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Portal No. 2

Created using GIMP, QuickTime, and Audacity.


  1. Create gradients in GIMP
  2. Use the “Filter” -> “Animation” -> “Blend” tool to create a looped fade between the two gradients
  3. “File” -> “Save As” as a GIF (choose save as animation and convert automatically, then use 30ms delay between frames, and the replace setting, apply above to all frames)
  4. Open with QuickTime and “File” -> “Export” as a DV stream
  5. Create multiple files using the above method
  6. In Audacity, open the DV files using “File” -> “Import” -> “Raw Data”
  7. Settings should be A-Law, Default Endianness, Mono, No offset, 100% of the file at 44100 Hz.
  8. Delete the header information from all but one file (will be the bits at the top of the file that look the same for each).
  9. Export using “File” -> “Export”, choose “Other Uncompressed”, and select “A-Law” in the “Options”
  10. Make sure to change the file extension back to DV.