dating a chinese girl

It bothers me how performative some people are, does anyone else relate? 

Like when a straight someone feels the need to show everyone they are “super accepting” and starts listing all the LGBTQ+ friends they have. Or someone says that they themselves are “not racist” because they’ve dated 2 Chinese girls… (P.S. Chinese isn’t a race)

why you should read queens of geek by jen wilde

happy happy release day to queens of geek by jen wilde!!! (today, march 14) here are some reasons you should read it:

  • 3 main characters, 2 povs, all diverse
  • charlie is a bi, chinese protagonist who is a famous vlogger and also a rising actress after her role in this indie zombie flick
  • taylor is an autistic, fat protagonist who has severe anxiety and secretly has a crush on the third person in their trio, jamie (who is latinx)
  • they’re tagging along with charlie to supacon, which is basically comic con
  • taylor wants to meet the author of her favorite series, but the author leaves before she can
  • so she enters a contest to meet her, but her anxiety holds her back at times
  • she’s also dealing with her crush on jamie bc she’s really self-conscious of her appearance
  • charlie is dealing with her ex-boyfriend co-star who cheated on her
  • she has to do interviews and the like with him while also fending off rumors that they’re getting back together
  • charlie meets her crush, another famous (female!!) vlogger
  • and they’re really cute okay read it for the wlw
  • biphobia is addressed in this book btw!!
  • here are some quotes:
  • “What do you mean you don’t believe in bisexuals? They’re not mythical creatures,” I [Taylor] said. “They’re real people, just like you.”
    He squirmed uncomfortably, and Charlie sighed. “Reese, I’m bisexual. Do you believe in me?”
    He sat up and stared at her like he was suddenly seeing a whole different person. “You? But you’re with me.”
    “So? I’m still bi.”
  • When Reese finally said something, I wished he hadn’t. “But how could you possibly know you’re bi? Have you ever been with a girl?”
    I remember seeing frustration written all over Charlie’s face, and I spoke up. “How did you know you were straight before you were with a girl, Reese?”
  • “my anxiety is invisible to others, but often it’s the focal point of my mind.”
  • “you can’t pick and choose whose equality you support. that’s not equality.”
  • “it’s not my job to convince others of who I am. my only job is to be who I am. all i can do is find what makes me happy, and live it.”

anyways,, read this book!! there’s a chinese wlw protagonist who has dated both a guy and a girl (and doesn’t “pick a side”)!! there’s a plus-sized, autistic main character who has severe anxiety but doesn’t let it overcome her!! several fandom references!! savage comebacks!! go read queens of geek!!

Seventeen Scenarios, Reactions, MLT

here are collections of scenarios, reactions,  mlt etc of seventeen. None of these are written by this blog so please give love to the writers

scenarios by imaginethesedorks

scenarios/reactions by svt-husbands

Preferences by imaginethesedorks

reactions by mynotsoawesomescenarios

reactions and MLT by vernonslady



NCT Kun, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun & WinWin's ideal type (appearance)


Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)

Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 5 members (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan & Jaemin)

Also thank you to @hobi-is-hoping for helping me come up with these! She has some really good ideas and I couldn’t have done it with her :-) x


Originally posted by pourup

Kun would love tiny, smol and tiny girls. The typical innocent and feminine girl, with small curves and long, silky hair. Although I think his preferences would be typically Korean/Chinese, he’d be open to dating a foreigner or someone who didn’t exactly fit those preferences as long as they could communicate and they weren’t overly loud. Plump lips would be something he finds really attractive - why, I don’t know to be honest. Big eyes and soft features would also be something he liked; it’d make a girl look very innocent and naîve which he’d just love. In terms of clothing, he’d like girls with very girly styles; skirts and dresses in different shades of pastel pinks and purples, flowery designs and gold necklaces.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Doyoung is actually quite tall, and I see him liking girls of short height; he’s the type to care for people and would want to protect his girlfriend, the short height making him to feel more masculine. He’d like light hair but not brightly dyed; shades light brown and blonde would look very pretty and exotic to him. I see him marrying a Korean but he would try dating a foreigner if given the opportunity. This would only be if they could communicate and she respected his culture and was willing to adopt some customs. He’s not the conservative type so wouldn’t blow off the idea. Likewise tone doesn’t matter; it wouldn’t be a deciding factor or preference. Like Kun, he’d like someone with soft and subtle features; not someone overly “pretty” by society’s standards. He’d like his girlfriend to be the stylish and daring type; the type who’d wear different clothes and styles in comparison with other people but nothing overly flamboyant.


