date with destiny


#DestinyNinja2+【Shell Collection】Voice of Skeleton ~Straw Millionaire Fuyukiku~ ongoing until 15 August 2016, 1am (PST).

Fuyukiku, our newest member, is the main character of this event!

He goes on a search for the perfect dress for you while taking advice from everyone. There is a surprise guest as well. Will he successfully complete his mission?!

Sequential Reward Stories and Shell Collection Requirements
1. Voice of Skeleton (Kiku) 🐚160
2. Voice of Skeleton (Kikyo) 🐚1280
3. Voice of Skeleton (Rindoh) 🐚3720
4. Voice of Skeleton (Shiroya) 🐚6000
5. Voice of Skeleton (Kaito) 🐚7860
6. Voice of Skeleton (Ayu) 🐚9240
7. Voice of Skeleton (Ran) 🐚10560
8. Voice of Skeleton (Kiku) 🐚18160


David Slack: Some of our storyboard artists like to put those moments in there. One of our coordinators – Eric Cookmeyer – was convinced there should be a relationship between Cyborg and Raven – because there was a scene in DATE WITH DESTINY where Raven lifts Cyborg up on a platform of energy and looks down at her and says, “Thanks.” After CAR TROUBLE, that was proof positive [to him] that a romance was in the works.