour

Their GF used to like another member

You having eyes that change color

Their GF going back to her home country

Absentmindedly kissing their crush’s forehead 

Their GF coming back to Korea

You not wanting expensive gifts

Their GF being a Swimsuit Model

You having an Asthma Attack

You saying cute things when you thought they were asleep

[Tao React] -You having a not so obvious cute side

The way You study Korean

You having a terrible Stomachache

Planning Your Birthday

[Tao React] You randomly laughing at something you remembered

Showing them Your favorite anime ft. Astro

You having a Sim Family w/ them

EXO Scenarios/Fluff:

[Chanyeol Scenario] Hiding from Fans at Your House Overnight pt1

[Chanyeol Scenario] Hiding from Fans at Your House Overnight pt2

[Suho Scenario] Coffee Dreams

[Xiumin Scenario] Xo-Xo

EXO Texts:

Sehun texts with noona crush

Got7 Reacts:

You having eyes that change color

Their GF covering Rania’s Dr.Feel Good w/ her girl group

You naming a Pokemon after them

You going on a school trip w/ Your attractive coworker

Hearing Your ‘polite’ voice for the first time

Got7 Scenarios/Fluff:

[JB Scenario]- “Please Pick up the Phone”

[JB/Mark Short Story]- “I Want You, You’re the Only One” (liking the same girl)

[JB Scenario]- “If you do…n’t let me talk I will smack you’’

[JB Fluff]- This Feeling is Just Right

Astro Reacts:

The way You study Korean

Showing them Your favorite anime ft. EXO

Big Bang Reacts:

Finding out You’re anorexic 

Snapchats *Mixed Groups*: 

Jungkook (BTS) vs. Junior (Got7) Choose your bias~

Most to least likely to:

date an English girl EXO & Got7

date a tall girl BTS, EXO & Got7

date a Russian girl EXO

date a Canadian girl EXO

date a half latina half chinese woman EXO

date an asian-american or short girl EXO

date an ‘03liner Monsta X

play Pokemon Go Big Bang, EXO, BTS, Got7 & Shinee

dating a girl whose personality doesn’t match looks Monsta X

date a foreigner who speaks Korean Monsta X

date a foreigner who speaks Korean Seventeen

date an Australian who can speak Korean EXO

marry rather quickly Monsta X

date a Brazilian girl EXO

cry over a break up Monsta X, Shinee & EXO

Apologize after yelling during a fight BTS

date a black girl BTS & Seventeen

Write a sappy love song for (S/O) EXO & Monsta X

be alright/supportive of their girlfriend being pansexual EXO & Got7

date a foreigner who speaks Korean Astro & EXO

being vocally annoyed with how cold his girlfriends hands always are EXO12

dating someone multiracial BTS, Got7 & Astro 

date someone with a personality similar to park Jimin from 15& Got7

Special Requests:

Monsta X as classic love songs

Kinds of EXO stans