Originally posted by nakamotens

I see him dating someone around his own height, maybe someone slightly shorter or taller. He’s a very accepting kind of guy so I don’t think he’d mind if you were slightly taller than him; unlike the other members, he wouldn’t feel emasculated but rather find it kind of sexy. Very open to dating a foreigner - in fact, he’d find dark skin very attractive and would find himself naturally attracted to people with dark skin. Someone with a full figure and/or a lot of curves. He’d by the type to really worship his S/O’s body no matter what, but still - he’d like big thighs and butts and shit. Someone who has a “sexier” vibe over a cute one but doesn’t dress too provocatively. Saying this, someone who knows how to dress to accentuate their curves and figures but doesn’t show a lot of skin (because that’s saved for him ok) Someone who smirks a lot instead of grins and will sometimes wink at him to get a reaction.


Originally posted by suhyoungho

I’ve mentioned this before but I see Jaehyun with a model, or someone with model traits. Someone fairly tall, maybe even taller than him, and a small frame. He’d like it if they worked out and had toned body; he’d be impressed by the amount of dedication and time they had put into their body. A girl with striking facial features or at least one thing about her which really stands out and makes people just stare in awe. Definitely open to dating a foreigner; in fact, I think he’d rather date a foreigner than a Korean purely because he’s intrigued and would find them exotic. But he’d of course still date a Korean. Someone with a sophisticated yet unique sense of style. Wearing clothes that most people wouldn’t be able to pull off but somehow they can - and they do it very well. Doesn’t mean it was to be a girly kind of style, he’d be easily as impressed if they could just wear a plain shirt and jeans and still look good.


Originally posted by y-ta

WinWin would suit well with a simple style and look. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “basic” or “average”, but he’d like someone he could effortlessly good in the simplest of things. He’d be one of the members who isn’t that keen on dating foreigners. Sticking just to Chinese girls but perhaps dating a Korean or another Asian girl. He’s quite awkward and shy and wouldn’t really know how to talk or act around foreigners even if there wasn’t a communication barrier. Someone with a cute vibe but not a heavy one. Probably pale skin and rosy cheeks, with straight, black hair. Basically someone who looks quite similar to him in a sense. I think he’d look so cute with a small and slightly chubby girl, although he’d also date a tall and/or thinner girl if he liked them. Likes pastel colours and jeans on his S/O. Nothing too flamboyant or daring, but with many accessories like hats, scarves, brackets, rings and necklaces.

Got7 ideal types

Here is my “most likely” unpopular opinion of what girls I can honestly see Got7 dating, marrying, etc. don’t take this seriously it’s just my opinion and was requested, it could be true or the exact opposite.

Im Jaebum- honestly I only see JB marrying a cute petite Korean girl. Like I think he might be curious about other ethnicities/ nationalities but would be afraid to date them. Can possibly see him hooking up with other girls but not dating them.

Mark- Chinese/Hispanic I can see mark marrying a cute but edgy Chinese girl maybe even Korean girl. I for sure see him dating a Latina but those with the lighter olive skin tones and light colored hair.

Jackson- honestly I can see him being so open to anything so I feel like dating wise *marks the box with all* when thinking of marriage I can also see him with a Latina or mixed girl but with a much darker russet skin tone and dark hair. I see him with an athletic yet curvy girl too.

Jinyoung- Korean girl. I can see him dating a Caucasian girl (blonde hair blue eyed type or even strawberry/reddish hair) like the Emma Watson type. Ultimately though I think he will Marry a Korean girl.

