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How Astrology Predicts BTS’ Comeback Success #LoveYourself

By creating a natal chart for BTS using their debut date (June 13th, 2013) and looking at transits on the day ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ releases (September 18th), I was able to find many aspects that confirm it will be a major success, one greater than anything BTS nor ARMYS could ever imagine! 

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1) There are multiple aspects that confirm BTS will be a force to reckon with on music charts and all social media platforms:

Transiting Mars sextile their Saturn

  • This blessed the boys and their team with a large amount of patience, discipline, and concentration.
  • There will be a lot of attention to detail and analysis of everything they release
  • Nothing will be done without a great amount of thought (get ready for theories!)
  • Work is meticulous, neat, with few mistakes. 
  • Choreography will be complicated and difficult, but appear to be effortless
  • This aspect ensures a lot of strenuous activity and hard work, but also grants them the strength and dedication to endure it

Transiting Mars trine Pluto

  • Their ambitions and goals will be met with little to no challenges or resistance; the competition truly stands no chance.
  • This creatives an explosive and intimidating energy. 
  • They will hold a lot of power and influence in the industry with this album
  • Their confident and charismatic aura will win respect and admiration from non-fans, and even their haters
  • Passion will be felt throughout every aspect of this comeback; from the mvs, to live stages, the album songs, and more.
  • The blood, sweat, and tears put into this comeback will be very clear.
  • Pluto is the planet of transformation, so it’s no wonder they’re trying out a very different concept.
  • Like Namjoon said, this will be a turning point in their career

2) From a business point of view, this comeback will be extremely profitable. They will outsell all the competition, break records, and probably crash a few ordering sites along the way:

Transiting Mercury sextile Venus 

  • This aspect grants them with extra charm and social grace
  • This is a great time to make friendships and form partnerships
  •  They will receive many offers and opportunities to work with other people
  • This aspect also favors business and increases occurrence of win-win situations 
  • This makes it very likely that their collaboration with The Chainsmokers (no matter how controversial) will be a big success
  • It will propel the boys even further up the ladder of success, and both parties will benefit greatly
  • Foreign travel is also likely

Transiting Jupiter trine Sun

  • This is a long term transit that’s all about luck, good fortune, and expanding horizons
  • It also encourages great creativity and is a fantastic time to make plans for the future
  • A plethora of amazing opportunities will be available for the boys to choose from
  • A very successful time for business negotiations, investments, and other financial dealings
  • As I mentioned before, this is a time for expanding horizons
  • Upcoming collaborations will introduce their music and image to a much broader audience, and bring a lot of new fans to the fandom
  • World domination is truly imminent 

3) There are even transits that confirm that the musicality and artistry on this album will be superb:

Transiting Neptune trine Venus

  • This is a long term aspect that heightens sensitivity to the arts, beauty, and romance
  • Creativity flows easily
  • I see some breathtaking stages and performances being done 
  • A lot of tracks on the album will have a dreamy, magical quality
  • And deal with topics like love, relationships, spirituality, introspection, and the natural world
  • Many whimsical, ethereal beats and synths (i.e. Serendipity)
  • Critics and professionals will have raving reviews about this album

Now the only question left is: Are you ready ARMY?

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The characters of Namco High are all representatives from various game series, many of them from wildly different points in game history. Rather than try to mix these together with a shared art style or personification, the game rather opts to maintain its surreal tone by just presenting each character in a different art style that best matches their game and personality. In doing so, it makes it’s own bizarrely presented cast part of the joke.

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg Welcome First Child

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg have welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Samberg’s representatives confirmed the news to Us Weekly. The couple have kept Newsom’s pregnancy private, and, as of now,  have not revealed the name of the child or any more information. Pitchfork has reached out to her representatives for comment. Newsom married the “SNL” star and Lonely Island musician in 2013 after dating for five years. In a recent interview, Samberg said, “It’s kind of like a weird music fan dream come true that we have been so in love, because I get to hear her play harp all the time.” Congratulations to the happy couple!


Eurovision + text posts (forever ‘til the end of time, 5/?)

