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Couple Yoga! Ong Seongwoo

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“We love the things we love for what they are.”

  • If there was one thing Seongwoo was ever bad at, he was very very very inflexible
  • His body was just stiff and whenever he tried to reach his toes, prepare to hear his spine crack 
  • He might be a dancer but flexibility wasn’t needed in popping
  • But he refused to admit it cause he had his pride at stake
  • like he’s Ong Seongwoo ffs how can he not do something so simple???
  • This boy like to claimed that him doing a split was an artwork that deserved to be on The Louvre and you are just like ‘no stop’
  • Even if 5 seconds later, he’s just groaning over his back when you asked him to try and do a bridge
  • You and he were going to Jeju Island to celebrate your 3rd Year Anniversary
  • He was hoping for some relaxation time and y'all know some good o'l bonding time since you had two had been busy with your respective jobs
  • Jeju Island was a beauty as you took longs walks with him whilst marvelling at the gorgeous surroundings
  • After a really good dinner of BBQ meat and kimchi stew along with glasses of soju, you two started planning your schedule for the next day
  • You told him you had booked a couple yoga class the next evening
  • Unlike him, you were actually extremely flexible and actually practiced yoga on a weekly basis
  • You minored in modern dancing in college which was where you had first met Seongwoo
  • His best friend, Daniel, took the same class as you and was also the person who introduced you to him
  • More like Seongwoo bribed him with endless amount of jellies lol
  • Seongwoo just thought that you were totally his type and wanted your number
  • You two got along VERY well and you two were even had the highest votes for the Best Couple in the college’s newsletter 
  • One thing somehow lead to another and you two had now been dating for 3 years
  • You became a yoga enthusiast ever since your friend introduced you to the practice
  • You had tried to get Seongwoo to join for some of your classes before but he always said he was busy
  • But you saw how he was playing with Daniel’s cat on his Instagram Stories lol
  • Not even sure if you wanted to be jealous over Daniel tbh
  • Cue five seconds later, you will receive a phone call from Seongwoo apologizing and say his plan got cancelled and he didn’t want to bother you so he went to Daniel’s apartment instead
  • In the end, you decided to just screw that plan and forced him to join the classes when he had no way out
  • Hence you purposely scheduled a private couple yoga class after one of your classmates had exclaimed that it really helped her and boyfriend to have a better connection
  • Also, you wanted to get your revenge for him ditching you the last time lmao
  • This time, he had no way of escaping since you guys were in Jeju Island
  • He reluctantly went to the class with you, sulking the whole way
  • That boy will just playfully ignore you the whole way like acting like he didn’t hear you when you asked him if he was ready for it
  • But he didn’t really mind since how bad could yoga be????
  • It didn’t help that he found you looked extremely hot in yoga pants lmao
  • He was thinking he should really go for yoga classes with you if he wanted an excuse to catch a view like that
  • Oh boy was he wrong to think that
  • He was wearing a sleeveless hoodie and a singlet underneath which was his usual workout attire
  • But 15 minutes into it, he was already sweating buckets in it
  • It started off where you two had to stare at each other with no expression for a minute
  • He was so tempted to do a funny face to make you laugh since he wasn’t used to seeing you with a frown and he thought it looked cute
  • But he thought about the strict male instructor who was glaring from your back
  • As if asking Seongwoo to concentrate and he felt a shiver ran down his back as the instructor looked like he could crush Sungwoo with one hand
  • The first few moments were pretty easy until the instructor decided to move on to a more advanced level
  • That’s when he spent the rest of the class groaning 
  • “When is this going to end?”
  • “I swear babe, we are never doing yoga again.”
  • He had a hard time focusing on the movements as he watched how you twisted your body to a position where he didn’t know it was possible???
  • Seongwoo was totally cool if he had to watch you do yoga all day because your body was moving with such fluidity that he was fighting the urge to keep staring
  • You laughed when you saw how hard he was trying seeing as how he used to tell you that ‘yoga was easy ~’
  • You literally made him eat back his words )))
  • His body was even struggling to do the ‘downward dog’ position as you saw how he fell for the nth time and had to quickly go back to that position
  • You were giggling watching him trying to keep up as he bit on his hoodie from the sheer pain as the instructor pushed him from the back to make him stretch lower
  • He looked as if he just walked through hell and as each pose took place, his face became darker and darker 
  • While he was tired, he was glad in a way you were enjoying as you were asking the instructor a lot of questions
  • He was super impressed seeing how you could easily do a handstand
  • At the end of the session, you two were required to hug each other to ‘connect’ your souls
  • Seongwoo was even struggling to get up at this point as his body was so sore
  • He honestly just wanted to hug the floor and remained Shavasana since it was literally just lying on the ground
  • ngl it was his favourite pose
  • As you guys hugged, he felt like all his tiredness just went away
  • Just looking at your back made him felt at ease and thankful
  • He realized how much a hug can do as he felt both your souls were connected in the few minutes even without any words being exchanged
  • He realized how important it was to follow your interest as you had such a genuine smile on the entire class
  • Once you guys pulled back, you smile at his composure and how his face just looked so much more relax
  • But his calmness went immediately when the instructor asked if you guys wanted to schedule another class
  • Cue him grabbing you by the wrist to the locker room to change
  • He did slam open the door, panting hard as he ran all the way from the third floor to the first floor
  • Pinning your arms on both sides as he looked directly into you with such intensity as he bite his lips
  • “Do you know frustrated I was with you?”