Youngjae- Korean/Japanese I see him with a fellow Asian someone cute and funny with a laid back personality. I can see him talking to a white girl but nothing too serious. Idk why I can see him with a kiwi.

Bambam- I see him as a sly flirt so dating wise asians, latinas, and black girls. I think that’s why I can see him marry literally any girl from black to Thai to Korean to Argentinian. TBH I don’t see him much with a white girl.

Yugyeom- I want to say Korean but I also really see him with a black girl like brown to light skin, I can see him dating both white and Hispanic girls but when it comes to marriage I’m stuck between a Korean girl and a black girl.

Most Likely in Got7: to date a foreigner

!!! Disclaimer: This is not made up by facts, this is only my opinion !!!


1 - Mark

2 - Bambam

3 - Jackson

4 - Yugyeom

5 - Youngjae

6 - Jaebum

7 - Jinyoung


Mark and Bambam: I see these two as guys that would LOVE to date foreigners. Mark grew up in the States, so he probably already has dated foreigners. Bambam is good at English and really acts like he is from the States.

Jackson and Yugyeom: Both act like foreigners too, but I could see them dating Korean/Chinese girls too. Jackson does like foreigners A LOT, but the way he acts around girls/guys, I think he’d like a Korean or Chinese girl/boy. According to the members, Yugyeom acts most like a foreigner in GOT7, the only reason he is beneath AmeriThaiKong is because he is not fluent in English and talking to a foreigner would be difficult for him.

Youngjae: He would probably be fine with whatever race, but he is not fluent in English so he’d prefer a Korean. But if he really loves this person, he’d learn their language to understand her/him.

Jaebum and Jinyoung: I see these two guys as guys that love typical small, thin, pale, cute Koreans. If they’d find a foreigner they really loved they’d probably date them, but I could see them mostly with Koreans.

EXO Reaction to: Dating a Chinese Girl

tbh I don’t see any of them caring too much about race. imo, they would simply love who they love so I’m sorry if this reaction is crap :P

Xiumin: is just happy to have found someone he cares about & who cares for him back

Originally posted by minseoxual

Luhan: is probably the happiest out of all the boys to have a chinese gf, purely since they would have a shared experience of where they call “home”

Originally posted by parkchny

Kris: likes that he can speak his native tongue with his gf

Originally posted by oppa-smiles

Suho: sees it as a way to improve his chinese & works hard at it in order to converse with his gf in her first language

Originally posted by britamin-graphics

Lay: of course he’s happy to date someone from the same country as him but at the end of the day, he’s just happy to have found love

Originally posted by laygion

Baekhyun: just likes having someone care for him

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chen: gets his gf to teach him witty things in chinese so that he can snap “no one cares” or sarcastically say “oh, really? how interesting” at the chinese members (when they were all there ;;v;;)

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Chanyeol: tries his best to learn how to say cute things in chinese but if he butchers it then he blushes like a shy puppy

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O: will destroy anyone who tries to discriminate against her for being chinese

Originally posted by wooyoung

Tao: bitches to her in chinese about his members & will tell her cheesy things, feeling relief over the fact that the others probably won’t understand which means he can’t get teased for it

Originally posted by aeloea

Kai: shyly asks yixing to teach him some cute phrases in chinese to say to her

Originally posted by kairamelo

Sehun: gets frustrated if his gf is as bratty as him & says things in chinese he can’t understand to piss him off. “hyung ~” he whines, running to luhan. “she’s making fun of me again!”

