There is a lot who I can nominate, who made a difference in my life.

But, Shezza, my sweet little Rowena is probably the one who deserve the most this nomination. 

I met her a few month ago, for a Supernatural Cosplay group. We didn’t speak a lot at the beggining. I was just a young padawan in the Spn World, She taught me everything that I should know.

But it’s not the reason why I nominate her. The reason is because she support me a lot. Everyday, for everything. I’m a really unlucky girl, I’ve never trust in myself and in my luck, instead of her, who is a real charismatic girl, with a lot of luck. I really was jealous at the beggining. 

When I was younger, I had to stop school because of bullying. Since this day, I have a really bad opinion of myself. And today It’s still the same, but each time I speak with her, each time I see how strong she is, I hope that one day I will be like her. 

She makes her dreams come true : going stydy in Canada, meet Ruth Connell, and so much more. Meanwhile I’m not able to be accepted in the school I want to, help or meet the peoples I want to.. But she is here each time to remember me that, Luck is not innate.. We have to bring about the luck. 

So.. I don’t think that will be enough for you.. But for me it’s a lot. She is really important to me, and she help me to always keep fighting and that one day, if I carry on, my dreams will come true. 

Oh.. and she deserve it, because she is probably Ruth’s biggest fan, she taught me a lot about the show and she love it so much. If it become she’ll win something, she probably so happy, and.. her happiness would make me so delighted.. 

@dathilde this post is for you. To show you my love and my appreciation.. 

Here is her tumblr http://dathilde.tumblr.com/ , don’t hesitate to check out her tumblr. She is pretty funny and amazing. ♥