"Do they stare because i'm cute or disabled" moments:

1. Walking to the gym at university, a cute guy, walking towards me waves enthusiastically and says hi. As I don’t know him I thought he had mistaken me for somebody else, but then he introduces himself and says: “I just wanted to meet you because I see you a lot around and you make yourself notice”. Instantly I think: “of course, he wants to be nice with the disabled girl, do i seem so in need of friends?” But then we had a random talk about the gym and our careers. Finally, we said we’ll see each other around and we continued our ways.

2. I was doing cardio and the guy next to mee kept staring. I thought: “It’s because my hips swagger too much”, i’m used to the stares. But when I left, he looked at me, smiled and wink. Of course I blushed, he was hot.


Or maybe everybody knows something about me i don’t know 👀

I’ll go for options 3 or 2, this is so hard for my lacking social abilities.

I miss dating in high school and I miss dating as a teenage virgin.

This may sound weird but just listen for a minute.

I started dating my first girlfriend July of 2004. I didn’t have a cell phone or car. Neither of us had sex ever. I was 15 going on 16 and she just turned 15 that year.

She had a cell phone and I could only use my house phone. Free minutes after 9pm and weekends you guys remember those days. Some of you at least.

Anyway after we met, we talked every day. TALKED. Not texted. Talked. And we went through the day and talked at the end so we had something to talk about on top of similar interests. If her mom ok’d it, I could go over her house. My mom or grandmother would have to drive me and I could stay at my friends down the road from her if need be.

We made out a lot. We kissed and cuddled a lot. Thinking back that’s all kiddie shit but then it mattered. It was something new for both of us and mattered a lot and we had fun. I think it was a few months before we ever did anything even sexual and even then it took almost a year to have sex.

But we had fun. We took the time to just have fun and not rush right into sex. We went and did things together. I’d buy her flowers on sweetest day and stuff. Not because I’d be ‘rewarded’ but because I wanted to. I’d go try new things with her that I had never done like ice skating or skiing (I’m terrible at both and do neither) and it was because we were making memories.

Dating now honestly just seems like how soon til sex? And then judging by if it’s good or bad do you stay or go? How many 'dates’ or nights spent or time cuddling or kisses or being intimate until you can be considered a couple? Is there a time period? Can you quantify any part of it?

You can fuck multiple times a night. What kind of dates do you go on? Gifts? How much do you spend? How many times do you do something until you ask the question what are we and what is this?

I’ve been involved with 2 girls for 2 months on different occasions. Dates. Gifts. Cuddling. Fucking. Making time. Skipping training sessions. Making plans for trips and stuff. All things they were OK with and said they looked forward to. But when it was around a month and a half to 2 months I asked what is this and what are we doing? And I either got let’s just not put a label on it or nothing.

I said fine and a short time later, they were both gone.

I dated a girl for about a month. Sex every other night. Maybe a night out or something. Took her to the symphony because she loved Tim Burton. And we kind of fizzled out.

Dating just isn’t as fun anymore. The sex isn’t anything special. The only 'new experiences’ people want to have are drug or alcohol related. Mostly because everyone has anxiety and the world fucks with us every day. 'Hallmark holidays’ are frowned upon. Texting makes things move too fast and quickly hit a wall because you run out of things to talk about. Nobody talks anymore.

I don’t miss the person. I miss the feelings and experiences I had with them.


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anonymous asked:

Hey Zaza, I'm having this problem about relationships... I'm almost 17 and I've never dated anyone before, and now my friend wants to hook me up with someone, but it just terrifies me. It's not because of a specific reason, it's just that I'm scared to fall in love with someone and every time someone shows interest in me I just push them off... Any advice?

sounds like you do have a specific reason for not dating, and it’s perfectly valid. if you don’t want to be in a relationship, you don’t have to be in one. they aren’t mandatory! just tell your friend that you’re happy being single, and to please forget about setting you up. hope you stand up for yourself turtledove!

Trying to ask the dude I’ve been talking to for a drink and he just ghosted/fell asleep in the middle of the convo, idek.  Like, I have everything set up, so whatever his next answer is, my answer would mention us getting drinks, but noooooooooo, now is the time to pause between messages.