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Got7 Reaction To Their S/O Being A Fashion Designer

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Mark: *always the best dressed at any event because they always make sure he is dressed amazingly*

Jaebum: what do you mean I can’t just wear a white t-shirt and jeans? isn’t that stylish? *Wants to wear simple outfits but is basically forced to dress better*

Jackson: will you design me clothes? let’s date then. *jokes around about wanting specific clothes made just for him*

Jinyoung: isn’t this a little much? *just wants to go get a coffee not walk the runway*

Youngjae: I want matching outfits with this stuffy and this one… oh and can you make me a shirt with… *Constantly requesting clothing*

Bambam: *loves to let them play dress up with him and always loves being used as a reference chart as to how patterns will look on people*

Yugyeom: what do you think of my outfit today? *always skyping and making sure they approve of his outfit before he leaves the house*


When your friend makes a really bad joke

you, a fool: Wow, vld season 2 looks so action-packed! The plot w/ Zarkon is getting interesting, the paladins are growing, they’re introducing new planets and aliens, shiro is alive and - woah! Is that new ally a galra???

me, an intellectual: but why are keith and lance both shirtless