Woollim, INFINITE & Golden Child: a clarification post about contracts and debut...

Hello everyone.

Seeing as even after my previous post asking people to stop sending me messages complaining about GNCD I still got messages doing exactly that, I decided to write this post because I am literally 99.9% done with all the silly things people are saying in my inbox. I am not attacking anyone, I just seriously want people to look at this whole situation rationally.

1. GNCD’S DEBUT HAS BEEN PLANNED WAY IN ADVANCE Okay, this is important. Debuts are not something that are suddenly decided a month before the date like “Hmm yes, let’s just debut this new group now.” Often they are planned a year in advance. There has been a steady build up over months (see W Project) to create hype for their debut. 

2. IFNT WERE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED TO COMEBACK IN MAY Because of Sunggyu’s rib injury, this was initially pushed back. If they had indeed had a comeback in May, there would have been no clash with GNCD’s debut whatsoever.

3. WOOLLIM WERE PROBABLY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT CONTRACT RENEWAL AND DID NOT EXPECT THEM TO TAKE SO LONG This is possibly my most important point tbh. The biggest complaint I am having from people is “Oh, but this is so poorly timed! Why are Woollim debuting a new group when INFINITE are still in negotiations?” Well here’s why: as I said in points 1 & 2, GNCD’s debut has been planned for a long time and INFINITE were meant to have comeback already. And I think Woollim did not foresee them being in talks with INFINITE member(s) for this amount of time. I believe they thought things would be settled quickly, in time for them to comeback in early July and for GNCD to debut just after promotions ended. 

4. BE MINE IS INFINITE’S REPRESENTATIVE SONG, THE ONE THEY ARE BEST KNOWN FOR. IT HAS BECOME AN ICONIC KPOP SONG If any rookie group is going to cover INFINITE then it will most likely be Be Mine. They had it on Produce 101 Season 2 as one of the iconic songs by senior artists and two groups covered it. On Boys24, a group of trainees also did a cover performance of Be Mine. At KBS Gayo Daechukje last year, members of different girl groups including TWICE and GFriend covered it too (and it was awesome). 

5. NO ONE IS TELLING YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO STAN GNCD JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM THE SAME COMPANY AS INFINITE But there’s no reason to go out of your way to hate on them unnecessarily either. Please keep in mind that these kids have worked just as hard as INFINITE did when they were trainees. Because of INFINITE’s hard work and incredible success, they are able to debut and achieve their dreams. I am sure they are extremely grateful to their INFINITE seniors for all they have done for them. 

6. WOOLLIM HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF BEING TERRIBLE AT PR Look at how they handled Myungsoo’s dating scandal back in 2013. Look at what happened with Tasty (yeah, remember them?!) and with Epik High. They are also absolutely awful at promoting more than one group at a time - I’m actually amazed Lovelyz solo concert is being promoted as much as it is, considering how bad they usually are at juggling two things at once. 

7. THE LACK OF NEWS FROM WOOLLIM ABOUT INFINITE IS FRUSTRATING, BUT IS NOT GNCD’S FAULT I can’t believe I even had to write that, we all know how Kpop works, guys. Artist’s don’t get to make decisions about when they debut or what information the company releases about them. End of. 

8. ONE OF INFINITE’S ACTUAL, HONEST TO GOD LITTLE BROTHER IS IN GNCD And Sungyeol has said in an interview in Japan that he is proud of Daeyeol for debuting and being the leader of a group. Sungyeol has also MCed their variety show WoollimPick (and was incredibly savage and amazing, what an absolute pro). 


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Can you list the shows and movies Katie has been in and tell me which are your favorites. I want to watch more of her stuff.

