Amusement park at Hitachi Seaside Park.

Thankfully it was a weekday so it wasn’t crowded at all. No lines, no waiting. One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that’s he’s like a big kid sometimes. He’s game for anything and he makes pretty much any situation fun. 


Jaceon waited patiently for Lorie to meet him in the park. He was sure there was some cardinal, stupid rule about how you should wait to call someone for three days before asking them on another date, but he didn’t wait, he’d called her the very next day, and she’d agreed to meet him, even seemed delighted.

As he saw her his breath stopped. He had thought she looked angelic with graceful features at the lounge, but here in the full daylight sun he was taken back. When her parents gave birth to her, did they realize they created a modern day Aphrodite? She smiled at him and he thought to himself, that’s it, she really is trying to kill me.

They didn’t say anything at first, just looked over one another. The soft almost unnoticeable twitch of her hand was the only sign that she felt as nervous as he did. Seeming to make a decision in her mind, she took the first move and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. He hugged her, held her for a moment longer, regretfully letting her go, “Hi,” he said with a smile.

“Hello,” she replied, hitting him with another knee melting smile. They walked around the park talking. She told him about her family, having almost as many siblings as he had. They had actually hung out in the same after hours teenage club when they were younger, but Lorie almost never got a chance to go as she worked a part time job, and Jace normally didn’t stay very long. 

They’d sat down on a bench together, as he’d laughed at that knowledge, but it was only to hide a quiet disappointment underneath. “So you mean to tell me we could have been married by now if we would have met earlier?”

Lorie laughed softly, “I guess so, with four or five kids.”

“Two boys, three girls,”

Lorie thought about that for a moment then responded, “Thomas, Elizabeth, Grady,”

“Hmm, Annabelle and Anastasia, twins of course.”

“Of course! You’d be a musician and I’d be a painter.”

“And we’d make love every night.” He hadn’t meant to say that, getting caught up in the conversation with her. Over the course of their pretended future conversation they had gotten closer on the bench. He’d draped his arm over her shoulder, not even realizing he’d done so until she had snuggled closer to him. They were pressed together side to side, he didn’t know if it was that or the conversation, but a slow fire had started. It raised through every inch of him that was blessed to touch her. 

“Maybe not every night, it takes a lot of work to put children to bed you know.” There was still humor in her eyes but it was quickly getting replaced by desire and anticipation.

“I wouldn’t let you put them to bed all by yourself, Lorie, I could never leave you alone,” his words ended on a whisper but the meaning was clear between the both of them. Jaceon’s gaze dropped from her eyes to her lips and her tongue snuck out to gently lick them, making him groan inwardly, “Lorie-”

“I feel it too, Jace,” she replied. He heard the word yes whispered from somewhere as his mouth crashed down on her’s. He’d never kissed anyone before, but his mouth knew how to tilt against her’s to make the kiss more passionate, even if his mind had lost all train of thought. He licked her bottom lip and the soft mewing sounds she was making turned into a whispering moan. He pulled her closer until she was almost in his lap as she gave his tongue access into a haven of sweetness. 

As the kiss ended Jaceon rested his forehead again Lorie’s, ragged breathing coming from the both of them. “What was that?” She asked, her hands still in his now loose hair.

“Something I can’t deny.” He whispered back to her.

“Don’t,” she answered simply. 


Any advice? I’ve literally never been on a date before/had a boyfriend/had a real first kiss (you guys know all of my deep secrets now ((I’m not ashamed))) so please if you have any advice, send it to me!! :D 

We’re hanging on campus and going to get coffee somewhere (hopefully the place with the vegan popsicles) and just hanging out until we both have to go to friends’ 21st birthday parties at 8 (not the same friend) haha

But yeah any advice, below let me know!


Okay so I like *kinda* had a super awesome amazing time at prom with these losers. I was feeling poppin’ and my date was such a gentleman, and my friends were dope asf. It was so nice to have a night were I was just happy, no worries or cares, just happy. I loved every minute of it and I wish I had a few more hours of it.

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When Corinna Evans’ mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family.
Determined to make it through these last few months of school, she only wants to keep a low profile and get by but someone keeps getting in her way.
Tyler Flynn has been best friends with Corinna’s brother forever and…