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Your art is incredible!!!! I WISH you did warriors art omg

Thank you! Do you mean do official Warriors characters on commission?
Sorry if my original post was unclear. Let me clarify:
I AM willing to draw official characters on commission, but I just prefer to do OC’s.
I’m hesitant to try drawing characters who I haven’t read about yet, since I’m not up to date with the series. 
When I draw cats from the series I don’t just take things like eye color, markings, and fur length into account. I really try to capture their personality in their designs as well. I’m afraid if I try to draw a character who’s personality I’m not familiar with yet, It won’t be anything like how I’d design them if I had read the books they’re featured in. 

So like… if you really want me to draw an official character for you I will, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be up to par with my previous drawings of official characters if I haven’t read their book yet. 

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So with the new humble book bundle being Horus Heresy I've got a question. Are all the books there? Is that the entire Horus Heresy series to date?

I don’t think it’s all of them but I’m not sure.

This has been on my computer for months and I finally got around to doing it because IDEA. I love dating sims, I love the shit out of them so why not do a series of characters in fake dating sims. Wilson had to be first because he was the first idea and I needed a test subject. More characters from different series to come. Will be for purchase as a 4x6 print soon.

i don’t really want to deal with myself but i have to, i guess

The Honeymoon

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 775
Summary: After a dream wedding, Dean and the reader have their whole life to look forward to. 
Warnings: None. 

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Fulfilling A Fantasy by SBK

Michonne breathes in deeply welcoming the fresh air caressing her skin and moving through her hair as she and Rick cruise down the highway with the windows down.  The night air is not too cool nor too warm but a pleasant mixture that is more than comfortable.  

She looks over to him, wondering at the smile he has worn ever since he came home from work. He refused to tell her where they were going.  He’d planned their date night weeks ago but didn’t give her any details as he wanted it to be a surprise.  The only clue she has is that it is some miles away from King County as they have been on the road for over a half hour.  He also insisted that she wear a dress which was even more puzzling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me where we’re going?  I’d like to have a reason for matching your smile.”

He shakes his head, the air tossing his curls.  “Nope. Now stop asking.”

“Not even a little hint?” She prods.

The smile never leaves his face as he reaches up and presses a button to power on the radio.  A melodic country tune fills the car and he proceeds to sing along….loudly.

Michonne sighs realizing that she is not going to get anything out of him.  She sits contently, excited about their night out and anticipating his plans.

He continues to sing, allowing his eyes to drift down as he takes in the clingy dress she wore.  He clears his throat as a distraction, commanding his body to quell down its response to her.

Several minutes later, he is making a turn off the main highway and pulling onto a dirt path, driving up to a small booth with a young teen seated inside.

“Evening folks.  Y’all are just in time.  Two?”

Rick nods as he grabs his wallet and hands him a couple of bills.  Michonne frowns as she canvasses their surroundings.  The trees are shrouding whatever is ahead but she can’t help wondering if this is an outdoor concert or something as she can hear some sort of music playing nearby.

Rick accepts his change and drives forward.  Michonne breaks into a smile as she realizes they are at a drive in theater.  She thought these were obsolete everywhere.

“How did you find this place?  I’ve never been to a drive in movie before.”

He smiles with her. “Leon Basset told me about it. They just opened up a few weeks ago.” He sighs as he looks around, trying to find a place to park.  “I remember going to a drive in as a little kid but they were all gone by the time I was old enough to really enjoy them.”

He parks the car and kills the engine.  He leans over and gives her a kiss to the cheek.  “Be right back.”

She looks up at the screen informing them that tonight’s double feature is a romantic comedy and a horror film.  She cringes at the latter, hoping Rick will be ready to call it a night after the first movie.

He returns promptly, carrying a tray loaded with soda, popcorn, and candy.  She watches as he attaches the tray to the window just like in the old movies she has seen.  The fact that she is experiencing this for the first time with Rick just makes it all the more special.

He looks down at the console between them as he hands her the popcorn and soda and wishes he’d driven his old pickup truck.  They’d be cuddled side by side with nothing to divide them.  He shrugs and decides to just make the best of it.

