Being a Child of Zeus

The Cabin of Zeus

  • Zeus has always been hotheaded, but the children he has, he didn’t have to do much yelling. Daichi and Ushijima were particularly good children who did their best to please their father.
  • Not all of Zeus’s kids are born with the ability to fly so imagine the look on Zeus;s face when he found an infant Daichi on the ceiling. Ushijima is secretly jealous that he can’t do so as well.
  • However, there are times where the boys feel like their the father and Zeus is the child. When they were teenagers, they had to constantly keep Zeus from messing around with the string of lovers he had.
  • Zeus always encouraged his sons romantically, always saying embarrassing things like, “Hey stud, did you see that Aphrodite girl? She was totally checking you out.”
  • Or he will actually advertise his sons to date. “Who wouldn’t want to date a my sons? They’ve got big lightning rods. ;)” This is why they fight sometimes.
  • Zeus is the type of father to make terrible dad jokes.
  • When it comes to missions though, everyone becomes serious. From a young age their dad has always made sure to train them ad awake their abilities.
  • When engaged in battle, Daichi and Ushijima fight great from a distance because they can control lightning and the wind.

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UHM EXCUSE ME BUT I DO NOT REMEMBER YOU ASKING FOR PERMISSION TO DATE MY SON MOON TAEIL?? i mean it's okay but i would've appreciated it if you talked to me abt this first sdgjkll

LMAOOOO HAHAHAHAJBKJD!!! So you’ve seen my ridiculous ranting on how much I love Taeil? I’d profess my undying love to him right now if I could! :D but you’re right, i’m sorry, i should’ve asked you first. i was just 😍 😍  feeling the moment of realization haha

such a precious bb :3

I am the mother of two sons who are both Princetonians. My older son had the good judgment and great fortune to marry a classmate of his, but he could have married anyone. My younger son is a junior and the universe of women he can marry is limitless. Men regularly marry women who are younger, less intelligent, less educated. It’s amazing how forgiving men can be about a woman’s lack of erudition, if she is exceptionally pretty. Smart women can’t (shouldn’t) marry men who aren’t at least their intellectual equal. As Princeton women, we have almost priced ourselves out of the market. Simply put, there is a very limited population of men who are as smart or smarter than we are. And I say again — you will never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who are worthy of you.
—  Dear mom, stop writing letters to the editor of the Princeton newspaper telling my classmates to date me. It’s creepy. — Signed, the younger son of whoever this this crazy woman is. (Side note: This letter was so popular it appears to have crashed the Daily Princetonian’s website. A cached copy is here.)

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NCT Reaction: When their daughter is dating another member son(Hyung Line)

A/N: Lets pretend that you are their daughters, seems good ;)


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 He would be happy when you brought your boyfriend for the “meet my partner” thing, but he would so surprised to see Taeyong come through the door, even Taeyong would be shocked, “Well, then we’re gonna be related right?”


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DUNDUNDUN, *Is that Yuta? what is he doing here* Hansol would be thinking when you and your boyfriend and his ‘Parents’ came into the cafe.  Then when he find out that your boyfriend was the son of Yuta, I bettchu, *Im goona be related to this savage dude*


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Okay interanally *WHY IT GOTTA BE TEN THOUGH* He would be calm outside and gie Ten that usual handshake,” Ya, y/n I didn’t know you were dating my boyfriend son”(yes i ship tenny)


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He would see Winwin outside at first, then when he enter the cafe, you boyfriend said that Winwin was his father, but c’mon guys, Taeyong would be happy to know that your dating Winwin son. 


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“Y/N why? it got to be the son of Korea prince?” I mean like he wouldn’t be upset or anything but c’mon he gonna be savage and tease you after knowing that you were dating Jaehyun son.


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“Oh hey is that your boyfriend right there and is that his…….Sicheng?” He’d have to look twice just make sure there wasnt another person that looked like Winwin.  But he would be happy knowing that you’re in a relationship with a close friend of his son.


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“dad I have you tell you something”

“What is it?”

