Why people date online

http://www.amigote.com There are almost endless number of reasons why so many people choose online dating over traditional dating. There are millions of people dating in the online dating world and they are all looking for a mate and a possible long term relationship. With such a huge number of singles using online dating on a daily basis the chances of finding someone who matches your requirements and interests is very high. Today we see many people who have busy lives turning to online dating, because after a hard day of work, you simply don’t have enough energy to go out, instead you could simply relax in your favorite chair and use dating site to find out about a prospective partner or contact prospects every day, and at any time of the day.

To Tabloids

I would like to know if it’s possible to let Benedict Cumberbatch free of you? I am tired to see several magazines claiming he dates such girls when it isn’t obviously the case.

You dared to tell he dated Liv Tyler, you assumed he dated wonderful top-models and now Lara Pulver?

As Sherlock would say: “Dull!”. 

In all honesty, I am really stunned you thought he dated Lara because she dates someone else.  

As for me, I don’t truly care for people’s private life. It isn’t truly why we follow those actors.

I fellow Cumberbatch, Tyler and Pulver because of their talent not due to their private life. 

Dear fake journalists, please stop that, it’s disgusting.