date sandwich

date the shadow that follows you around. it is always looking after you, it wants you to be safe. let the darkness consume you as it wraps its arms around the shadow that sings you softy to sleep, it knows all your favourite songs and quirkiest habits, like how you put on conditioner before shampoo or the way you like your sandwiches. date the shadow that walks next to you. let it hold your hand.

Alright kiddos, here's the deal

I have come to realize that sandwiches are now key factor in the perception of Jason’s character. SO by all means,


I beg of you, if you have the desire to draw fan art of him with sandwiches, as a sandwich, dating sandwiches, whatever you want! Just post each fan art in the hashtag: #jasonsammich

Go forth and be plentiful my children. 😎

*$* Commander

Waiting in Line at Subway
  • Subway cashier: “Sorry ma’am, but this coupon is expired.”
  • Angry soccer-mom ahead of me: “Do you know who the f*** I am? I’ve been coming here since you guys opened this little minimum wage sandwich shop ten years ago! Maybe I'll start taking my business to the McDonald's across the street! Looks like you guys just lost a customer!”
  • Subway cashier: “Oh, well in that case. . . your coupon is still expired.”

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Gael Garcia Bernal or Diego Luna


this is sooooo



gael is like….the most adorable human????

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but so is diego????????



this is where we find out that nothing comes before my thirst for diego lmaooo

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it’s either diego luna or fuck this shit let’s go full on thirst sandwich

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Give me two fictional characters and I’ll tell you which I’d rather date    


The Goldstein’s live in a fucking mansion. Who’d a thought? And the inside looks like a fucking palace too. 

MC lives in the cutest most sweetest little village I just want to jump through the screen and move there right now.

OH MY GOD. And her house is so PRETTY. It’s the sort of house my teenage wiccan self would have loved. Even now, i still love it. 

That’s it, I’m so done. Look at this beautiful shit. I’m so fucking jealous of a 2D world. Can I please just move to Guedolyn? (sorry, i know i spelt it wrong, my brain just died of awe the moment i saw these images. feel free to correct me.) 

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Poly Evan/Jared/Connor headcanons from DEH??

  • Jared RUNS this relationship
  • Connor and Evan sorta just tag along
  • They go on dates where Jared usually pays and stands in the middle
  • Evan is the one who is suggesting and trying to be cute and Jared just shoots him down
  • Connor puts his arm around Jared and tells him to chill
  • They argue a bit, Jared absently is holding Evan’s hand 
  • By the time they get to their date Jared is sandwiched between his two lame boyfriends muttering to himself that their too cute