Movie date!

Aizawa should be looking down to his phone but I wanted to draw him looking at Mic instead and be a huge gay….. because same….. Mic is too cute to not look at him 24/7.

I posted the process for this on my twitter, follow there to see my doodles and process before I post them here!


Unique Date Ideas

Aries: Take up vlogging together

Taurus: Write letters to each other’s future selves

Gemini: Do the Chubby Bunny challenge

Cancer: Play hide-and-seek in IKEA

Leo: Sing some karaoke 

Virgo: Do a photography series together

Libra: Volunteer together at the animal shelter

Scorpio: Go on a road trip

Sagittarius: Build a pillow fort

Capricorn: Have a horror movie marathon

Aquarius: Have a water gun fight

Pisces: Make a time capsule and bury it

Oh Yeah?
  • Draco: *smug*
  • Harry: ...what's with that look, Malfoy?
  • Draco: Oh, I'm about to win a bet with I made Pansy.
  • Harry: Oh yeah?
  • Draco: Yes. She bet you would agree to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend, which is ridiculous. I know the Savior would never deign to be seen with me.
  • Harry: Oh yeah???
  • Draco: Obviously. *still infuriatingly smug*
  • Harry: OH YEAH? Well guess what Malfoy, you've just lost yourself a bet!
  • Draco: ...oh yeah?
  • Harry: Yeah! I'll go to Hogsmeade with you, so HA.
  • Draco: Alright. Meet me in the entrance hall at noon on Saturday then. *somehow even more smug* See you then!
  • Draco: *waves merrily and walks away*
  • Draco: *high fives Pansy and they both start laughing*
  • Draco: *looks back at Harry and winks... SMUGLY*
  • Harry: FUCKING—!!!