Originally posted by exofetish

Updated Materlist

I’m such an inactive whore I’m sorry guys don’t hate me it’s this school & work shit :( Anyways I’m making an updated (and proper) masterlist for organization purposes! Happy 740 followers yahooooo ❣️

Seventeen Reactions

- SVT reaction to super memey & weird girlfriend actually being a genius

-SVT reaction to getting a bj while live on V app

-SVT reaction to your body cracking excessively

-SVT reaction to usually innocent partner asking if she can go down on them

-SVT reaction to seeing you with self harm scars at a fanmeet

-SVT reaction to seeing you at your school play

-SVT reaction to a drunk stranger hitting on you

etc. (Reactions are still open and I don’t have any in my inbox so slide)

Seventeen Mtl

-SVT mtl to like playing with your waist long hair

-SVT mtl to visit your home country

-SVT mtl to enjoy going down on their girl

-SVT mtl to date a tall half white half Chinese girl

-SVT mtl to be into dirty talk

etc. (MTL still open as well; usually on track with these)

Seventeen Scenarios/ Imagines

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-Papa S.coups AU

-Texting at Night (Minghao)

-Superficial Pt.1 of 3 (Joshua & Jun)

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-Bad Decision pt.2

Who would you date series

~Jeonghan vs Baekhyun

~Jungkook vs Sehun

~Mingyu vs Chanyeol

~Jaebum vs Taehyung

~Joshua vs Mark

etc. (If you have any suggestions for who should be next you can drop that in my inbox as well)

Bts Scenarios/ Fanfiction

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We Slay, Too! Racist Twitter Account

Several people have brought attention to this twitter account, but I had to check out this twitter account myself. I think I saw this account before it was taken down, but now it’s back. And it’s just as racist as you remembered.

For anyone who’s not aware, nonasianslaytoo is a Twitter account that shows non-Asian (mostly white) people doing ulzzang and other styles to “empower” them and show that they can “do it better”.

[Image: The description of nonasianslaytoo.

I’m back! This account is to empower non asians who love asian fashion and music and to show that we can rock asian styles better than our fellow asians ^^]

First of all, there is no such thing as an “Asian style”. There are many countries in Asia with different cultures. You can’t boil them down to one monolithic style. But we all know what this person means when they say “Asian style” (and even then, those countries have different cultures).

Moving on, here are some text tweets nonasianslaytoo posted.

[ Image: Tweets by nonasianslaytoo.


“I will post pictures of non asians and compare them to asians to show that we can look even better and rock their style like them!”

“Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.”

“This is why I made this account! Being a black, white, latina ulzzang or lolita is ok. Being white, black, latina and cosplaying idols is ok”

“This account is to empower non Asians who love Asian music,fashion and culture. Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff.”] 

There’s a few things wrong with these tweets…

I will post pictures of non asians - Which means “white” because that’s mostly who I see so far.

Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.  - Preferences are personalities and height. Preferences are not “I prefer this race over other races, including my own!” That’s rooted in stereotypes and racism. Also, nice job reducing the continent of Asia to three countries.

Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff - No, sweaty, you’re not mocked for liking Asian stuff, you’re mocked for being racist and culturally appropriating. 

Now for the tweets with photos.

[Tweet by nonasianslaytoo. Photos showing two interracial couples. The White women are on the left, Asian men on the right. Captioned, “Asian men and White women (heart eyes emoji) I prefer to see asian men with non asian women bc their kids will look so exotic (heart eyes emoji) #amww”]

Again, non-Asian meaning White in this context. No non-Asian POC. Not only is this fetishizing interracial couples, but putting racist views on mixed babies. This mindset is nothing new. People always play Build-A-Baby on their future children, wanting them to have characteristics of their partner. It’s bad enough that White people date POC because we look ~~~exotic~~~. But not even babies are exempt from this. Nope, gotta treat mixed babies and children like a fantasy instead of living human beings.

Onto the “slaying”

And here’s Black ulzzang, because at this point, people are aware that “non-Asian” means “All White” to this person.

Look at that (I don’t know how to caption these, sorry). Some of these are probably yellowface. Also, this person said the Taemin cosplayer should have made their eyes smaller. Because East Asian people have small eyes, right? Fuck them. Maybe they should deactivate their account… Oh wait!


Anyways, I’m concluding this post because it might be too long. Message me if you can’t read this post or if I stepped out of line.