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Dating EXO’s Park Chanyeol

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  • Jokester 101
    • seriously - he won’t take things seriously unless you say, “Chanyeol, I’m serious”
  • Probably confess as a joke
    • “It would be weird if I suddenly grabbed your hand” *grabs your hand* “and just ask you to date me in front of all the guys” he says signally at his band members around him.
    • “You just confessed - idiot” D.O say rolling his eyes

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  • Lot’s of dates - mostly because ehe likes to show you off
    • Dog park dates
      • “Toben wants a brother - se I think we should get another dog”
    • Restaurant dates
    • Coffee dates
    • At Home movie dates
      • “Theres a new movie on Netflik. Pop the popcorn, I’m getting the big blanket”
  • Get ready to get exhausted - literally an energizer bunny
    • “Chan - I’m tired, lets just sleep”
    • He will wake you up because he can’t fall asleep and then fall asleep first.
    • Probably also the first one to wake up and “accidentally wake you up” since he’s had enough time to admire your sleeping state and wants to do something together.
  • You’re dating him ( and Kai and Sehun and Baek and Chen and…)

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    • “The guys want to see the new movie, too! so I’m driving over there now with them to pick you up.”
    • Sehun knocks for the 18th time on your locked bathroom door, “You take forever to get ready - Chanyeollll drake her out of here already.” 
    • “What are we doing this Saturday? I was think we can take our dogs out to the park” Kai says already grabbing Toben from his bed.
    • “Baekhyun’s in the backseat, just so you’re aware.”
  • Don’t get me wrong he values alone time too
    • “I told the guys we’ll meet them at the restaurant so we have a good 2 hours or so until they get there, realize we ditched them and come back.”
  • Group Pranks are also a must - Suho goes crying to you after the guys do something.
    • “Chanyeol! you can’t replace his vitamins with sugar pills!”
    • “But he’s so stingy with his vitamin! Kai thought of it!”
  • Pet Names
    • “Yah, Y/n” - on a regular basis
    • “Babe” - when he wants something
    • “Y/n-ssi” - when he’s joking around
  • Loves to show you off
    • Loves it. so don’t be surprised when you hear him mentioning you in interviews or tells you to get dressed because he’s going over with a filming crew to film his everyday life.
    • “I think we should go public since I would rather they know before I tattoo my name or get your pregnant”
    • “What? No-”
    • “Hush babe, the company is backed into a corner now - they have to say yes. So is that a yes?”

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  • Sets up stability like no other
    • “Just bring a large bag with extra clothes and night stuff for when you stay over at the dorm”
    • “I bought a second set of instruments so I can keep them at your place. You know… for science reasons”
    • “Clear a drawer for me at your place, y/n”
    • “Toben likes your place better. You don’t mind taking him in while I’m gone?”
  • Sex
    • Tries his hardest to make you comfortable
    • The type to have a conversation about the do’s and don’ts of sex with you
    • But when he finally understand
      • Always wants to make you cum first - no exception
      • Smirking is a must
      • His deep voice is enough of a panty dropper
      • Gets rough near the ending to get his point across that only he can do these things.
    • Best aftercare
      • grabs his shirt to clean you and tells you to sleep naked
      • Bathes you
      • Looks you in the eyes and says he ordered Macdonalds already

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  • On Tour
    • Goes out to eat and video calls you.
    • Forgets to call when HSI schedule is hectic but usually can’t fall asleep without hearing how you’re day was.
    • “Day 32, we are running low on affections and -”
    • “Yeol, you literally just saw me. You haven’t even boarded the plane to leave!”
  • Sickness
    • “Chanyeol, you are not dying you just have a stuffy nose. Stop scaring your manager! I’ll come over soon.”
  • Jealousy is a given
    • We all know he knows he’s attractive, but that doesn’t stop him from having an awful feeling when another guy approaches you
    • He’s likes to show you off specifically for the reason to tell everyone you’r only his.
  • Periods
    • Literally smiles shyly about anything you mention about it
      • “What do you want? Heating pad?
    • “Do you want my love or are you going to act all rude?”
  • Arguing
    • Doesn’t like arguments and usually just says things along the lines of
      • “Listen for a bit”
      • “Come here”
    • Totally not serious 80 percent of the time and turns it into something light hearted

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    • The other 20 percent = Blowing off steam somewhere else, but always comes back to you.
      • “I can’t lose you over something like this”
    • Can’t look you in the eyes when your mad, but always makes you look at him when you’re crying
  • The Nations Boyfriend. He’s all about putting you first and showing you that he means it. Not afraid to turn extra soft/childish/whiny around you. Totally mature when you least expect him to and a total 

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Fake Dating/Contract Relationships

White Lies: Part 8

A Bucky x Reader / Fake Dating AU Series

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A/N: My deepest apologies for this part taking so long to come out. I wanted it to be perfect, plus I believe it’s the longest part so far, and with the holidays I couldn’t found time to finish it. But here it is! I’ll just apologize ahead of time. Let me know what you think. I appreciate all of your likes, reblogs, asks, and replies. Your love and support are what make me thrive as a writer. This series is all for you ♥

Word Count: 2,424

- language.
- mild violence.
- angst.
- Bucky is the biggest shits of all shits.

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The rest of the night was spent watching Natasha flirt with Bucky. Her manicured fingers would trail along his forearm when they were close, catching up on old times, and she’d bat her eyelashes at him whenever he spoke. She was clearly doing this just to piss you off, and it was working. You wanted to vomit; the sour bile creeping up your throat every time she even looked in his direction.

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