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  • I’ve always seen seungcheol as a pediatrician. He loves kids and he works well with little boys and girls clinging to his leg
  • Voted the best pediatric doctor in the hospital, not actually valid since the children in the pediatric unit were the ones that stated it so Jihoon doesn’t believe it
  • Doctor No Shot, one of the reasons kids love him so much is because he refuses to be associated with needles, always has nurses distribute the shots and he gets to be the nice guy in the end when he gives them candy
  • Mothers absolutely love and adore him, grandmothers want him to marry their granddaughter
  • As playful as he seems, seungcheol is actually a very hard working doctor that knows his stuff, he was voted best for a reason
  • has little cute pins and stickers on his coat, some were given by the kids
  • Seungcheol is a Critical Care pediatrician (basically an Intensive care unit for kids)
  • Seungcheol often brings candy and such to put a smile on their faces
  • Will have at least one child follow him around the hospital while he is giving rounds
  • sometimes carries around children too
  • Dresses up as Santa for Christmas and makes other doctors his elves (*cough*jihoon*cough*)
  • Tells the interns that anyone who can rap better than him gets to publish his paper with him (to his dismay, Hansol wins)
  • Will do anything to make the children smile
  • Being a doctor isn’t all smiles though
  • Was repeated trying to resuscitate an 8 year old girl who was having heart conditions and couldn’t make it to the top of the transplant list
  • Spent five minutes after the flat line trying to revive her as medical professionals watched in sadness, when the nurse tried to pronounce the death, Seungcheol snapped at her
  • It wasn’t until Jihoon came in, shoving him away that he stopped and he broke down
  • Was sent to psychiatric counseling to deal with the grief
  • No one knew how to react when he came back all chipper and happy, so they all just let it go
  • You were the newly hired pediatric surgeon in the unit
  • The first time Seungcheol saw you, he kind of thought you were a nurse and so it was rocky start after he ordered you to change a bedpan in room 242
  • “Ah, I’m a girl so you automatically assume I’m a nurse.”
  • “What?”
  • “Doctor Y/N!” Jihoon walks up to you, “Seungcheol, so you’ve met Y/N, she’s the new pediatric surgeon I was talking about. You guys will be working a lot together.”
  • Seungcheol’s face is really red now in embarrassment and you’re giving him a smug smile as you shake hands
  • He finds out that you’re really good with kids and the way you talk with a sweet voice suddenly warms his heart and now he’s thinking you’re really cute and he really shouldn’t because it’s not really a good thing to date a coworker but he really really wants to hold your hand and kiss your lips and
  • “doctor choi are you and y/n going to get married?”
  • “nurse Jeonghan says you love y/n”
  • “shhhhhhh” Seungcheol shushes the child as you walk by and greet Seungcheol
  • Once you were preparing for surgery, when you stopped Seungcheol who was walking by, “Hey, can you do me a favor. Subin really wants her stuffed puppy with her for the surgery so do you mind getting it for her, I’m not starting until she gets it.”
  • Seungcheol practically melts at that, you were probably the sweetest person he’s ever met and that statement made him go wild
  • Stares at you a lot when you walk in the hallway, like he’s leaning over the nurses station with a pen in his mouth and biting it really hard when you walk by, and now he’s leaning over to look down at your—-
  • “you’re drooling”
  • Seungcheol nearly falls over the station and he sends a glare at Jeonghan who doesn’t even look up from the computer
  • Gets jealous when you are walking and talking to Jihoon, because although you two are discussing surgery matters, it still isn’t fair that neurosurgeon Jihoon (who has nothing to do with pediatric) gets to talk to you
  • He didn’t know this but the children in the pediatric unit was talking him up to you
  • “did you know doctor choi was the one to put the princess band aid on me”
  • “Oh really”
  • “YEAH and he gave me a candy right after too.”
  • “OH OH and doctor choi makes everyone laugh and smile.”
  • You smile as you have five kids following you, talking up their precious doctor choi
  • “doctor choi really really really likes you, he told me.”
  • “shhhhh, you’re not supposed to tell her.”
  • “oh sorry.”
  • You laugh quietly, bending down to the kids, you whisper, “Do you want to know a secret, I like doctor choi too.”
  • Then all hell breaks loose because the five kids are now running to Seungcheol who has just entered the room, and the kids are half whispering and half yelling that you like seungcheol back
  • And now Seungcheol is all embarrassed again, with his hand rubbing the back of his neck, he ask you out on a coffee date
  • Now that he’s dating you, he can stare happily all he wants when you walk by and not feel ashamed or stalkerish when he looks down at your—
  • “it’s still creepy”
  • Will use the children in the pediatric unit to send you messages like ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’
  • Then got scolded by Jihoon for using children as messengers while you laughed in the background
  • You’re number 1 hype man when you prepare for surgery, always kisses you beforehand too for good luck
  • Is really close and intimate in the doctors lounge which everyone who is in there will make those gagging noises and tell you two to get a room
  • Late night naps in the on call room
  • Dates are often in the on call room or the break room, as well as the cafeteria
  • If you’re working when he’s not, he’ll always bring you coffee and vice versa
  • You two will be each others safe haven whenever there is a bad day, you two will just hold each other tightly and there will be this silence that hangs tightly in the air, and your hand is softly playing with his hair before you two just drift to sleep in each others arms.
  • The walk of shame out of the on call room (if you know what I mean)
  • Pediatric Seungcheol is a cute dedicated doctor who loves you with all his heart as well as all of his patients.  