Hey there! You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll start with those that have yet to be released:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Elsa (May 12, 2017)
Buttons - TBD (I do not believe the release date has been announced)

And for those that have been released, I’ll bold the ones with my favorite Katie characters/performances:

Supergirl - Lena Luthor (2016-)
Frontier - Elizabeth Carruthers (2016-)
Slasher - Sarah Bennett (2016)
Jurassic World - Zara Young (2015)
The Throwaways - Gloria Miller (2015)
Leading Lady - Jodi Rutherford (2014)
Dracula - Lucy Westenra (2013-2014)
Dates - Kate Foster (2013)

Labyrinth - Oriane Congost (2012)
Merlin - Morgana Pendragon (2008-2012)
Through the Storm ( Trid an Stoirm - Animated Short) - Alice/Banshee (2012)
A Princess for Christmas - Jules Daly (2011)
W.E. - Lady Thelma (2011)
The Queen - Princess Margaret (2009)
Freakdog - Harriet Chambers (2008)

Minor Roles (Single Episodes or Scenes)
The Tudors - Bess (2008)
Eden - Dessie’s Girlfriend (2008)
The Roaring Twenties - Vixen (2008)
Damage - Rachel (2008)

Depending on where you are located, a few of these can be found on Netflix. Here in the US, we have Frontier, Leading Lady, Slasher, and Merlin.

The Throwaways is available for free on Crackle.

Videos of her scenes from some of these can be found on youtube of course, but I recommend them in their entirety, especially for her larger roles.

I hope this helps!! 💗 Here’s the link to her IMDB as well.

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Hi I saw you made that list for the other anon and was wondering if you could make a list of your favorite eyeshadows please?

Sure, why not. :) But be warned, this list is going to get even longer than the one with eyeliners! 

*Note: A fair number of the creators who have been mentioned in the eyeliner post also make eyeshadows, so don’t be surprised if you see certain names repeat. Also, I’m going to include links to general eyeshadow/makeup tags for all listed creators, for even more browsing fun!

Lilith: Lotus eyeshadow | Supernova eyeshadow | Delicate eyeshadow | Serenade eyeshadow | Andromeda eyeshadow | General tag: Tumblr | Livejournal

Digital Angels:  Mouseyblue Soft Gold Island eyeshadow | general tag

Aweeshie: Back to Basics eyeshadow | Pixie eyeshadow | general tag

Nabila: Hypertronic Superstar eyeshadow (working link) |  Kyoto monolid eyeshadow (working link) | *other files reuploaded (sharing this instead of Nabila’s general makeup tag, since most of the original links on her LJ don’t work anymore)

MouseyblueSuper Real eyeshadows (the ones I have in my game are 1,2,3,7,16,26,31) | General tag: Tumblr | Livejournal | GoS

IoBruno/Ephemera eyelids (the link in the original post is dead, so here is a reupload. Sadly, I only found 3 recolors in my downloads. If anyone happens to have the full set and would be willing to share, please leave a comment!)  link updated by Io! | general tag

MaronBlind Date 2013 eyeshadowsMi eyeshadow | General tag: Tumblr | Dreamwidth

Jessi-dotBlame You eyeshadow | Rest My Case eyeshadowgeneral tag

CuriousB: *The Snake and the Moon eyeshadow (also available as multilayerable blush) | Song of the Nile eyeshadow | general tag

Prosthetics: Sleep alone eyeshadow | general tag

Anva: Vibrant shadow | MTS Profile

ZombieJillShooting Bullets eyeshadowBurning Rubber eyeshadow | General tag: Dreamwidth | GoS

IzzaGarageDays (recolors of ZombieJill’s Face Devouring shadows) | general tag

Fade to BlackZero Sum eyeshadow | General tag: GoS

Trapping: CiJ 2013 gift for AdmiralAeris | General tag: Livejournal | GoS | *other files reuploaded

Oritasho: Eyelids no.1 | General tag: Livejournal | GoS

Bruno: Just Shadow | Smudgy eyeshadow | MTS profile

SussisSoGoodSims: Sickly eyes (an old set, but it’s holding up pretty well; I sometimes to use these shadows on my vampire sims)

*BONUS DOWNLOAD: A random assortment of eyeshadows that I have in my game, but I either don’t remember where I downloaded them from, the original links/sites are gone, or I got them from downloading a sim and therefore can’t link back to the original post. In addition to the eyeshadows shown, the download also features a set of eyeshadows by Anva that aren’t on her MTS profile.