Last year, global warming reached record high temperatures — and if that news feels like déjà vu, you’re not going crazy.

The planet has now had three consecutive years of record-breaking heat.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just released its annual State of the Climate report, which says it’s the hottest it has been since scientists started tracking global temperatures in 1880.

A separate analysis, by NASA scientists, came to the same conclusion.

2016 Was The Hottest Year Yet, Scientists Declare

Graphic: Alyson Hurt/NPR

Some of you may be familiar with passwords. Heck, you might have even used one to log onto this website in order to leave a mean comment below. Right now, pretty much every service you use requires a password. Most sites and services will not allow you to use an easy-to-guess password and instead will make you pick a good password which contains at least eight characters, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number or special symbol. So you can’t use ‘shrekfan’ as a password. Instead, you get creative and use something like $hrekF4n to throw a hacker off the scent.

Passphrases are similar to passwords, only instead of using letters, numbers and symbols, you would make your code a phrase of random words. These are near impossible to brute-force depending on the length. Take a look at this delightfully colorful chart which works out how long it would take to “guess” a password based on how complicated it is.

Passphrases sound great in theory but they have the same issues that most other forms of password carry: users tend to pick something easy to remember vs. something difficult to guess. If it’s easy for you to remember, it’s easier for the bad guys to guess. Unfortunately, due to humans being humans, passwords and passphrases don’t offer the protection needed to keep your info safe. So what else is there?

5 Reasons Why Passwords Are Useless

so i was watching tng 1x16 and shortly after data does this awesome roll


there. did u see it??

lemme show you again.


geordi why u grab his shoulder like that

why is this happening



i am upset
Etude House My Lash Serum

I was kind of skeptical of this lash serum (I guess I’m skeptical of them all on principle? Seems like a weird concept to me), but I got it because it was less and $5 and holy wow. I’ve been using it on my lashes and brows morning and night for like, two weeks? And I am on some Twiggy level shit. Also the weird outer corners of my brows that I thought would just never really fill in again are back with a vengeance. Three cheers for cheap things that work unexpectedly!


[ FANCAM ]  170118 Garden Studio Radio
Mina feat Choa (Reaction to Baek Jiyoung’s DASH)

Red Data Girl Miyuki rant

So first and foremost I have to say that if you are a fan of RDG and aren’t reading @agirlinjapan’s translation of the light novels then you should get on that! :) This post is going to mostly be about my current frustrations with Miyuki in the novels.

To just get straight to the point I’m really mad at Miyuki right now. In the most recent update of the translation of book 4 World Heritage Girl, the goddess has fully taken control of Izumiko’s body for the first time (episode 9 of the anime) and forced Miyuki to run around trying to please her. At this point, he actually starts to feel sympathy for the goddess, until she starts referring to herself as Izumiko, which super creeped him out. He manages to get Izumiko back in control of her own body…then proceeds to treat her like crap.

This is the point where I was just like seriously Miyuki? He basically tells her shut up, do you have any clue what I’ve been through, I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Poor Izumiko is standing in the middle of a dark forest, she doesn’t know how she got there, but she does know that the goddess took control of her when she thought she was safe. She can’t even move at that moment. She’s scared. But Miyuki can’t seem to understand that this girl is just as frightened and shaken by what just happened as he is. I don’t even think he asked her if she was okay! He’s just really dismissive.

And yeah, I know he’s just a teenage boy and honestly he’s probably having a very realistic reaction to what just happened to him.

I think part of my anger stems from the fact that the story is told from Izumiko’s point of view, and Miyuki really confuses her. She has a hard time understanding him, and he kind of makes her feel insecure. And so that flows over into how I feel about the character. I mean if the one person in the world I really trusted (because honestly I think that is how Izumiko probably feels) treated me like that, I’d be mad (and she obviously is.)

In the anime it was easy to see the subtle shifts in Miyuki’s character that indicated his feelings towards Izumiko. This made him more likeable for me. But I’m not really getting that right now. You kind of have to surmise a lot from his actions, but again everything is so strongly colored by Izumiko’s feelings that it’s hard to look at it objectively.

I really want to like Miyuki, but right now I’m really struggling with that.

(I know probably nobody is going to read this/have a response, but I’ve been thinking about this since the update came out 3 days ago and I just really wanted to write a post about it.)

meu pai

meu pai gostava de regras e de fazer as coisas
do jeito difícil.
ele falava de responsabilidades e leis
e coisas que só tinham que ser feitas corretamente.
um homem tem que trabalhar, um homem tem que
um homem tem que ter sua propriedade e aparar seu

acabei me tornando um bêbado e um andarilho
e seus pacotes de cartas me seguiam por todo lugar.
eu olhava para os pombos na chuva em
Nova Orleans enquanto as cartas diziam,
vá em frente, dê um jeito na sua vida!

com que dificuldade o mundo tenta e como tudo
foi difícil para mim.
meu pai agora está velho e grisalho e quando
eu entro na casa dele se queixa
do barro que trago para dentro. ele
se orgulha da sua casa e jardim e
fica sentado à espera. mas eu
fico horrorizado enquanto ele fala comigo:
ele nunca pensou na morte! ele não
pensa em morrer! enquanto fala, sua
boca é um buraco redondo; ele se reclina contente
em suas almofadas. quando me vou ele diz,
volte de novo, volte de novo.

quantas vezes e por quê?
quem é meu pai? alguma vez ele
tocou uma guitarra ou nadou em águas geladas?
conheço meu pai: ele está morto. há lama
morta e há um galho de árvore. o galho
de árvore balança suave ao vento e
entre as folhas você vê lampejos do sol.
é sossegado. é real. é tépido.
e o barro no assoalho é o coração do meu pai
e seu cérebro.

BUKOWSKI, Charles. As pessoas parecem flores finalmente.