Coming soon to we’re adding information we’ve gathered on more than $70 million in new grants to politically active nonprofits and their affiliates. All of this information is linked up to FEC data for the exact periods covered by the IRS data.

What makes these updates so special?

Well, for one, we entered these 14,000+ records ourselves.
Also, this is the first time IRS data for dark money groups has been so closely matched to FEC spending by date.

This is a pretty big deal for anyone who cares about secret spending in U.S. elections and beyond.

Explore our Outside Spending section, learn more about how these “social welfare” groups operate so secretively, and get ready for this groundbreaking dark money data. Releases New, Improved Lobbying Data

Have you ever wondered how many of Washington’s thousands of lobbyists weighed in on a controversial bill, like the Affordable Care Act? Before today, there was no practical way to answer that question.
Now, though, can provide the answer.

See what exclusive information we’ve added to our lobbying database.’s New Dark Money Data Measures Groups’ Politicization

They’re here! New #darkmoney updates are now live!
Building on our previous work on “dark money” nonprofits, the Center for Responsive Politics is rolling out new information on the activities of these groups that are playing an increasing role in U.S. elections.

CRP researchers manually input and analyzed over 14,000 records from 501©(4) political nonprofit groups to give us (and everyone else) a clearer picture of how these nondisclosing “social welfare” organizations are increasingly influencing elections and policy. Researcher Robert Maguire explains in the OpenSecrets blog.