High School with Calum would include:

Being in that inbetween the good and bad spot

Like you guys are able to get away with a lot

Calum always protects you from everyone

Ditching class to go on a date

Sneaking out late a night to hang out with each other

Sneaking him in so he can cuddle with you when you’re sad

Him being the soccer player and you being an art hoe


He asks you to prom with a song

Might have even roped Michael into singing the song too

You find your dream dress

Limo rides

Losing your virginity to him

The two of you studying together during finals

“Your cuteness is distracting me”

“Was that suppose to be a pickup line?”

“We’re already together so no…that was more of a I want to kiss you line”

He’ll always get you starbucks or some breakfast thing for before school

Wearing his sweater when you got cold

Wearing his jersey

You’ll always bring him something you cooked for lunch

Sitting under your tree at lunch

Kisses and hand holding everywhere!

Also wraps his arm around your waist protectively

His parents love you and vice versa

“I think my mom loves you more than me”

Friends always saying you guys are relationship goals.

“So Sami told me that we’re her OTP.”

“Funny, because Caleb told me that we’re relationship goals.”

He’ll always bring you chocolate, movies, and a heating pad during Shark Week