Sketchdump C:

1. Dalamus Rex rolling his eyes at someone who’s obviously done something stupid.

2. Lohren uh.. resting his eyes??

3. Datti from my latest rp thread with Missy (her and my characters fleeing from bandits) All the damage she received was done by trees that were in her way. This dunmer has poor night vision and was practically running blind in a forest.

So, I heard you're hiring- [ Datharsi/Ardost ]

Datharsi had heard from a friend of a friend… that knows a mer that has heard that this other, apparently quite eccentric, mer of sorts was hiring- or looking for- a housekeeper. And it was somewhat close to Whiterun as well so she could visit Lohren, and make sure he ate properly when, or if, she had time off.

This day was like any other in Falkreath. It had only just stopped raining, though the grey sky threatened to begin the hail anew at any given moment, and the air carried a fresh but thick scent of wet grass and mud. There was also something other, something eerie, to the air that was unique to Falkreath Hold alone that the dunmer found rather fascinating but spooky at the same time- But maybe it was simply the knowledge of the great cemetery that aided to that feeling. She trekked off the road and began the search for her potential employers “tower”.

Arriving had been a bit tricky, mostly due to the terrain and a few near encounters with one of Skyrim’s many predators- like frostbite spiders, but finally standing in front of her destination had been worth all that trouble. Deciding that giving the door a few knocks before trying to enter was the more civilised approach she carefully gave the door a few light knocks and, realising that the owner might nor hear them, decided to add two more solid knocks before waiting for a response. Should she open the door perhaps? See if someone was inside?

stiltje asked:

1,15 and 16 ! !

((aaaaaah! very excited! ))

1.Draw your OC!

I chose Datharsi -the uncontrollably wild orphan- because she is my oldest rp character and my love for her is very, very deep. her story is so messy because I keep changing it all the time @o@ Mini is never satisfied.

15. Is your OC neat or messy?
Datharsi is a character who loves the open world endlessly and has a habit of leaving her home -for adventure!- fully clean and well dressed, only to return covered head to toe in either in a wonderful mix of, mud, dust, grass or leaves etc- It depends on the season, and almost always has she ripped a hole in one of her clothes.

So messy, she is definitely messy.

16. Favourite food?
Anything that doesn’t kill her really. She’s a horrible chef and her food always end up with a weird even grey colour. It’s a talent. She is however especially fond of dunmeri dishes. It’s something she never tasted growing up and it is a part of her heritage, something that belongs to her people. Even though dunmers native to Morrowind freaks her out, they’re just so rude!

dalamusrex asked:

Dalamus approached the girl, glancing about to make sure that no one was present before explaining himself. "Greymages have asked that I hug others. I would appreciate it if you did not stab me this time." The flash of a smirk appeared, but in another moment it was gone. He awkwardly pulled the much shorter Dunmer close, and there was an uncomfortable silence--at least to him--as he waited until the length of the hug completed the greymage's requirement before he could leave.

At first the little womer stood completely still, not sure if he was joking or not, but he didn’t move or let go of her. Well, she thought to herself, what nice thing for them to ask him to do. It was just a shame he didn’t really look like he would enjoy it- Maybe because he probably thought he was going to get stabbed again. “Don’t, worry though, mr. Rex. I don’t think your a bad enough person for me to stab.” She said trying to ease the awkwardness a bit. Plus, why would she want to deny him a hug? He was super cool and really mysterious! She liked him.

Hesitantly, Datharsi brought her own arms carefully around the larger dunmer and imitated his own, somewhat awkward, embrace. After gathering up some courage, she said one final thing. “You know…” Okay, maybe it was a little harder to say than expected, “I think you’re really cool.”

Right so, important imformation

I have decided to completely reboot my two characters Lohren and Datharsi. This basically means that any headcanon, back story etc. does not apply any more, these two are as good as new.

Anyone who chooses to are more than welcome to start a rp’ thread one or both of them- just remember that none of their previous relationships exists.

Thank you for your time.