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Lucky Cat-ch Magazine for all your shipping needs. I even labeled all these dorks’ relationships:

The Cool Couple, the Chill Couple, the Cute Couple, the Cheeky Couple, the Captivating Couple, and the Courtly Couple

This picture gives me so many feelings


Thanks to @tlrledbetter for the scans. Seriously, you would not believe how hard I looked to find high-quality scans online before I just asked if he had any. I can find Avatar comics easily, but despite the Phandom still being around today, I can’t find that many Nick Magazine comics of it. Weird. Better get on that fanbase.

But anyway this comic…doesn’t really sit well with me or make Sam look good.

Why did she do this? She doesn’t like Paulina or the idea of Danny dating ANYONE because of her own issues with coming clean about how she feels about him. NOT very sympathetic when both of those factors lead to her pulling this! Especially since this was something she KNEW Danny wanted, probably wasn’t going to GO anywhere, and ultimately something she should NEVER have been involved in. But I guess Danny’s feelings about all this just doesn’t factor in.

Sam has this issue were she feels the need to have her own input in how her friends run their lives. While I can understand her not wanting people to get hurt or make a mistake they’d regret, here it’s clear she’s only doing this for herself. Her dislike for Paulina and this date was enough for her to recruit an enemy of Danny’s (Yes, I KNOW the Box Ghost is hardly a threat, but STILL), have him ruin this date with a mean-spirited prank (which almost lead to Paulina getting seriously injured), and then laugh in glee at these events while telling him she owes him one.

It’s not a good sign when one of your heroes feels that this is totally justified, because a friend of theirs is going on a date with someone they don’t like.

I don’t hate Sam, but it’s stuff like this that makes her hard to sympathize with.

I kinda wanna ask @butchhartman on his input on this kinda behavior.

I live in a very homophobic country, where sexual phantasms are very limited. People cannot think of two boys kissing.
Q: You are thus a frustrated heterosexual?
Sometimes I think I’m gay…I have doubts. I’m still a virgin. Even with girls.
—  Peter Doherty, 20 Ans magazine, date unknown (circa 2002-2003)
161214 Kiss The Radio Quiz

(Questions about Hip Hop Team, answered by Vocal Team - representative Seungkwan)

Who is the member that Vernon does not want to share room with?


If SCoups is a girl, who would he like to date?


In a Japanese magazine interview, what did Mingyu revealed as his treasure?

The face & body that was given by his parents

MG : It’s because I love myself so much

The member that Vernon will NEVER introduce to his younger sister is?


(VN : Rather than I don’t want to introduce him to my sister, it’s just because he really likes her A LOT, so I just want to tease him)

What is the late night menu that Vernon likes the most?

Chicken gizzard fritter

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