calum would be the type of boyfriend who would get the day you started dating tattooed on only your six month anniversary. it would be something simple, on his collarbone or back, it would just be the day you two started dating “01.02.14″ or “05.08.15.” he would be very open about his tattoo, when someone questioned the numbers, he’d tell them “it’s when i was lucky enough to have started dating my beautiful girlfriend”, a smile evident on his face. and when he got questioned, people asking him “well what if you two break up? that’s permanent”, he would just roll his eyes and laugh. “when you’re so in love with someone that their voice becomes your favourite sound, that hearing someone say their name makes you melt inside, breaking up is not a thought in my mind. she’s my everything, the love of my life”

(boyfriend!5sos blurb night)