“This was a really nice idea Rick.”  She looks around at all the other cars and notices that the parking lot is full. “Thanks for surprising me.”

“You are more than welcome.”

They turn their attention to the movie which has begun, munching on their snacks as they watch with interest.

Several minutes into the film, Rick finds himself glancing at his wife more than at the giant projection screen.  The flickering lights from the screen plus the post lights in the parking area are giving off enough illumination to make her smooth skin glow and showcase her perfect cleavage as they both beckon him.

He leans over, resting an elbow on the console as he looks at her and then at the screen.  He stretches an arm towards her, resting it across her shoulders as he pulls her closer to him.

“Mr. Grimes, what are you doing?”

“I want to kiss you so badly right now.  I remember hearing the older kids talk about how they used to make out at the drive in and I remember how I couldn’t wait to get older so I could do the same thang but I never got the chance.”

She gives him her full attention, noting the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.  “So you brought me to the drive in just so you could make out with me in the car?”

“Of course not.  You said yourself that this was a nice idea. A great date, right?”  With her nod, he leans in a little closer.  “So let’s make it even greater.”

She can never resist when her husband is in an amorous mood.  She’d seen this particular romantic comedy before anyway.  She looks around cautiously before leaning in and pressing her lips to his.  She can feel him smile before he opens his mouth over hers and delves inside with his tongue.  She latches on, pulling slightly before she offers up her own tongue, pushing inside slowly.

He moans as he tilts his head, bringing his hand up from her waist to cup one of her breasts softly. He honestly feels like a randy teenager, trying to hit a home run.  He trails kisses along her cheek and down to her neck, the sweet fragrance of her perfume going straight to his head.

She runs her fingers through his hair, tossing her head back as he tongues her neck expertly.  Her breath comes in short pants as her excitement continues to elevate.  “Is this some sort of fantasy for you?”

He stops momentarily to look into her eyes, his breathing just as erratic as hers.  “More than that because I’m with you.”

She smiles, wondering yet again how she got so lucky.  Rick is the sweetest man she has ever known.  “I don’t know how I’m going to top this date since I have to plan our next outing.”

“You’ll think of something. If not, we can always come back.” He gives her a quick kiss before lifting himself from the driver’s side and smoothly making his way to the back seat. He sits there gazing at his gorgeous wife with passion filled eyes, his long legs spread wide, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Are you serious? What if someone catches us?”  She asks cautiously.

“We don’t have to go all the way but you could at least let me get to first base.”

She covers her mouth as she giggles, shaking her head at her incorrigible husband.  She allows her eyes to rake him slowly before she bites her bottom lip and climbs into the back with him.

He gives her a huge smile, his hands splaying her waist as he situates her onto his lap.  He rests one hand at her hip and the other across her back, relishing in the softness of her hands as she palms his face.  He starts to kiss her once again before allowing her butt to hit the seat and moving his hand underneath her dress, skimming his fingers up her thighs.  Her body shudders as he cups her sex, rubbing against her nub through silken panties. “Did I tell you this has already surpassed anythang I’ve ever fantasized about?”

She answers with a push against his hand before wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a more intense lip lock.  She rocks slowly, gently, finding a nice rhythm as they continue to taste each other. A gasp is inevitable as he pushes her panties aside and touches her slick, naked flesh.  “This is more than first base.”

He doesn’t answer just continues to caress her as he travels down her body with kiss after kiss and bites her breasts lightly through her clothes.  His eyes pop when she grabs the bodice of her dress and reveals a plump breast with an erect nipple straining for his mouth.  He obliges, suckling with purpose and intent as he continues to finger her gently.

She slides a hand down his chest and unzips his jeans, pushing inside and wrapping a hand around his rigid shaft.  She can give as good as she gets.  She rocks her hips with more aggression, satisfied when he does the same, pushing into her hand over and over again.  The tension builds up, his touch taking her higher and higher until her body stiffens with release.  She continues to work him despite her rapid breathing, shaking, and jerking.  

“Ah…..ah……” he pants loudly, giving in to her ministrations, exploding inside of his pants with a strangled cry.

She nuzzles his neck as they both start to come down from the ultimate high.  “Was that good?”

All he can manage is a slight nod and a really goofy grin.