Date night with wifey! We needed this. We went and watched Suicide Squad (not good, not awful: just fun) followed by dinner at that bastion of real Italian food Olive Garden. Our theater was just remodeled so now it has a Starbucks in it. Yes a fucking Starbucks at the theater. So of course I had a White Chocolate Mocha and skipped my usual Raisinets poured over double “buttered” popcorn.Honestly that’s probably the healthier choice. Sitting all relaxed in bed now,wife in the Torrid lingerie I bought her. Just throwing that out there to test if she reads my blog, because if she does I’m going to catch an earful. Isn’t that right honey? LOL.


Harley Quinn: Come on, Puddin’. Do it!

The Joker: Oh, we have got company.

Harley Quinn: Batsy, Batsy, Batsy.

The Joker: HAHAHA!

Harley Quinn: Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!

-”Suicide Squad”

A Night Out


Got my “chores” done in Diagon, which means I’m freed up to take a certain somebody out for a night on the town. Is it cheesy to buy her flowers and then make them appear out of thin air? Is that too NoMaj “top hat and bunny” to actually be impressive?

I’ll keep you updated!