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“Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing you hold the whole world.” 

Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook

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Dating- Kim Namjoon

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-the loveliest person you’ve ever had the pleasure of dating. 

-very, very, VERY sweet.

-you’d do anything and everything possible to see him smile because you love his dimples so much.

-lots of reading going on in this relationship.

-even if you didn’t do a lot of reading before, expect that to change. 

-wants to hold your hand always.

-looks at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world.

-always offers to buy you food or coffee if he so happens to be out. 

-even if you say no, he’ll still bring you something.

-loves how close you are with his fellow members.

-hate/loves when you watch their practices because he wants to be able to impress you.

-he writes music about you like. ALL THE TIME.

-you’re seriously his muse.

-he loves you just so damn much.

dating jimin [realistically]

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important disclaimer: just like my other pieces of this series, this is based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know park jimin personally, nor his past relationship experiences. This is only my own imagination on how it could be like dating him. If you’re not open to stuff like this, please don’t read.

note: I noticed that this one turned way more positive than the others lol. I guess jimin really has me thinking that he’s just a cute ball of fluff 

jungkook | taehyung | yoongi l hoseok l seokjin

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Masterlist | ♛ Kings ♛ |

For some of these I haven’t posted yet but they will be fully posted soon. Also all my mtl have explanations and Requests are open for all~

✐ Drabbles ✐



| ✔ = smut | ✿ = fluff | ❖ = angst | ♛ = all |


Broken Promises | School!AU 

Teammates | Friends!AU ✿

I’m All Yours | Soulmate!AU ✔ ✿

Life’s Too Short | Dead!AU ❖

Focus | Bestfriend!AU ✔ ✿

Try Me | Nightmare!AU ✿

How Much Do You Love Me? | Soulmate!AU ✔ ✿

Fantasies | Imagine!AU ✔ ✿

Catch Me | Skator!AU ✿

Trouble Maker | Police Officer!AU ♛


Such A Baby | Bestfriend!AU ✿

Photogenic | Photographer!AU ♛

Anything For You | Soulmate!AU ✿

Comfy Isn’t It? | First Time!AU ✔ ✿

Open My Eyes | Rapper!AU ♛

The Bracelet | Boxer!AU  ✿ ❖

Magical | Witch!AU ✿

Royalty? | Alien!AU 

Mischief | Badboy!AU 

Switched | Genderbend!AU 


Disobedient | Angel!AU 


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Kim Seokjin | Part 2 |

Min Yoongi | Part 2 |

Jung Hoseok | Part 2 |

Kim Namjoon | Part 2 |

Park Jimin | Part 2 |

Kim Taehyung | Part 2 |

Jeon Jungkook | Part 2 |


BTS most likely would prefer a tomboy over a girly girl

BTS most likely to cheat

BTS most likely to date a foreigner

BTS most likely to like playful girls

BTS most likely to date a non-famous person

BTS most likely to date a tall girl

BTS most likely to chose confident & witty over shy & innocent

BTS most likely to date a girl into edm music 

BTS most likely to date/ be best friends with a Jungkook or Taehyung doppelganger

BTS most likely to become best friends with a 05 liner

BTS most likely to get married first

BTS most likely to prefer long hair

BTS most likely to have a long distance relationship

BTS most likely to help you prepare for finals

BTS most likely to watch horrors with you

BTS most likely to go inside a haunted house with you

BTS most likely to hide easter eggs for you (hunt)

BTS most likely to want to carve scary pumpkins

BTS most likely to go bungee jumping with you

BTS most likely to live in a foreign country with their s/o

BTS most likely to prefer tattoos on their s/o

BTS most likely to want a small family

BTS most likely to accidentally fart in front of you

BTS most likely to fall in love with their best friend

BTS most likely to stay inside and cuddle for a date

BTS most likely to play their own song at their wedding

BTS most likely to have prank wars with their s/o

BTS most likely to annoy their s/o because their bored

BTS most likely to like curly hair

BTS most likely to be submissive or dominant

BTS most likely to be big spoon or little spoon

BTS most likely to do netflix and chill with you

BTS most likely to do to disney for a first date

Texts ✾ 

Members Together

When you ask them to wash the dishes (Dating)

When you ask them to come over at 2am (Best Friends)

Members Separate 

You having a problem and he helps you (Best Friends)

| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Everyday texts from him (Dating)

| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |

(requests are open! finally)


You snapping almost every moment when you’re with him

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |

Member Scenarios

BTS as Spies (Coming soon!)