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May I request some headcanons on how Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki would react if they realize that they have a crush on the reader ? 💞

Hey Sweetheart 🌌 Thank you so much for your ask! 💕 I had really fun while writing it 😃

Also, first piece of writing I did with Kiri 😍 I’ve been on a Kirishima train for the whole week

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Catches himself staring at you during classes, actually thinking that you’re not the ugliest shit out there. Urgh~ did he just really think that? But the way your lips curl into a tiny smile, every time you answer a question right is fucking cute and you’re really smart, that’s so sexy
  • During training battles he would throw some advices at you whenever he thinks it’s necessary. Everyone is just like ‘was he just casually being nice?’ “I’M NOT NICE, YOU’RE NICE” “Ahem, Kacchan, this is not really an insult?” “SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPIDHEAD”
  • There would come this day, when he lies in his bed and he can’t wrap his head around other things than you. He would have this kind of conversation with himself ‘Okay Katsuki, who are you shitting here? Everyone else is shitting you, you should at least be honest with yourself’


  • It would accidentally slip out while he is talking with his mum and she would tease him a lot about it, urging him to ask you out on a date
  • Now we’re getting to the root of the problem, he has not really an idea about how to be nice to girls, because he never considered something like a ‘love’ interest (A little secret, this word still makes him shudder a little). When he finally brings himself to ask you out on a date, it’s not really an ask, it’s a demand and because he is trying to curse less, he is a stuttering mess

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Kirishima has been friends with you for a while now. You’re smart, you’re casual and just fun to be around. He really loves your cheerful personality! Watching movies with you, sharing funny memes, cracking lame jokes-
  • Wait? Did he really think he loves your personality? It is love like in bromance ‘love’, right? You are both sharing the same manly ideals, right? Okay, actually thinking about you is a lot about your contagious laughter and the way your boobs are bouncing when you’re dying because he cracked a super lame joke
  • The first time he has those thoughts, he instantly flushes, his cheeks tinted in the same color as his hair. Afterwards, he has some trouble looking into your eyes
  • You are one of his best friends and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Unlike his usual bright self, he tries to put some distance between the two of you. He is really confused and doesn’t know how to handle this situation. After all, he doesn’t think he’s such a great person, what if you don’t like him back? What if he ruins this relationship you both have established?