“My boyfriend father is your friend”



*you mean that guy who destroyed my Vroom Vroom show*


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“Soooo….Y/N you said that your boyfriend dad is Johnny, right?” He was my ex-boyfriend, He would call up Johnny after this and tell that his daughter was dating his son and be so mind blown at fate.


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 “Doyung?!?!? Is that you?” when he walked in your boyfriend house, he would see Doyoung first at first he thought that he might’ve been you boyfriend younger brother but then he’d remember that Doyoung only has an older brother.


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“Y/N I didn’t know WOW, Taeyong and I were so close I remember when he bought me icecream he’s so nice,” Then he would look over at your boyfriend aka Taeyong son,”You know, Y/n likes icecream so buy her a lot of ice cream but not that much, I don’t want her getting sick.

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Hey ! Fan girl! What would do and think when you see sabo ship with another character??╭(′▽‵)

how do you mean??  i see sabo shipped with lots of characters all the time hehe.  i’m not super into any sabo ships in particular but i don’t mind them or anything ^^  

Which of your OCs are most likely to break out into a rendition of “Take a Hint” from Victorious when guys won’t leave them alone?


After re-positioning this jetbike sergeant asshole something like five different times (each time including waiting for the greenstuff to dry and then going NOPE and pulling him apart to redo it), I’ve FINALLY settled him into a position I’m happy with. Ugh. 

Keeping bits separate for painting. Still need to do some more work on the glaive, too. Still, progress is being made! Slowly. Very slowly.

Also! To the 40k peeps out there who know more than I do about this shit - should I add cables attaching the back of the armour to the jetbike seat? WHY DO JETBIKE RIDERS HAVE NO BACKPACK?!

I’m so scared for Ry when we move to Washington.
He’s obsessed with kids. He loves having friends. He literally walks up to every kid just to join in on their fun. Usually it’s the 3-and-under kids who play back because the bigger kids don’t want to play with little babies. Lame-o’s. 
Living on-base at JBLM, I see that all of the neighborhoods have parks within them, similar to my neighborhood now. We go on walks every morning to a park and spend about an hour under the boiling sun before Ry gets too tired and wants to go to sleep. 
I’m looking forward to PNW summers. I’m looking forward to park play-dates where my son can enjoy his time and hopefully we can quickly make some new friends. I don’t want him to be friend-less. He has such a huge love for friendship that it breaks my heart when I see other kids who don’t want to play.
I hope he transitions well after our move. I hope we can find some friends for him in the neighborhood.

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I know it's not mature but I just misread CS as BS. Also I don't know why they wrote "You'll always be an orphan" or the scene where Milah's like what Emma dated my son and former lover. I just don't why they'd write this. Or the Cora bit where she says "I want you to be happy" and Regina says something like "then help me find Hook". I mean... what the hell.

I just don’t why they’d write this.

Because they’re terrible and unoriginal writers nonnie. Probably a similar reason a lot of people ship CS….. Because it’s the most generic and unoriginal ship and these people have no imagination! 

date: 7/25/57
location: the wake
time: to get a watch

vivid pictures of a dark oak casket being lowered into the ground dug its nails into jimmy’s brain. 

                             he didn’t care to push it out of his head, probably couldn’t if he tried. that was the downfall of
burying a loved one– the memory didn’t fade as quickly as you’d like it to. tears and rage didn’t wash
               away whatever blood-stained grievance you were holding onto, only saturated it more. family and 
      trusted allies were still pouring through the mulligan’s front door, jimmy the host of this gathering. 

                                                         his nephew’s funeral. 

               jimmy was five minutes deep into a fevered rant, rage-drenched syllables spilling out in all
directions. fiona would no doubt come in soon and tell him to keep his voice down, guests
                      didn’t need to hear the murderous agenda that he’d assigned himself. that’s what jack was for

“an’ the fuckin’ nerve’a that wise guy, poppin’ up like the goddamn houdini playin’ his fuckin’ tricks.” 

               jimmy’s features distorted as he mocked the head of the alesci family, a poor attempt at an italian
                         accent hitting his tongue. “ why i’m here to give my condolences, mr. mulligan— fuck you, guy.
        i would’a killed him, jacky. may mary be my witness, i would’a popped him just like he did collin.”