dating dont

if you ever say “femmes” im just gonna assume youre talking about femme lesbians i refuse to aknowledge buzz feed level queer theory anymore. i cant believe weve jumped from 2014 “bi women shouldnt call themselves femme or use it as an identity” to articles written by self proclaimed “femmes” who admit to dating men in the same breath

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

Cute Date Ideas

Going to the library

Making a pillow fort

Watching dumb movies

Going to the park

Binge watching a show

Walking around a flea market

Sacrificing each other to satan

Midnight McDonald’s run

Singing along to cliche songs

Exploring a forest

Driving without a destination

Sleeping under the stars

me, feeling good about myself: i’m cute as hell why is no one dating me????
me, two seconds later, realising that i could absolutely be dating someone if i wanted to be and that my relationship status almost entirely hinges on my own indecisiveness, hesitation to trust others, lack of interest, and the kaleidoscope of my anxiety and self doubt: oh yeah nvm


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x]