  • He will cry some – not so manly- tears because he is really in despair. He knows that keeping you at distance will eventually lead to the same result as a failed love confession

  • He asks Bakugou about his opinion and he really says something useful? You’re just a fucking not so manly pussy if you don’t have the guts to tell her


Todoroki Shouto

  • Likes being around you because you make him feel comfortable. He doesn’t even see the need to cover any of his opinions
  • He loves listening to you and your stories, even he if sometimes has no clue what you are talking about. Only hearing your voice calms him down and he can get lost in it, to the point where you will stare at him “Todo-kun, are you listening?”


  • One time, he fell asleep while you were both sitting on your bed. When he woke up, you were sleeping next to him, your chest rising up and down slowly, your face covered with the most peaceful expression he had ever seen on you. He suddenly felt a warm feeling blossom in his chest, which he couldn’t really classify
  • To be honest, he needed Deku to realize that what he felt was ‘having a crush’ on someone. He never had the time to consider what it feels like to harbor feelings in a romantic way for someone and thanks to his (scum of a) father, he never experienced what real love between two individuals looks like
  • He suddenly gets really flustered whenever you’re around, but he decides that he should probably confess to you. First, he can’t stand the feeling of acting all awkward when you with him; second, honestly nap time with you it’s just the greatest thing ever

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hi! could u write a bullet point list thing (or a one shot?? whichever u want) abt dowoon w an artist s/o pls? :)

Somehow……..All I could think of was a University!AU…..And this one….Also got away from me….  ⁄(⁄✿⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

University!AU - JaeSungjinYoung K - WonpilDowoon -

University Student!Dowoon

  • studies double major of music technology n percussion
  • tries his v best in every class bless his heart
  • v shy n quiet but is the one that the rest of the class fight over to work w/ him on a group project
  • roomies w/ fellow music technology major wonpil
  • he likes to use the music studio whenever it’s free to practice
  • prof doesn’t mind bc he’s lowkey one of the faves
  • one of those students who doesn’t speak much but is trusted so much by the professors he has the keys to everywhere lmao
  • however, one of the reasons he likes to practice in the studio is bc the music studio is near the art studio
  • n he always sees you in there working on one of your art pieces
  • doesn’t kno a single thing about you tho
  • only knows that you’re really pretty, a great artist n you like to dance around in your studio to the radio when you’re waiting for something
  • also the reason he goes to the studio alone
  • if wonpil ever found out about his lil crush on you he’d never hear the end of it
  • doesn’t kno that you and wonpil are already friends
  • almost has a heart attack when he walks by one day n sees wonpil in there w/ you
  • kind of just freezes until wonpil spots him and calls out his name brightly
  • he snaps out of it to see wonpil has tugged him into your studio n now you’re smiling at him n introducing yourself
  • his ears are BRIGHT RED
  • wonpil is giggling bc he ~knows~ what’s goin on w/ dowoon
  • meanwhile you’re like (。・ ω・。)?
  • you just find him cute as he introduces himself shyly
  • wonpil asks what dowoon was doin n dowoon tells him he was gonna practice
  • then you gasp like you!!!!!!!
  • dowoon is wide eyed as he looks at you like m-me?????
  • then suddenly you’re excited and you’re holding his hands in yours
  • “you must be the one playing the drums right!!!! wahh, you’re so good!!”
  • “a-ah….y-yes….thank y-you….”
  • dowoon_cannot_process.exe
  • wonpil is on the verge of giving himself a hemorrhage w/ how hard he’s trying to keep his laughter in
  • after that, whenever you always see him on his way to practice n talk to him
  • you even exchange numbers n start going to some of his shows!!!!!!!
  • yeah DAY6 are still a band in this AU i couldn’t resist
  • you meet the rest of the band before one of shows n give wonpil n him good luck hugs
  • but right before you go to find your seat to give dowoon a lil kiss on the cheek then run away giggling
  • you can hear the boys teasing dowoon as you go
  • after the show, before you can find them, dowoon runs up to you
  • he just came off stage so he’s lookin g o o d
  • takes your hands n asks you on a date
  • now it’s you’re turn to go bright red n stutter your answer out to him
  • the more he learns about you even after you start dating the more he’s fascinated w/ you n your art
  • happily lets you draw him but his ears still go a lil pink each time you look at him for a while when you draw him
  • is also the one who gets you to step back from your work a lil when he sees you’re getting mad bc your painting/drawing/sculpting just isn’t going right
  • it may look beautiful to him but he knows that you get finicky with details n you’ll get mad at yourself if he doesn’t get you to chill out for a bit then come back to it later
  • once let you paint on him for one of your projects
  • he was a lil awkward at first but got used to it
  • would probs let you do it again if you asked him to
  • he liked seeing how concentrated you got up close when you painted on him
  • you were just tryin really hard to not stare at him
  • before this point you thought of dowoon as your squishy cute boyfriend
  • n now you’re painting on his bare upper half 
  • he is definitely not cute nor squishy at this moment in time
  • when he’s not rendering you speechless 
  • he’s your no.1 fanboy
  • most supportive human being ever
  • goes to each of your exhibits
  • also gets the others to come w/ him
  • holds your hand when you get nervous about talking to people about your artwork
  • stares @ you like you’re his sun, moon n stars when you’re not nervous anymore n you’re passionately talking about art
  • just loves how you’re so passionate about your craft n take so much pride in your work
  • doesn’t realize you stare at him the same way when he plays the drums
  • anyone can tell just by seeing how you two look at each other that you mean so so much to each other
Nutrition Facts and Food Labels

