datenight chronicles


Date-Night Chronicles: 2nd’s
Second Floor, Bldg 1, 9th Avenue, BGC

To be honest, I’ve only heard about 2nd’s last year when both my brother and sister were raving about it — but it’s actually been around since 2011. And (unfortunately) it took us another year before we finally visited — and the only thought in my head was: “Why did we take so long to go here?!”

We Had:

  • Spinach and Black Truffle Dip
  • Paella Negra
  • Summer Grilled Pork Chop
  • Molten Amaretto Chocolate

Everything we had was delicious and satisfying. The Dip had the right amount of Truffle oil so it wasn’t overpowering. Our mains were cooked just right - Paella had a good consistency and Pork was nice and tender - and tasted really good. I loved the dessert. Although it was too sweet, if you add the raspberry cream - which was on the tart/sour side - it was perfect.

Plus we loved the ambiance. It was cozy with nice interiors and service staff were attentive.

2nd’s left a mark with me. And we will definitely be Back for 2nd’s


Date-night Chronicles: King Crab House
P. Guevarra St. San Juan

King Crab was JodiesDaddy’s choice of restaurant to celebrate his birthday (it was more of a post-celebration, actually since we weren’t together on his birthday, which coincided with my Japan trip). He had been craving for crabs and it was a toss up between King Crab and Hong Kong Master Cook. King Crab won.

We had (a feast):
700 grams of crab in sotanghon (Vermicelli)
Salted Garlic prawns
Spinach with garlic and
Salted fish fried rice

Not surprisingly, we went home with a lot of left-overs that day hahaha

Date-Night Chronicles (October 5): URBN Bar & Kitchen

I always see URBN’s humongous signage on my way home each day. It’s located where Pier 1 at the Fort used to be (side note: Pier 1 has a sentimental value to JodiesDaddy and I. It was one of the first few places we went to when were not yet even boyfriend-girlfriend haha). And it’s piqued my interest for awhile. Not only because of its signage but also because my brother posted some photos of the food he ate there before and it looked mouthwatering.

Although I was curious, I wasn’t really going to go out of my way to go to a par-teh place just to have dinner (I’ll feel out of place with the young ‘uns haha). Besides it looked swanky and honestly, I don’t like “dressing up”.

Buy Lo’ and behold, I found an opportunity and an excuse to go there when I saw vouchers being sold in one online discount website! I consulted with my brother first and he told me it would be worth it!

We shared, appetizers: Manchego Soufflé with crispy Jamon Serrano and Truffle oil
I fell in love with this. I loved its flavor and the contrast of the soft and smooth with the crispy of the Jamon. Two thumbs up!

JodiesDaddy had: The Blackbenny Angus Burger served with sweet potato fries
Hmmmmm I don’t think he enjoyed this too much. I honestly think the patty was too thick! I noticed with burgers this thick, I’ve never had one that was cooked perfectly. JodiesDaddy asked for medium, and it looked more like a Steak Tartare hehe. He had it sent back to the kitchen to cook it to medium well, and it still looked raw haha

I had: Chicken Fried Steak. I asked for French fries instead of the mash
Our server said it was one of their best sellers. He explained that it was not fried chicken, instead it was steak coated with a fried chicken batter haha. I wasn’t sure if I should expect a crispy batter or not, but it was soggy. It was not too bad.

We shared, dessert: Chocolate Love-ah cake
Served with sea salt and EVOO. I loved this toooooo! So good! It was drool-worthy.

For me, the winners of this meal were the starter and the dessert. JodiesDaddy and I were both underwhelmed with our main dishes. I’m not ruling out URBN from my “I-will-be-back” list, only because I really really loved the Soufflé and the dessert.

Have you been to URBN? What did you think? What should we try next time?


Date-Night Chronicles: Recess by Chef Chris
50 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati

When Recess by Chef Chris opened about a year ago, I was elated! Because that meant we did not have to drive all the way to Paco (My Kitchen) or Clark (C’Italian) to have our favorite Panizza.

During a recent visit, we had:

  • a Plain Cheese Panizza (for Jodie)
  • BaBa Panizza - it had sliced bangers, bacon, egg, tomatoes, mushroom and marjoram
  • South of the Border Chili Soup
  • Pork Tenderloin slices with mushroom and cream and served with roesti potatoes

We underestimated how a regular sized Panizza can actually be filling (for 2) and this turned out to be a very heavy meal for us haha. We tried our best to finish all our food, we really did! Even Jodie did her best, and left only 3 slices of her cheese panizza. But we just couldn’t haha

Thanks to its new location (and online vouchers), the Panizza and other offerings from Chef Chris are now within reach. We definitely will be back more often :)

Date-Night Chronicles (October 3): Wildflour Café + Bakery

After months and months of wanting to eat at Wildflour, I finally did!

We Shared: a Roasted Bone Marrow

JodiesDaddy had: a Green Tea Mojito and a Rustichella Squid Ink spaghetti

I had: a California Burger

It was JodiesDaddy’s second time here. I’m glad he was pretty content with his pasta and he LOVED his Mojito because the first time, he didn’t enjoy his meal. In fact, he returned his pork chops because the meat had an odd smell. They were kind enough to change it after trying to convince him that it really HAS a smell.

Since it was my first time, I had high hopes. I can’t say that I was disappointed, but my burger wasn’t mind-blowing either. The marrow was good though.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was good. But nothing extraordinary. Or maybe their all-day breakfast (which ends at 3PM haha) might be better. In any case, I was still glad that I was finally able to eat at Wildflour – apart from the food, the service and ambiance set the perfect mood for our date-night :D



Met up with one of my dearest friends and former officemates, Thea for dinner. This has been a long delayed dinner date, and we were both very thrilled when we finally finalized plans. We had been wracking our brains for restaurants, until Thea finally suggested Mango Tree at Bonifacio High Street Central. Since I’ve never eaten here before, I happily agreed.

Our appetizer:
Thai Catfish salad (Yum Pla Duk Fu) - First time I had it with cashew nuts.  Still very good!

Our Main Dishes
Spicy Seafood Green Curry - this was really spicy. And there was a generous amount of seafood which consisted of shrimp, squid and fish

PandanChicken - The chicken was very juicy and not tiny like other versions of the dish. Plus, the chicken was very juicy.

Bagoongfried rice (rice with shrimp paste)

Ripe mangoes served with sticky rice - really good! Too bad mangoes aren’t in season right now because the mangoes were quite sour

Overall, I really really loved Mango Tree. One of the best Thai restaurants in Manila (I have yet to try the one in Dusit Thani, which is allegedly the best!). Thanks again Thea, for the great suggestion :).