Angry Harry (Harry Styles Imagine)


I flinch as the door behind us slams. “I’m sorry-” I whimper but get cut off by Harry’s loud deep voice which sends my body through shocks because he hasn’t spoken since we got into his car from the restaurant. “You’re sorry?! He was bloody stalking you and trying to take you from me! You never even fucking told me that he was bothering you!” Harry yells at me and my eyes water. People didn’t realize that when Harry was angry it was terrifying - many longed to see his ‘dark’ side but it made me tremble with fear. “I-I was scared”I let out a sob and I see Harry’s fists clench. “Do you know what it feels like to know your girlfriend has been talking to her psycho ex?! You could’ve gotten hurt! Who knows what that psycho gets up to!” he growls and punches the wall leaving cracks. “Please calm dow-” I shriek as Harry throws a vase at the wall next to me. I’m shaking more than ever and tears stream down my face as I stare at Harry horrified.

 It’s almost as if the crash snapped him out of it as his face drops and he watches me shocked “Y/N…I-I…I’m so sorry-” I run out of the house with shaky legs and trip before I reach the sidewalk. I feel Harrys strong arms wrap around me but instead of the safe warm feeling I normally have I’m filled with fear and I start screaming and squirming to get out of his hold but he pulls me tighter and lifts me back into the house. “LET GO! Please! D-dont hurt me” I sob falling limp in Harry’s hold when I realize it’s no use. Harry nuzzles his head between my neck and shoulder “I’d never hurt you” I sob and tremble in fear as Harry holds me close. I loved him so much but I couldn’t help the fear inside of me after seeing such a hostile side of him. “Please Y/N I didn’t mean to scare you - I was just so…worried that he could’ve taken you or hurt you and I wouldn’t have known about anything and I wouldn’t be able to help you.” His voice so soft and gentle compared to before. His arms never relax around me, holding me tight as if I’d disappear any second. I look up and see my reflection in the window, my makeup has smudged and leaked down my cheeks - I looked like something out of a dramatic music video. 

It felt like hours before Harry’s arms relax around me and I calm down slightly. I pull myself out of his hold and walk to the bedroom grabbing a pillow and blanket throwing it out the room before locking the door. I hear Harry sigh before hearing sounds of his shuffling and walking away. I kick my shoes off and lay in the bed clutching the blanket tightly crying myself to sleep. I have several nightmares that don’t allow me to sleep so I get up and walk to the bedroom door slowly unlocking it, I look down at see that instead of taking the couch Harry is on the floor, he glances up at me and his eyes are red and puffy I assume from crying. “I heard your screams and whimpers while you were sleeping…I feel terrible. I caused this and now you don’t trust me…you’re scared of me” his voice breaks and trembles as tears threaten to spill down his cheeks. I kneel down knowing I look like shit with my fucked up hair and smudged makeup, I slowly and hesitantly place my head on Harry’s chest feeling his arms wrap around me and stroke my hair. My hand strokes Harry’s cheek and I fall asleep in his arms. It’d take a while for me to get over my fear but I love Harry too much to lose him.