Part I

栄養成分 えいようせいぶん nutrition info (sometimes seen as 栄養成分表示 where 表示 ひょうじ means  statement/indication)

当たり あたり per (100g当たり = nutrition info per 100g || 1個あたり = per one piece)

種類別名称 しゅるいべつめいしょう (or just 名称) item type

商品名 しょうひんめい product name

エネルギー  energy (calories)

熱量 ねつりょう calories (you may see this or エネルギー)

たんぱく質 たんぱくしつ protein

炭水化物 たんすいかぶつ carbs

脂質 ししつ fat

糖類 とうるい sugar

ナトリウム sodium

ビタミン__ vitamin_

加熱用 かねつよう must be cooked

刺身用 さしみよう can be used for sashimi (doesn’t need to be cooked)

生食用 せいしょくよう to be eaten raw

有機 ゆうき organic

place name + 産 = made in ~ (i.e. 大阪産 made in Osaka or カリフォルニア州産 made in California)

賞味期限 しょうみきげん (or 消費期限 しょうひきげん) best eaten by / expiration date

Now you try! Can you make some sense of this label?

Nico and Will go for their first date

  • Now that Nico and Will aren’t so little anymore, they want to be independent and go on dates together
  • Chiron doesn’t really like the idea of them leaving the safety of camp half-blood but he sees their reasons for wanting to go
  • After the majority of the summer has gone by, and Chiron has been asked 3000 times, he let’s them go under three conditions
  • can’t go too far, must bring weapons, be back by dinner time
  • Nico and Will are so excited the little dorks like Chiron finally said yes ???
  • So they walk hand-in-hand down the road to the little town, and stop in this cute little bakery and cafe on main street
  • Nico gets a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream
  • Will gets a tea with honey
  • They both get a piece of chocolate cake to split
  • They both sit down in a little booth in the corner, Nico wraps his arm around Will, who instantly cuddles up to Nico’s side
  • Nico and Will take turns feeding each other pieces of cake
  • Nico by accident makes Will laugh, and Will spills a little of his tea on his shirt
  • They’re both laughing really hard
  • They eat their cake and drink their drinks and now they’re just laughing and cuddling
  • They leave, holding hands and joking around, just being the cute little dorks they are
  • Back at home, safely within the barriers of camp, Nico wraps both of his arms around Will
  • Will trails his hands through Nico’s hair and also along the muscles on his back
  • “That was a great first date” “It was” 
  • I love yous are exchanged, kisses are given and these two dorks are happy together 

I’m getting kinda tired of this
Tour Because Awesome media blitz
You’ve got Nerdfighteria all at your gate.
Don’t you know venues are selling out
And my money I was shelling out
The minute you announced that tour date
Now four days is way too long to wait

‘Cause I need a Hank Green concert
Like Hank Green needs Harry Potter
And as Wednesday approaches, my need grows!
Oh, Accio Perfect Strangers
You and hundreds of teenagers
It’ll be better than times that you rehearsed
Yeah, Accio Perfect Strangers!

