Countdown Timer for the Fuckening

I was able to get a countdown timer to work, but it will only show on the post on my site, and your site as well if it is reblogged.  However, I do know it won’t show in the dash where most of us live. Since I know we are all literally counting down the seconds, here is the script so you may embed on your site or a post. Cheers to the best fucking fandom ever. It is an honor to be part of this amazing group!

<SCRIPT TYPE=“text/javascript” LANGUAGE=“JavaScript”>

dateFuture = new Date(2015,3,22,20,0,0);

function GetCount(){

       dateNow = new Date();                                                                        //grab current date
       amount = dateFuture.getTime() - dateNow.getTime();                //calc milliseconds between dates
       delete dateNow;

       // time is already past
       if(amount < 0){
       // date is still good

               amount = Math.floor(amount/1000);//kill the “milliseconds” so just secs





               if(days != 0){out += days +“ day”+((days!=1)?“s”:“”)+“, ”;}
               if(days != 0 || hours != 0){out += hours +“ hour”+((hours!=1)?“s”:“”)+“, ”;}
               if(days != 0 || hours != 0 || mins != 0){out += mins +“ minute”+((mins!=1)?“s”:“”)+“, ”;}
               out += secs +“ seconds”;

               setTimeout(“GetCount()”, 1000);

window.onload=function(){GetCount();}//call when everything has loaded

<div id=“countbox”></div>

It will look like this when you see it on your site: