This weekend, the New York City Departments of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) and Parks & Recreation (DPR), along with partner DataKind – a community of data scientists dedicated to solving challenges through data – hosted the first-ever NYC City agency DataDive. The event allowed data enthusiasts to work directly with Parks data on the urban forest to uncover innovative ideas and solutions.

Using a variety of datasets including an NYC tree census (a feed with more than 600,000 of the City’s street trees available on the NYC OpenData portal) Parks asked DataDivers to help with the following challenges:

  •  How has the City’s tree species composition changed over time, and what it will be in the future?
  • How we can predict where our urban forest will be most vulnerable to storms?
  •  Does programmatic maintenance reduce future citizen requests in an area? E.g. tree pruning

Using tools like CartoDB to dynamically map tree data, teams came up with impressive results under tight time constraints. Check out this awesome NYC tree diversity explorer, an early map showing storm damage risk areas, and one team’s process used to investigate the impact of tree pruning.

During the weekend, the teams also took breaks to hear talks and demonstrations by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Policy & Strategic Planning, NYC Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI), and Palantir.

Huge thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for an announcement about the next DataDive in late October 2012.

Of Music and Harmony...

“…I am not inclined towards such, but your company is a welcome surprise.”

                     “…I am glad my performance is so well received.”

      “ Datad’ielbalah…”                  


“….I do not like the idea of you missing me.”


              “…I would have you want for nothing when it concerns me.”



What had begun as a hesitant promise, had now become the bold claim of a shared passion, and a mingled desire to see the other sated. Beyond the petty measures of a body, they wished fulfillment in all things. So they took their time, and rang the walls of his study with the cries of a passion that had once left a studio to ruin, and ash. Embers danced among the whispers of their names while hands gripped, and limbs shifted until they tumbled through the shadows and over the edge into the inferno. The evening would see their time spent beneath the glass dome once night had fallen, and the sun had been chased away. They would dance, and listen to the echoes of phantom notes, and linger beneath the heavens while stars became their canvas, and she painted for him every inch of the night sky.

Quietly they would linger there until, when the hours had been toiled away so sweetly they could no longer hold back the press of their exhaustion, they slept. Arms encircled, and legs entwined there was no doubt to the security that had been gifted. The tokens that wound around their necks were but a physical manifestation of a truth that both knew, but had only now come to realize. They had found peace where chaos once reigned, and comfort where brutality had held dominance. There was safety among the others arms, and a gentle hand that placed only the truth of a heart that should have been swept clean and left bleeding for eternity. They had found solace, and perhaps, the whispers of something more.

((As always @aenlandrin/ @santhoril never ceases to amaze with his writing. Text taken from an RP, and they were too perfect not to post. ))


“Sir Dwin’Arnith….”

                         “Miss Silverfall…”

                                                         “We have our orders. Azshara.”

“Time to ready your knights.”
“They will be at the gates within the hour.”



“Thank you again.”

“Always, Datad’thuash.”