I’m getting kinda petrified.
What would I do if my car died
Or if giant squids exploded the bus?
I have no confidence
In Helicoptopodes if it’s
The only way I have, I’d be stuck.
And holy crap, that would freakin suck!

'Cause I need a Hank Green concert
Like Hank Green needs Harry Potter
And as Wednesday approaches, my need grows!
Oh, Accio Perfect Strangers
You and hundreds of teenagers
It’ll be better than times that you rehearsed
Yeah, Accio Perfect Strangers!

Whatever’s up the sleeve of Warner-Chilcott
I bet the decepticons will steal my ticket,
Not really, I’m just being paranoid
In the end, I don’t think it’s gonna matter
If it’s awful, or awful in a different manner
'Cause right now I’m just very overjoyed

(original song)

How To: Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

What is a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet? you might ask. It is one single list that combines the due dates and important info from all of your classes. 

Ok, but why is that important? I think it is really helpful because it allows me to see which class should take top priority at anytime during the semester. I also like to put the total points available for each assignment so that I can keep up with my own grades. 

And here it is… How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet!

{It will save your life during midterms and finals, seriously.}

1. Gather the syllabi from all of your classes

Flip to the part with the due dates (you know, the only part of the syllabus that we actually read). I like to highlight the due dates just so I am 100% sure that I don’t miss any. No, seriously, I read, reread, re-reread it like 20 times to make absolutely sure I don’t skip over something.
That would be completely catastrophic.

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Voice Actors:

1) Okay, although it’s kind of sad Fujita won’t voice Taichi anymore, I can totally get used to this new voice= TAICHI SOUNDS REALLY GOOD?? I’m actually surprised with the new cast because THEY KIND OF FIT??? 

For real, I got the goosebumps when I found out Hyuuga (KnB) and Yamato (Digimon Adventure Tri) now share the same voice. xDD It’s (again, surprisingly) a very good choice! Not to meantion I can NOW officially compare the Taiorato triangle to HyuugaxRikoxKiyoshi???? LMAO C’MON!! I’M HAVING A LOT OF FUN WITH THIS, PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!!

Same about Mimi’s VA? Those who used to watch KHR know what I’m talking about!! Haru’s voice is perfect for Mimi; and I can totally see that voice on this character!!

Source of the picture above: @tia_nicoTubeTPK

I don’t know anybody else’s voice at this point but I have such a good feeling about this already I can’t even bring myself to mourn the previous voices! This is afterall a very refreshing touch to these series and, believe me, this is saying a lot considering I’m a hardcore fan of the original Japanese series - I’m better used to it than the dub of my own country at this point~


Release date

Now, this is the piece of news that took me back, but I can’t really say I didn’t see it coming. It turns out Digimon Adventure Tri won’t be our regular TV series, it will be a set of six films instead and the first so called “episode” is officially slated to air on November 21st 2015,

Now, hold your horses, I FEEL LIKE THE HAPPIEST FANGIRL EVER THOUGH!!!! November 21st is what I like to call Taichi’s «kinda official» birthday, because the very first time Taichi first showed up was on November 21st 1998, on V-Jump (Digimon V-Tamer)What a funny coincidence! xD Now I’m here kind of hoping this means something.

Oh, shinomiyarina​ pointed out the year of 2015 is also the year VTamer!Taichi turns 17 and, well, Tri!Taichi is also 17 years old! THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED.



PARALLELS. PARALLELS EVERYWHERE. Hosoda Mamoru’s Digimon Adventure Gekijouban is all over this scene!!






Masaru, don’t worry, we still love you! XDD