BTS as Vampires (Coming soon!)

BTS as Lost Boys (Coming soon!)


BTS reaction to their girlfriend being BigHit’s translator 

BTS reaction to them stealing your hoodies 


I haven’t updated this in about 9 billion years so I’d say it’s time I updated it… Because there are so many reactions, I’ve put all of them under the cut!

As of February 5, 2017…



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Thank you, BTS, for an amazing tour! 
Love from all around the world ♡

I hope we become each other’s wings and fly higher. Like the meaning of ‘wings’, you can’t fly with one side of the wings. We exist because of you guys. And we’re able to hold these concerts because of you guys. I want to thank you for being BTS’ other side of the wing.

desc. cr.: © kimmyyang
concert photos from twitter @ bts_bighit

Definition of Perfect Date

✔️ Start out with a casual stroll to get to know each other…

✔️ Doing something meaningful and worth remembering, together…

✔️ Enjoying a romantic dinner (sharing desert) while having a deep meaningful conversation…

✔️ Watching Sunset together…

✔️ Choosing a couple item to always remember the Date…

✔️ Ending the date with a night time stroll on your way back…

(NamJin teaching a valuable lesson in BTS Bon Voyage S2 EP2… ❤️❤️)

Dating Kim Namjoon would Include

Could you please do a f(x) what would dating Luna and a BTS what would dating Namjoon be like, sorry if it’s too much just Luna will be fine then xx please keep writing, literally all your posts are amazing not just your exo ones xxxx

Note: Ah you’re so sweet! I have posted dating Luna would include –> here. So, this is the Rap Monster version. I hope you will enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 


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  • How does it feel to date the most amazing, handsome, smartest man in the whole of South Korea?
  • Amazing
  • Let’s start with that rapping talent
  • Him singing and rapping to you around the house at the most random times, sometimes he’s being seriously sexy and other times he’s rapping about the noodles you just made him for lunch??
  • But it reflects his passion, especially when you hear him rapping in the recording studio which tbh is the most beautiful sound in the world
  • Him going on tour a lot and working like crazy but always finding time for you because he loves you and nothing means more to him than making sure you feel supported and loved
  • Dates whenever you have the chance 
  • Or just hanging out around the house and having a good time
  • Like one minute you could be deciding on what film to watch
  • The next you’re making popcorn and hot chocolate with whipped cream to go along with it
  • Namjoon understanding how the relationship must strain on you sometimes and always being there for you 
  • Him telling you that he loves his fans but that you should always stay away from the anti’s 
  • Especially the ones that hate on you
  • But aside from being all supportive and loving of you
  • You still have no jams
  • Him liking to be your “knight in shining armor”
  • Like this bitch will purposefully put things on high shelves and put all his washing in the pile to make it heavier so he has to help you around the house
  • But like, he tries to be helpful
  • Though he ends up breaking half of the furniture 
  • Don’t even bother looking at that new table set because 9/10 it’ll last about two hours in your household
  • Him being a klutz but always replacing things or ringing Yoongi to come over and fix things before you get home
  • Him being a little bit protective over you
  • Especially when you’re around the other members because they have no chill and annoying their leader is way too much fun not to tease you.
  • “You’re looking fine today, {y/n}” 
  • “As her boyfriend, I suggest you shut up, Jungkook, or I’ll cut your man parts off before you even know what they’re for.” 
  • Him showing you around his work space
  • And recording you singing if you’ll let him

Night Time

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  • Long nights talking about the significance of the universe and how life is meaningless
  • But like, you’ll live your meaningless lives together 
  • Because together, your meaningless life seem a little bit more meaningful
  • Namjoon taking you out in the car to drive around in the night because he knows that you love it
  • Him taking you to restaurants at night when there isn’t many people around and he loves spending the time with you and not worrying about being caught by the press or fans. 
  • Stargazing together
  • Namjoon telling you the names of the stars and constellations in the sky and it’s somehow soothing 
  • But sometimes he just wants to lie in the mattress with you under the duvet 
  • Sometimes innocent 
  • Sometimes not so innocent 
  • But always loving.