Teen Top - Date MV

i soo love this song! and also the lovely video that comes with it. :)


Wait wait wait…. WHAT!?!?! TWO Videos in ONE day!!! What is this madness!^^ Hey Guys^^ check out our MV reaction to Teen Top Date!! Thank You so much!! Feel free to L.C.S. (Like. Comment. Subscribe.)


JewelryS - Date

  • Me, on a date:So, what did you think of Tao's choreography in his new MV?
  • Me, shoving breadsticks in my pockets:I am sorry but I have to go home right now immediately before I get infected with your stupidity.

Invinite bad MV 360VR is out and I’m like “what should I do, why are people so hyped about this, what’s the difference with the normal mv?”
Then when I’ve realized what I’ve don wrong, I’m like *sliding my finger all over my tab monitor to watch it* “THIS IS SO FRIKIN’ AWESOME”

o9o389님이 포스트 에 댓글을 남겼습니다. “Taemin-ah,” he grins brightly. “SHINee are busy…

“Isn’t your comeback soon? In August right?” He smiles at him. “Actually we’ve just finished prep on our comeback for beast! Our album drops next week so schedules are picking up these days.”

‘Yes, that’s right. We’re wrapping things up. Vocals and choreos and whatnot. The real busy schedules come when closer to the date and after. Mv, promotions, shows, you know how all of it is. We’re thankful that even though we’re busy, we’re not as busy as we’re about to be.’ He laughs lightly and nods. ‘Ah! Right, that’s true. Heard about your comeback. Do I get a sneak peak as to what kind of song it is? Because well… we know each other and sang with each other.’ He not so subtly hints, more as a joke than anything else. ‘I will be watching your comeback. I’m sure it’ll be great. All of your comebacks were great, hyung.’

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you but I wanted to know if there's an official date for the "Awesome" MV ? AOMG posted some previews on instagram but the song already came out and there's no video ? I don't if I missed something or not :/

No you are not bothering us, but unfortunately curenly we don’t have any info.. We just know that the song was actually made two years ago and It’s also said to be the song that brought Loco into AOMG :)