dating in public must be so hard

Boyfriend Rowoon

-you have accepted the fact that this giant will always be hovering over you and giving you bear hugs whether it’s in public or at the dorm with the boys, and you don’t even try to break free because it has never happened before and it will never happen once he’s gotten a hold of you. Forehead kisses, never letting go of your hands, and you sitting on his lap is an absolute must. 

 -The kid lives for couple coordinated outfits, he love wearing matching shoes and jackets, showing you off and everyone often says you guys are couple goals and he’s so fricken proud of that while your like ok its not that deep rowoon and hes just grinning at all the fan-site photos like omg we look cuteee. He’ll drag you often to public events because hello couple goals and yall attend seoul fashion week every year like its your religion. It’s casual to see many girls anywhere and everywhere checking him out even when you’e right next to him but you’re really chill and cool about it because you know he loves you wayyyyyy to much, it’s like he forgot that other people exist sometimes. 

-Selfies? A tradition to do everytime you meet. Selfie when your dressed up, selfies with you both look like shit, selfies in the bathroom, bedroom, public  candid selfies, cute couple selfies, creatively planned and well posed photoshoot type selfies, derp ugly selfies, cartoon filter selfies, etc.

-Is so cute because he’s always easily jealous when it comes to you not giving him attention when you’re out with other people and sometimes it gets annoying because rowoon chill i love you ok i wont leave you but he’s also super considerate about how your feelings at all times and gets worried about the smallest things like him having a female love interest in his new kdrama. “It’s just acting ok? Don’t feel hurt, you don’t have to watch it. She means nothing to me.” Whenever he does hurt you though, it kills him so much and he’s so emo for the rest of the day even when he’s working- lowkey he knows he shouldn’t be cold when hes around fans but it just comes out like that and he gets scolded alot by his manager however, he’ll just take the scolding because all he’s thinking is about calling you when he gets home (the type to leave like at least 2 texts and calls before giving up).

-Dates include getting coffee and walking together holding hands or even just lazying out on the couch watching movies and eating snacks with his shirt off and you in nothing but his tshirt, either way he’s up for anything as long as he’s with you. You’ll start to realize the chic and cool image rowoon is basically only on stage because with you he’s like a cute puppy who always needs to be near his owner and is super dirty sometimes like him not washing his hair rolling on the floor but it’ cool because you love him. THIS BOY ALSO A HOT ASS CHEF so nomatter how many times you’ve seen him shirtless in the kitchen cooking you something, it just never gets old and you’re like why is this kid so hot damn….

-Expect you to come to all of his events. “You’re coming to my show in Singapore right?” and you frown cuz Rowoon thats all the way in freaking Singapore, and he just looks at you smiling like “Here’s your plane ticket and you roll your eyes and groan because he does this every time but it’s not even about the fact that he’s spending his hard earned money on your plane tickets whenever he goes out the country- it’s just because you have your own life and schedule and can’t go see him whenever you want so you guys often argue about that even though you always end up going to support your silly boyfriend at the end because he’s always in a better mood when he sees you in the crowd, you’re his lucky charm. Basically even though you whine for him not to spoil you, he always shows up with gifts, or paying for this and that and sometimes when he’s busy he just leaves stuff on your front door and you are half thankful but also sad because he does so much stuff for you.

-Won’t talk alot about you or hardly at all on camera or on tv, but whenever he is asked, his face will always turn a bright red and look down like the cutest little shy bean ever. “Yeah she’s doing alright..” He’ll say with a soft smile, he doesn’t want to talk too much about you because he wants your life to be private and knowing how hard it must be for you to date an idol, it’s better to keep you a mystery so you don’t get hated on. However doesn’t try to hide you in public either like other idols when going on a date. Will walk freely in the night and day with you like you’re hips glued to him or something even when there are people taking pictures. He will look the coolest to you during moments like this because his full attentions is on you and will never accept pictures with others or autographs because he’s really serious about his personal time-but of course rejecting them in a nice way and always with a smile. Your friends also know about him and everyone around you talk about how you’re dating an idol and you sometimes feel like it would be a burden on him because you’re expected to bring him to parties and stuff or people will say he doesn’t care about you but he always comes every single time with you even when he’s tired from a schedule and everyone’s shooked af because they didn’t think he would care enough to come but he’s always super happy every time like yes I’m y/n boyfriend!

-He asked his staff members if you can work part time in the summer and that was how you ended up working as an intern with fnc, being a stylist for sf9. It was nice being almost everywhere with him but was also really weird because since your relationship was public, everyone treated you super duper well and you didn’t have to do intern chores like run for coffee. You used to be able to touch up the other member’s makeup but because of that one incident where Taeyang play-flirted with you to piss Rowoon off, you were only allowed to take care of Rowoon from then on because your boyfriend is petty af.

-Basically love you alot, is a cute puppy- is YOUR puppy and keep him smiling all the time. Don’t ever question your love for him because that’s what keeps him so bright and happy and just allow him to take care of you even though it’s a bit burdening, know he means well. 

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ardourr  asked:

Can you pls do a 'the first time' (2012) movie AU for bellarke? It can be in college verse rather than high school. Also I love you and ur writing!!

Went with high school!

When Bellamy meets Clarke, he’s rehearsing a love confession for another girl. Which is not, he knows, the most auspicious start. Especially because the first thing she does is critique him on it.

“It sounds like you’re trying to win a debate,” she says.

He’s been pacing, muttering under his breath, repeating words until he won’t trip over them.

Of course, at the sound of her voice, he trips on his feet, stumbles and jerks up to glare at her.

She’s sitting on Jasper’s back steps with a red solo cup, regarding him evenly. Her bright blonde hair tumbles over her shoulders and her t-shirt is sliding down, showing the bright blue band of her bra strap.

