date: 2014


One Direction surprising fans - One Direction TV Special


Eurovision + text posts (forever ‘til the end of time, 5/?)

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I loved your Chen spam!!!! It was so nice. Can I get an another one?? If you don't want to do another one it's fine. 😄😄

ahhh of course!!!! i’m glad u liked the first one^^ (this time it’ll be with ‘12-’14 fansigns^^ not all of them, but still a lot lmao) again, my google drive is filled with pics of these fansigns




ren has too many pics of kjd pass it on


the transformation of the sidemen: from may 2014 - today

Women are not slot machines that respond to your kindness with sex. Thinking you are owed something for not being an asshole, makes you an asshole. But somehow, you have decided that you are the victim. Screwed by women’s deicison not to screw you.
—  Desireé Dallagiacomo & Justin Lamb 2014, “The Friend Zone”