Exo Reaction to Seeing Their Girlfriend Fail At Using Chopsticks

Hahaha, funny story. I am an Native-American girl who is dating a Chinese Canadian. Something to know about me is my huge crippling social anxiety and being afraid of doing anything wrong or offending anyone. It was so bad that even though I had known how to use chopsticks, since I was seven thanks to my brother, I pretended like I had no idea and always asked for a fork whenever I ate at her place. This went on for like a solid YEAR before her parents were like “do you wanna try to use them?” and I was like >.>…and used them. I felt like such an idiot, but this is the crap anxiety does to you. 

So story time over. Thanks for the request, I’mma have fun writing it. 


Baekhyun tries so hard not to laugh at his girl constantly fumbling with the chopsticks, dropping her food, dropping the sticks and the way she pouts. He ends up laughing really hard when they’re in the middle of a restaurant and he can tell he really embarrassed her. She averts her eyes and sets the sticks down, folding her hands in her lap. He feels bad, so he moves until he is sitting next to her, picks up her chopsticks, and then begins to feed her the food with an apologetic smile on his face. 


Chanyeol finds it so adorable that she has trouble with chopsticks. He secretly enjoys every time they go to eat together and she is forced to use them because the pout she gets on her lips when she concentrates makes his heart race a little. 


Chen gets a good laugh every time his girl whines about using the chopsticks in his apartment. He convinced her thoroughly that he didn’t own a single fork and had been watching her struggle for weeks. He smirks whenever she makes a groaning sound after dropping rice because it’s so adorable. 


Kai always helps his Jagi with her chopsticks. He puts them in her hands correctly and then shows her the movements with his own. He gets her to practice at home with grapes and if she has particular trouble with something he leans to her and tells her to stab it. He always helps her with her noodles because she simply cannot grasp them well. He is the proudest boyfriend ever the day she manages to eat a whole meal without too many difficulties. 


“Wanna see me use them too, Baobei? I promise I suck at it too.” 

*Cocky little shit.*


Kyungsoo thinks it is absolutely friggen cute to see his girl accidentally cross her sticks whenever she tries to pick something up and then drop it. She can hardly eat anything with them unless she stabs them into the food and she is never satisfied with that. It’s like watching a little kid eat and it is so cute. 


Lay is always the gentleman and helps his Baobei whenever she needs it. If she can’t pick up the food, he does it for her and feeds her. He always serves her from the main dishes in the centre of the table to make it easier on her. Lay often reaches around her and takes her hand in his, placing the sticks right and showing her how to grip them properly. He is very patient with her, understanding that it must be difficult to learn at an older age. 


Luhan watches his girlfriend hold her chopsticks too far to the bottom, often like a child does when the sticks are too big. He can’t help but sigh at how cute he finds it, but in the end he always gets her a fork or brings one to the restaurant for her so she doesn’t feel embarrassed. At home, he tries to teach her. 


“Sehun, can you help me with these?” 

*This little shit is so unhelpful*


Suho buys his girlfriend seven different chopstick trainers, one for each week, because he figures that if she is going to learn she has to learn like children do. He buys the ones that are shaped like pandas because they remind him of Tao. 


Tao finds his girlfriend’s struggle really endearing. He always tries to help her hold them right whenever she is required to use them and stifles his laughs when she struggles. He always gives her warm encouragement because he doesn’t want to turn her off to foreign culture. When she isn’t looking, he gets his friends to watch how adorable she is. 


Xiumin is always encouraging when his girlfriend has to use chopsticks, however he isn’t the best at showing her how to use them. He tries his best, but he finds it’s kind of something she has to figure out. 

A conversation I had with my neighbor’s kids!

So 2 times a week I babysit my neighbor’s kids and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised how most kids I know are more socially accepting than most adults are.

