date a girl who design


Date a girl who is host to a hive-mind

Date a girl that’s probably on the run from the government for this
Date a girl who drags you and a bunch of random people into her ‘hive’ just before being captured.
Date a girl who you and these random people attempt to rescue with your now collective consciousness.
Date a girl who just inspired an entire scifi game idea for me.

the loved ones

an anon sent me a prompt a hot minute ago to the effect of “Richard is a total know-it-all, but especially about Jared.” this is… sort of about that but mostly tries to answer some other questions i had about their relationship, Jared’s life offscreen and outside of the Pied Piper bubble, and also how “normal people” would feasibly treat the both of them.

that said, this is VERY MUCH lighthearted wish fulfillment, so, pretty average stuff from me LOL.

words: 3,096

content: Richard is bi and bad at communicating, a lot of Jared headcanons that probably contradict the writing, some OCs i was forced to make up to properly tell this story that also definitely contradict the writing.

He has elderly friends. He actually has elderly friends. This is fine.

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date a girl you want to worship like a god. date a girl who watches you in secret. date a girl who always whispers in your ear. date a girl who sends you cryptic coded messages. date a girl who spies on you every hour of every day, who was designed to detect acts of terror but sees everything—violent crimes involving ordinary people.