date: 140206


“From the original poster:

So, I’m in Kentucky for work and today when we got back, 1000 high school students had checked into our hotel. They had been making quite the ruckus tonight, but then did this to celebrate the start of the Olympics. Not the best video, (cause my fear kept me pretty far from the edge) but that’s 18 levels of them singing! Amazing!

Video credit: Michelle Johnson (Facebook)”

나팔꽃이 필 때 만나 헤어지자 꽃이 질 때~ 초등학교 땐가? 과학교과서에서 배웠던 거 생각했어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저흰 열시미 연습중입니다 여러분 저희랑 같이 기다려요~~!

[RAP MONSTER?] We met when the flower bloomed and we broke up when the flower withered~* Was it when I was on elementary school? I think learned it from the science textbook kkkkkkk we’re practicing really hard, please, wait with us~!

T/N: They’re Just for a Day lyrics.

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans


140206 BTS - BTV Top Chinese Music VCR

EXO - 140206 The Celebrity Magazine twitter update: “이번호 더 셀러브리티에는 EXO의 어떤 멤버가 등장할까요?? 눈치빠른 독자님들 알아맞혀보세요!! 감미로운 목소리로 녹음중인 EXO의 00화보는 3월호에 공개됩니다!!”

Translation: “Which one of the EXO members will be featured in the next issue of The Celebrity?? Try and guess who it is!! The EXO member with a sweet voice, who is currently in the middle of recording will be revealed on the March issue!!”

Credit: The Celebrity. (더 셀러브리티)


EXO - 140206 Happy Concert Season 2 - School violence prevention video - [ENG SUB]

Credit: wangSEja. (해피 콘서트 시즌2)