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Seventeen Reactions

- SVT reaction to super memey & weird girlfriend actually being a genius

-SVT reaction to getting a bj while live on V app

-SVT reaction to your body cracking excessively

-SVT reaction to usually innocent partner asking if she can go down on them

-SVT reaction to seeing you with self harm scars at a fanmeet

-SVT reaction to seeing you at your school play

-SVT reaction to a drunk stranger hitting on you

etc. (Reactions are still open and I don’t have any in my inbox so slide)

Seventeen Mtl

-SVT mtl to like playing with your waist long hair

-SVT mtl to visit your home country

-SVT mtl to enjoy going down on their girl

-SVT mtl to date a tall half white half Chinese girl

-SVT mtl to be into dirty talk

etc. (MTL still open as well; usually on track with these)

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-Papa S.coups AU

-Texting at Night (Minghao)

-Superficial Pt.1 of 3 (Joshua & Jun)

-Bad Decision (Hoshi and Minghao)

-Bad Decision pt.2

Who would you date series

~Jeonghan vs Baekhyun

~Jungkook vs Sehun

~Mingyu vs Chanyeol

~Jaebum vs Taehyung

~Joshua vs Mark

etc. (If you have any suggestions for who should be next you can drop that in my inbox as well)

Bts Scenarios/ Fanfiction

-Band-Aid Heart

-Band-Aid Heart pt.2

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EXO Reaction to: Dating a Chinese Girl

tbh I don’t see any of them caring too much about race. imo, they would simply love who they love so I’m sorry if this reaction is crap :P

Xiumin: is just happy to have found someone he cares about & who cares for him back

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Luhan: is probably the happiest out of all the boys to have a chinese gf, purely since they would have a shared experience of where they call “home”

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Kris: likes that he can speak his native tongue with his gf

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Suho: sees it as a way to improve his chinese & works hard at it in order to converse with his gf in her first language

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Lay: of course he’s happy to date someone from the same country as him but at the end of the day, he’s just happy to have found love

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Baekhyun: just likes having someone care for him

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Chen: gets his gf to teach him witty things in chinese so that he can snap “no one cares” or sarcastically say “oh, really? how interesting” at the chinese members (when they were all there ;;v;;)

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Chanyeol: tries his best to learn how to say cute things in chinese but if he butchers it then he blushes like a shy puppy

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D.O: will destroy anyone who tries to discriminate against her for being chinese

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Tao: bitches to her in chinese about his members & will tell her cheesy things, feeling relief over the fact that the others probably won’t understand which means he can’t get teased for it

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Kai: shyly asks yixing to teach him some cute phrases in chinese to say to her

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Sehun: gets frustrated if his gf is as bratty as him & says things in chinese he can’t understand to piss him off. “hyung ~” he whines, running to luhan. “she’s making fun of me again!”

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Exo Reaction to Seeing Their Girlfriend Fail At Using Chopsticks

Hahaha, funny story. I am an Native-American girl who is dating a Chinese Canadian. Something to know about me is my huge crippling social anxiety and being afraid of doing anything wrong or offending anyone. It was so bad that even though I had known how to use chopsticks, since I was seven thanks to my brother, I pretended like I had no idea and always asked for a fork whenever I ate at her place. This went on for like a solid YEAR before her parents were like “do you wanna try to use them?” and I was like >.>…and used them. I felt like such an idiot, but this is the crap anxiety does to you. 

So story time over. Thanks for the request, I’mma have fun writing it. 


Baekhyun tries so hard not to laugh at his girl constantly fumbling with the chopsticks, dropping her food, dropping the sticks and the way she pouts. He ends up laughing really hard when they’re in the middle of a restaurant and he can tell he really embarrassed her. She averts her eyes and sets the sticks down, folding her hands in her lap. He feels bad, so he moves until he is sitting next to her, picks up her chopsticks, and then begins to feed her the food with an apologetic smile on his face. 


Chanyeol finds it so adorable that she has trouble with chopsticks. He secretly enjoys every time they go to eat together and she is forced to use them because the pout she gets on her lips when she concentrates makes his heart race a little. 


Chen gets a good laugh every time his girl whines about using the chopsticks in his apartment. He convinced her thoroughly that he didn’t own a single fork and had been watching her struggle for weeks. He smirks whenever she makes a groaning sound after dropping rice because it’s so adorable. 


Kai always helps his Jagi with her chopsticks. He puts them in her hands correctly and then shows her the movements with his own. He gets her to practice at home with grapes and if she has particular trouble with something he leans to her and tells her to stab it. He always helps her with her noodles because she simply cannot grasp them well. He is the proudest boyfriend ever the day she manages to eat a whole meal without too many difficulties. 


“Wanna see me use them too, Baobei? I promise I suck at it too.” 

*Cocky little shit.*


Kyungsoo thinks it is absolutely friggen cute to see his girl accidentally cross her sticks whenever she tries to pick something up and then drop it. She can hardly eat anything with them unless she stabs them into the food and she is never satisfied with that. It’s like watching a little kid eat and it is so cute. 


Lay is always the gentleman and helps his Baobei whenever she needs it. If she can’t pick up the food, he does it for her and feeds her. He always serves her from the main dishes in the centre of the table to make it easier on her. Lay often reaches around her and takes her hand in his, placing the sticks right and showing her how to grip them properly. He is very patient with her, understanding that it must be difficult to learn at an older age. 


Luhan watches his girlfriend hold her chopsticks too far to the bottom, often like a child does when the sticks are too big. He can’t help but sigh at how cute he finds it, but in the end he always gets her a fork or brings one to the restaurant for her so she doesn’t feel embarrassed. At home, he tries to teach her. 


“Sehun, can you help me with these?” 

*This little shit is so unhelpful*


Suho buys his girlfriend seven different chopstick trainers, one for each week, because he figures that if she is going to learn she has to learn like children do. He buys the ones that are shaped like pandas because they remind him of Tao. 


Tao finds his girlfriend’s struggle really endearing. He always tries to help her hold them right whenever she is required to use them and stifles his laughs when she struggles. He always gives her warm encouragement because he doesn’t want to turn her off to foreign culture. When she isn’t looking, he gets his friends to watch how adorable she is. 


Xiumin is always encouraging when his girlfriend has to use chopsticks, however he isn’t the best at showing her how to use them. He tries his best, but he finds it’s kind of something she has to figure out. 


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