The Daykeeper 2015

“The Daykeeper is a datebook for dreamers who chronicle their daydreams, for visionaries whose plans are too big to be boxed in by lines, for sentimentalists who want to make their favorite moments last forever.”

All the Creative Souls out there, this is for you.

It’s the season for a new hunt of datebooks for the upcoming year 2015 and we’ve got the perfect find for creative souls out there. A datebook and journal all mashed into one perfect masterpiece. Jot down your dreams, feelings, quotes that inspired you and even your own poetry. There is no limit, really.

Let us take you inside for a peek:

A personalized packaging delivered to your doorstep!

The Daykeeper is full of inspirational quotes and photographs simply telling us that, life is beautiful, go live it.

It’s your journey book of dreams.

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Get your Daykeeper now and have an amazing 2015!

The December 1964 issue of Datebook magazine published the Beatles’ replies to letters from their fans. Here are some of George’s answers:

Me and my friend Doris have seen you on stage and on the telly in shows and on the news too. You always seem to be having jokes with one another. Don’t you think you would make good comedians if you tried? I bet you’d get lots of laughs. Do you plan the funny things you say or do you just make them up on the spur of the moment? I bet you make a funny answer to this letter, if you ever read it, that is. – Peggy and Doris

If we ever read your letter we will try to make a funny answer. I showed it to John and asked him to write something funny and he said try it on Paul. I showed it to Paul and he said show it to Ringo and Ringo said he wasn’t a comedian but a tragic figure and would rather say something sad. Anyway, cutting out the joking, we like ourselves as we are and don’t particularly want to be comedians but will always have a go if are ever pleaded with.

What does Ringo do with his feet while he’s playing on stage? – Monica Carney

In hot weather he takes them off and leaves them in the wing where it’s nice and cool. At other times he does other things like (1) using them to hang his shoes and socks on, (2) using them to kick other Beatles if they annoy him, (3) using them to cover up little holes in the stage for us if there’s a draught. Oh yes – sometimes he also uses them on stage to push the bass drum pedal!

Can anyone tell me how to strangle a jelly? - Brenda

Well, as I was saying to Paul as he stepped out of that frying pan I think we should…how to strangle a what??? Well, first of all you have to wait until there’s a full moon to make sure the jelly is full-grown. Then tie a knot firmly round the moon and pull hard. The jelly will think you’re such a blooming idiot that it will strangle itself laughing. As I was saying to Paul, “who are those men in the big white coats coming towards us?” [x]


George Harrison, and The Beatles, at rehearsals for The Ed Sullivan Show, 14 August 1965

Photos: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Gary: “You’re dressed casually in levis spattered with paint. What’s the story behind all that paint, George?”

George Harrison: “I’m not an artist, if that’s what you’re thinking. The paint is from my painting the walls of my house in England.”

Gary: “Do you buy most of your clothes in England?”

GH: “Yes, but there are some good clothing stores in the south of France, too.”

Gary: “Do the Beatles usually take their vacations separately?”

GH: “Yes, but I haven’t had a holiday in a long time.”

Gary: “George, you seem to have the longest hair of the Beatles. Was it always that way?”

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Paper Organiser Advantages:

1. Inexpensive, or can be.
2. Short learning curve.
3. Large, expandable screen size.
4. Built-in printer.
5. Battery never goes dead/never needs to be charged.
6. Waterproof, using good paper and ink.
7. Archival quality proven out to 500+ years with careful selection of paper and ink.
8. Never becomes obsolete.
9. Always cross-platform.
10. Widely available.
11. Unbreakable screen.
12. Hyper resolution screen.
13. Non-disruptive to personal interaction, meetings, or exhibitions.
14. Personalizable.
15. No power-up delay.
16. Doesn’t need to be rebooted.
17. Won’t interfere with aircraft avionics systems.
18. Luxurious and elegant, or can be.
19. Won’t get you pulled over by police.
20. Carries identification and credit cards, pens, postage stamps, and other real world items people need.
21. Long service life.
22. Compatible with modular cellulosic storage devices for additional capacity.
23. Works globally with no roaming charges.
24. You meet the nicest people when you carry a Filofax.

Paper Organiser Disadvantages:

1. Size. Doesn’t usually fit in an evening bag.
2. No automatic backup.
3. Slow synchronisation speed.
4. May attract unwanted attention and derision from technophiles.
5. Cannot be used to fake a phone call or listening to music to get out of interacting with others.
6. Weight. Generally heavier than a smartphone.
7. Does not connect to Internet.
8. Does not play music and movies.
9. Does not play videogames.
10. Does not have GPS.
11. Image quality of camera and printer depends on operator skill.
12. Must be refilled with new calendars every year.
13. Limited security features.
14. Habit-forming. You’ll never buy just one.

George Harrison and Paul Drew, from Datebook’s Spring 1966 issue (Image courtesy and © Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame)

Drew: “Who is Steve Bimbo and the Alligators? I heard you mention him yesterday.”

George: “Steve Bimbo is nobody.”

Drew: “Who made it up?”

George: “John. It’s one of these things that we do, if somebody is having a discussion or talking about something. And one of us just doesn’t quite catch a name, and says who, and the other one instead of telling him the name, he’ll make the name up, and that’s what John did the other day.“

Drew: "Oh this is a brand new joke from yesterday.”

George: “You see I was drying my hair, with a weird hair dryer that actually shook my head, so that I couldn’t hear what everybody else was talking about so I kept sticking my head out saying who or what. And every time as I do, John would say Steve Bimbo and the Alligators. Just a little joke, you know.”

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I’m sorry but did some people lose brain cells or what? Yeah, that 12 year absence thing could be true, I admit. But Karin being Sarada’s mother?? Lmao. No, not even possible in a million years. How could you even think that it’s a possibility. Trying to say that databooks are inaccurate or that the possibility still exists. No, there isn’t any room for debate. It’s always been made crystal clear so what more proof do you need? I’m even seeing this from people who should know better. Jesus. This fandom leaves me speechless. If you actually believe in that stupidity then my question to you is: are you drunk?

So, in order for Princess Hinata to get what she wants in the Last, Naruto’s character is being reduced into an asshole, who only wanted Sakura to “compete with Sasuke”, and was mind-fucking Sakura, just for fun? Even tho Sasuke never showed any romantic interest in Sakura, in the first place?  Even tho its been stated as a canon fact in the anime/manga and in datebooks that Naruto is in love with Sakura? Lmao goodbye

I might watch this movie just for a good laugh tbh

Daily Magical Influences

Each day is ruled by a planet with a specific magical influence.

Monday (Moon): peace, healing, caring, psychic awareness

Tuesday (Mars): passion, courage, aggression, protection

Wednesday (Mercury): study, travel, divination, wisdom

Thursday (Jupiter): expansion, money, prosperity, generosity

Friday (Venus): love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty

Saturday (Saturn): longevity, endings, homes

Sunday (Sun): healing, spirituality, success, strength, protection

(All information retrieved from Llewellyn’s Witch’s Datebook 2014)