date : 2013


Eurovision + text posts (forever ‘til the end of time, 5/?)

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Hi 😊 I love your writing!! Thank u so much for sharing all your fics and filling so many prompts all the time! I was just wondering if you have any shinee fic recs?

hello, sweetie – thank you!! I’m happy to share my fics ^-^ actually, I don’t read nearly as much shinee fanfiction as I do other fandoms, but I do have a few fics (that, yes, I have rec’d before) that I think everyone should read

i’ll draw proper bun bun fanart once i see the episode (living without cable or proper internet sucks)

but i’m pretty sure if i didn’t doodle phoebe in a crop top and ponytail i would die

why do people give so many fucks if taylor is out.. in public… with a man… going on dates… smiling… laughing….. having fun……. having a way better life than every bitter bitch making jokes about how many times they can be photographed in one week…….. like ho….. at least she does something worthy of being photographed….. meanwhile you are sitting here trying to have a logical conversation with a cement wall.. and no one is photographing you jetsetting bc you’re locked away in your room like a recluse and no one wants to go on fun trips with you since all you do is whine about celebrities having a better life than you ://///////