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♡ romantic mlm asks ♡
  • rose petals: most romantic flower?
  • love letter: dream travel destination for you and your crush / s/o / partners?
  • borrowed sweater: would you ever get matching clothes/jewelry/etc with your s/o / partners?
  • his cologne: a scent that reminds you of your crush / s/o / partners?
  • hershey's kisses: best lip flavor for smooches?
  • polaroid: a fond memory with your crush / s/o / partners?
  • giggle: a cute quirk that your crush / s/o /partners has/have?
  • sunset: lively evening at a carnival in mid July or a lazy, serene evening on a beach in late August?
  • teddy bear: little spoon or big spoon?
  • theatre: movie/show/production that reminds you of your crush / s/o / partners?
  • morning dew: waking up early to make breakfast together or sleeping in and going out for late all-day brunch?
  • ga(y)ze: describe your crush's / s/o's / partners' eye color(s)
  • honeyglow: do you blush/get flustered around your crush / s/o / partners?
  • water: a candlelit bath together with bubbles/a bath bomb or a relaxing side by side on lounge floats in bright turquoise pool?
  • treat: dream dinner location + movie date?
His, Hers, Yours / Kojuro x MC x Masamune [1/3]

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

@mandakatt: Hello lovely! If you’re still taking asks how about the Nape of the Neck for either Kojuro or Masamune - Your choice! Thank you so much!

  • Kojuro + Masamune + Nape of the Neck (Deep Attachment) 

[Part 2]

You don’t begin it consciously, you really don’t, and yet when you comprehend what you’re doing, you don’t stop it, either. It starts the day you go barreling towards him at breakneck speed. To any one else it would look a grand gesture, the lady about to leap into her lord’s arms, but they cannot see your pinched face. Every crease is a split chasm of bubbling fire.

How dare you,” you spit. “Is it not enough that I can’t make my own decisions regarding the matter?”

He won’t be faring well either, every nerve flayed and barely contained.

“Stop treating me like a child.”

“I will stop treating you like a child when you cease to act like one,” he says. You know he means it too, because no one pokes the Dragon’s Claws without getting scratched.

“Go back and tell Lord Masamune to change his mind.”

“I will not.”

You almost punch him. You almost tackle him to the ground. If you had a sword you think you would run him through with it. “I never thought you’d do something like this.”

He falters a little. “I won’t apologise, precious girl.”

And you don’t know why it suddenly hurts to look at him. Perhaps it’s because you’ve been fighting for days now, and both of you won’t have gotten much sleep in the interim. Or perhaps it’s because Masamune and Shigezane so easily take his side it will feel like all three are bullying you into submission. Or perhaps it’s simply that everything is falling apart for the first time.

Whatever it is, the fire gurgles and spits, and all you hear underneath the incredulity and disbelief is how much he doesn’t trust you, how much he doesn’t want you around.

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Dating Hermione Granger would include

-Being a part of the golden trio

-She helps you study for classes you struggle with

-Standing up to people who made fun of her (even Harry and Ron in first year)

-Always being there to comfort her

-Being so proud when she becomes a badass

-Using memories of each other when you conjure a patronus

-She teaches you piano outside of school

-Spending breaks together at her house

-She teaches you all about muggle things

-During these brakes you go out to movies and dinner

-Which is refreshing compared to the usual Hogsmade dates

-Sharing sweet kisses

-Going to the Yule Ball together and being awestruck at how beautiful she is

-Joking with Ron because you know he has a crush on her

-Being super worried whenever someone tries to hurt her and vice versa

-Scheming with the team

-Going to every quidditch game together

-If your from another house and they are playing against each other you start a playful feud

-Cuddling into each other

-No matter how you fall asleep you are constantly touching somehow

-Always complimenting each other

-You can always get her to laugh and be happy

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BTS: Dating Namjoon

• Gives you flowers to ask you out (and probably a book)
• Early morning coffee dates
• Sweet endearing kisses on the lips whenever he leaves for anything
• All the chivalry if we’re being honest
• Apologies every time he has to leave for tour
• Listening to lots and lots of unfinished songs and reading lyrics
• Absolutely filthy, i-have-to-go-bathe- in-holy-water, dirty talk
• Him trapping you in his lap because “I don’t want you to leave….”
• When you go to sleep he holds you in his arms and hums to help you sleep
• Calling him Eggman probably
• Calling him Eggman AND poking his dimples
• Holding his hands in weird ways
• Spontaneous slow dancing
• Drowning him in compliments and affection after every new song he releases
• Mostly ordering take out bc you’d both probably burn the kitchen down


We waited a whole damn year for a malec date. We put all our hopes and dreams for these lovely humans into one kiss and lots of long stares. And now we are getting:

A date, more kissing, sweet conversations, Alec coming and going from Magnus’ loft like he lives there, shopping together, buying each other presents, backing bodies up into walls while unbuttoning shirts, throwing parties together, matchy suits, matchy clothes, bodies pressed together from head to toe with other people in the room, magnus meeting max, sitting on a loveseat together drinking wine and making out. 


How are we supposed to survive this?! Fuck. We aren’t.