So her daughter comes up to me and asked me if I was a racist? So I was kinda shocked and replied that I wasn’t since I dated a mixed Afro American for 3 years and a Chinese girl for a year before that, she told me how a boy in her glass is getting bullied because of his skin color, she said it was because the parents of the bully actually believe that anything darker than white is inferior!! It’s fucking 2017 how is it that people still believe that type mindset?! So I asked her what she thought about it and she simply said “It’s stupid, we are all people aren’t we? So why do we have to hate each other because someone is a little darker?” (She’s 7). So since I’m a curious mind I asked her what she thinks about same sex relationships and she gave me the best answer! “I have two aunts that love each other very much and they are my favorite!” I wish more people thought like that!! I hope one day people get to respect each other regardless of who they are.


10 Diverse Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are 10 stories about love, starring people of color and/or LGBT characters. Book descriptions are from Worldcat.

He Said, She Said by Kwame Alexander (HarperCollins)— When a popular football ‘playa’ and ladies man and the smartest girl in school lead a school protest, sparks fly as their social media-aided revolution grows.

Naughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman (Simon & Schuster) — In a world where the pale-skinned Naughts are discriminated against by the politically and socially powerful dark-skinned Crosses, teenagers Callum—a Naught—and Sephy—a Cross—test whether their love is strong enough to survive their society’s racism.

Between You & Me by Marisa Calin (Bloomsbury) — Phyre, sixteen, narrates her life as if it were a film, capturing her crush on Mia, a student teacher of theater and film studies, as well as her fast friendship with a classmate referred to only as “you.”

Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper (Atheneum) — Romiette, an African-American girl, and Julio, a Hispanic boy, discover that they attend the same high school after falling in love on the Internet, but are harrassed by a gang whose members object to their interracial dating.

When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer (Thomas Dunne Books) — Soledad Reyes decides to dance Carmen as part of a drum and bugle corps competition, not knowing if it will help or harm her chance of becoming a professional ballet dancer but eager to pursue new options, including a romance with the boy who invited her to audition.

Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier (Scholastic Press) — Seventeen-year-old Dimple, whose family is from India, discovers that she is not Indian enough for the Indians and not American enough for the Americans, as she sees her hypnotically beautiful, manipulative best friend taking possession of both her heritage and the boy she likes.

My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger (Dial) — Three teenagers in Boston narrate their experiences of a year of new friendships, first loves, and coming into their own.

Street Love by Walter Dean Myers (Amistad) — This story told in free verse is set against a background of street gangs and poverty in Harlem in which seventeen-year-old African American Damien takes a bold step to ensure that he and his new love will not be separated.

Mismatch by Lensey Namioka (Delacorte) — Their families clash when a Japanese-American teenaged boy starts dating a Chinese-American teenaged girl.

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler (Simon Pulse) — Jude has learned a lot from her older sisters, but the most important thing is this: The Vargas brothers are notorious heartbreakers. But as Jude begins to fall for Emilio Vargas, she begins to wonder if her sisters were wrong.


(its technically still afad where i am even tho this is late as fuck)

jim, 17, id is complicated as fuck and i love it. neurodivergent genderfluid lesbian communist, pilipinx mutt (mainly half ilocanx and half tagalog, with spanish and chinese thrown in there too), dating a half white half chinese girl. i am literally an anti-sj strawman. i also really like science fiction and makeup. hmu if yr in the la area~

anonymous asked:

This may have been answered before, but this is something I'm struggling with. I am white, I'm learning Chinese, and I hang out with a lot of Chinese people, but the vast majority of the people in the environment that I grew up in were Chinese. In most of my classes, I'm the only white person among nearly solely Chinese and Taiwanese Americans. In these circumstances, is learning about Chinese culture/dating Chinese girls fetishization?

wanting to learn more about a different culture isn’t in itself racist but it’s important that you do some self-reflection and examine your mindset going forward. why do you wish to learn these things/what do you want to achieve by learning these things? is it because you want to be able to understand your chinese friends/classmates better, or because you want to seem more ‘worldly’ and impressive? same goes with dating a chinese person. are you dating them because they’re ‘exotic’ and ‘different from white girls’, or because you genuinely enjoy their company as a person/have similar interests/etc? these are the kinds of things you need to think about

- el