She raises her glass in greeting. “Sorry, maybe that’s the vibe you were going for.”

“Winning a debate?”

We’ve known each other for so long, our friends get along, we have similar interests,” she says, waving her hand. They aren’t his exact words, but they’re his sentiments. “You’re lining up a list of arguments why she should date you.”


“And feelings aren’t logical. If she doesn’t like you, she’s going to say no. So your line is basically, I like you, want to go out with me.” She smirks. “Not to be too middle-school about it, but it’s hard to actually beat the practical simplicity of do you like me y/n.”

He snorts and gives in to temptation, going to sit next to her on the stairs. Pacing isn’t improving his life. “You think that would work?”

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Reporters: stop asking about my dating life

We’ve started placing non-monetary bets on the likelihood that I’m asked about my personal life during publicity interviews.

So far I’ve been correct 100% of the time.

I can’t completely understand the fascination with my dating life; maybe I just really do a stellar job of keeping it ambiguous and therefore compellingly mysterious, such that it warrants questioning during professional interviews. But more often there’s this awe-like oscillation between “It must be really hard for you to date because your job is so unique and you do gross things sometime” and “You must get dates all of the time.”

Like today. I mention how I find standing in the dermestid colony room is comforting; it’s an area I wander to when I need to clear my head. It’s quiet, save for the gentle crackling of the busy beetles, hungrily going about their lives while they eat and breed and die among eviscerated fauna. Pretty soothing. Believe me, there is no quieter place in the Museum. But the minute I being this up the response is “oh giiiirrrrlll we’ve got to get you a date.”

I get that I’m this quirky paradox of a woman: how is it possible I’m pretty, articulate, and also smart? and kinda weird? Gosh the solution to those problems must mean I only got this way because I didn’t have a man in my life to keep me boring and level-headed. Ignore the fact they assume I am also straight.

It comes up again: “do you work with any hot, Indiana Jones scientists?” Hey here’s one for you: are you going to ask my male colleagues these same questions? Going to imply they need to get a date instead of publish so many compelling papers about their research? And I’ll have you know that I’m infinitely more attracted to someone’s wit and candor, and the quality of the work they publish in reputable scientific journals and the eagerness they have to explore our world than whatever physical form they ended up taking. I would marry a gorilla if it were so sophisticated.

Sometimes I feel the most sexism occurring in these fields comes in the form of awkward publicity. I’ve also been asked by reporters if I would pose for Playboy if approached - and what I would charge to accept. If you want to ask me about natural history, or museums, or social media, or science literacy - be my guest. But don’t expect a straightforward answer if you derail the conversation to pry into my personal life.

Albuquerque Police Department Buildings Smeared with Red Paint, Symbolizing Blood on Their Hands

“This is political expression. If you had a fancy art degree, like I do, you would realize that the red paint has symbolic significance. If you fought an insurgency in Iraq, like I have, you would know about asymmetrical warfare.

"The public that is aghast at the shooting of James Boyd recognizes that their voices are muted. They get two minutes of commentary at a City Council meeting. Some of the councilors listen. Some play on their phones. Some worry about what’s for dinner. Who has apologized to the public for not only the shooting but the release of a horrifying video thought to exonerate the shooting? Yes, the video was released by the police because when the Chief of Police saw that video he thought, "That’s a justifiable slaying and once I show this to the public they will stop scrutinizing this shooting.” Yet the rest of us, anyone with a stomach, want to vomit all over ourselves at what is revealed in that video.

“That is how out of touch APD is with the reality on the ground. And our civilian leadership, just like in Iraq, don’t have the moral backbone to ask the hard questions and make the hard choices. So. The public knows that their voices are muted. They know that their methods of expression must be asymmetrical in order to have any chance of being heard.

"I understood why Iraqi insurgents fighting a foreign occupation resorted to "illegitimate” tactics. They could not afford to go toe to toe with us. We had kevlar and unlimited rounds and years of training. They had an old Nissan and ammunition dating back to the Iran-Iraq War.

“I understand why red paint is plastered in broad angry strokes dripping down the sides of APD buildings. Blood is on our hands. You worry about taxpayer cost of political graffiti to a couple buildings? You are missing the picture, my friends. Look a little closer. There are corpses shuttered in that building that want out.”

— unnamed author

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Part 1

And here’s where Minako I think is fairly obviously like “Don’t you ever wish you weren’t a lesbian, don’t you wish you could stop being an outsider, be “normal” and date dudes like everyone else?” Because honestly, if Minako was just trying to say “does being so talented ever get to you” she wouldn’t have bought up the dating thing and “GEE I WONDER WHAT SORT OF PERSON U LIKE”.

 I guess she could be saying being a racer would intimidate guys, but, considering her clear hesitation before saying “…average”, like she was trying to put it delicately, I’d say the “Minako IS talking about the lesbian thing, she’s just not being direct” holds up more. Especially since her previous emphasis was not on whether guys like Haruka, but what kind of person Haruka would like.

Minako knows Haruka and Michiru are not “officially” together thanks to Michiru’s comment about not being lovers. I think she would probably think the reason is that it’s so hard for them to be gay or whatever. So to Minako, Haruka’s life must be lonely and tragic.She can never be public, she can’t talk about her REAL feelings, her life is not normal, she must secretly long to date boys. Minako has read enough trashy stuff to know being gay is endlessly horrible OKAY .

Minako, too, is feeling this way. She can’t be open with her peers about who she really is. She can’t enter relationships without trepidation. She can’t date boys and be normal like everyone else. She’s an outsider, she’s different. She wants to know if Haruka ever wants to give up who she is too. She wants to know if Haruka also has these feelings and what should she do. And Haruka sees that.

Part 3