Lena (5:54pm) Hey, are you ready?

Kara (5:54pm) Yep! You’re here?

Lena (5:55pm) Yes. I’ll come up.

Kara (5:56pm) Wait.

Kara (5:56pm) One quick question.

Lena (5:57pm) ??

Kara (5:57pm) Did you say ‘date’ over the phone?

Kara (5:57pm) Because I think you did but Snapper was yelling at me about something when we were speaking and I spent all afternoon wondering!

Kara (5:58pm) But it’s okay if you didn’t I just thought I should check.

Kara (5:59pm) And if you did say date then that’s okay too. It would be cool :)

Kara (6:00pm) I can’t wait to eat I’m actually starving!

Kara (6:00pm) I could eat a house.

Kara (6:00pm) A house made of pizza.

Kara (6:01pm) …. Lena?

Lena (6:02pm) Can you open your door?

Kara: Oh!

Kara: Rao. *opens door*


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